Tuesday, October 21, 2014

crocheted headband and Love of Lesbian - Club de fans de John Boy

These autumn days ago pretty hot
and for this today I will show a headband very colorful.
A little joy before it come cold!

This time I used a different methodology.
I have not used elastic rubber, I used buttons.
And I think that it looks very well!

With hair gathered this crochet headband is better
because you can see the colorful buttons.
Do you like?

To make this crochet headband I used a 4mm crochet hook
and yarn DROPS PARIS. A very practical and fun craft!

And it is true, it looks so well with short and long hair.
And you, already you have a crocheted headband?
Try it! you will love it!

We happen to you when you like a song you like a lot?
I, When I love a song  I hear a thousand times ...
and is what happens me with this song ...
for days ago that I not listen but this week all day!
Love of Lesbian, the mythical song of this band of Barcelona.

Thanks for all your kind comments!
You are very kind and charming!

See you soon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

crocheted headbands

Since a long time I wanted to do crocheted headbands.
And this week I've made for Carlota and for me.
Today I show you the crocheted headbands that I've done for her.

And I've done some autumn  headbands, as you can see!
I take  flowers, leaves and  autumn colors for themed.
Do you like it?

It is a fun and easy craft, a crocheted work for a few hours.
And when you start one headband  you will to make other!

Carlota have liked a lot ...
When she saw the headbands she became very happy
and she put the tape in his head, now one, now the other.
And she said me: " Mama, these headbands are very pretty!"
And this makes me so happy, so happy ...
I love you, cucurutxo!

I found the tutorial for to make the leaf  here
Thanks, Susan! And the flowers are of my own design,
at my own pace, as always!

Today Najwa. Because when it is cloudy I love to listen .....
Well, I love to listen always ... I love the video too. Enjoy!

Very soon I will show you more headbands!
The cold very soon will arrive and every day
I have more desire to crochet!

Thank you for being here
and for your sweet and kind comments!

Kisses to you all!

Friday, October 10, 2014

crocheted keychain

I had fun making my first amigurumi
that I've done various crafts this week
with the technique of amigurumi ...

See these crochet keychains!
 A craft that requires very little time and very fun to do!

A crochet keychain purple and one other blue!
I worked with Drops Paris yarn and crochet hook 4mm.

 And I started another crochet shawl ...

And you, you are immersed in some project? 

I hope you have a good weekend!
See you very soon!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

my first amigurumi

You remember that a few days ago I show
a crocheted blanket for baby? You can see here.
Well today I will show this again blanket
but someone liked it so much ...
that he already used it to go to sleep!

This is my first amigurumi!
I thought it would be very difficult to make amigurumi
but once I've tried ... I think it is not difficult!

Look! Look how my amigurumi loves this blanket!
I think that in addition to giving a crochet blanket
a doll would also be perfect for a gift.
Truth, is very handsome with his pajamas!

I have worked with 4mm crochet hook and yarn DROPS PARIS,
just as I worked to make this crochet blanket for baby.

My amigurumi has been bigger than I thought!
But it is perfect for to make  big hugs!
He measures 35 inches tall.

I have so much fun making this amigurumi
that I think I will make many more very soon!
He is so happy sleeping with this crochet blanket ...

Oh, you know what it's called?
I've put the name of SONETES (in Catalan)
equivalent of naps or small dream in english.

You like my amigurumi SONETES?
If you want to make a amigurumi similar to what I've done
you can find the video tutorial here

I hope that very soon SONETES and this blanket
will arrive at home to a beautiful baby.
For now, you keep me the secret?

I hope that you do many amigurumi
because they are a very nice gift!

Have a nice day!
And thanks for visit me in
my world of wool!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

tutorial how to make crochet fingerless mitts

Today I show you the first crochet fingerless mitts that I've done.
They are very nice and very useful.
I add the pattern. I hope you like too!

tutorial how to make crochet fingerless mitts

- chain 32
- make 30 hdc, join
- chain 2 and 29 hdc ( total 30 hdc)
- 13 rounds with your favorite colors
- then, make 11 hdc, chain 8, skip 8 stitch of previous round, then make hdc to the end
- from 15 to 20 rounds,  30 hdc
- in the loop of finger work one round with sc
- at the ends, with sc, with waves... as you like!
I used 4mm crochet hook and yarn DROPS PARIS

tutorial com fer uns guants de ganxet sense dits

- feu 32 cadenetes
- feu 30 mig punt alt, unir
- feu 2 cadenetes i 29 punts mig alt (total 30 pma)
- 13 voltes amb els vostres colors preferits
- després feu 11 mpa, 8 cadenetes, saltar 8 punts de la volta anterior, després fer pma fins al final
- de les voltes 15 a 20 fer 30 pma a cada volta
- en el forat del dit treballar una volta amb punt baix
- en els extrems treballar amb pb, amb ones... com més t'agradi!
Jo he utilitzat agulla de ganxet de 4mm i llanes DROPS PARIS.

tutorial como hacer unos guantes sin dedos de ganchillo

- Haga 32 cadenetas 
- Haga 30 medios puntos altos, unir 
- Haga 2 cadenetas y 29 puntos medio altos (total 30 pma) 
- 13 vueltas con sus colores favoritos 
- Luego haga 11 mpa, 8 cadenetas, saltar 8 puntos de la vuelta anterior, luego hacer pma hasta el final 
- De las vueltas 15 a 20 hacer 30 pma en cada vuelta 
- En el agujero del dedo trabajar una vuelta con punto bajo 
- En los extremos trabajar con pb, con ondas ... como más te guste! 
Yo he utilizado aguja de ganchillo de 4mm y lanas DROPS PARIS.

Do you like my crochet fingerless gloves? These are 100% cotton.
I will do some other with  wools that heat a little more,
for when do more cold.

I like to write my tutorials, for the future.
When I want to repeat I will have the pattern a project here.
I do not know if my explanations are understandable ...
if you have any questions you can contact me
by email or leave comment below.

Thanks for following me and for your sweet and kind comments.
You make me veeeeeeeeery happy!
Happy crocheting!
Thank you!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

tutorial how to make a crochet blanket for baby

To welcome the fall there is nothing better
than doing it with a crochet blanket.
And if the colors are ochres, then even better, right?
Here is my latest crochet project.
One crocheted blanket. A blanket with many stripes.
Hope you like it! I really enjoyed this work:
is simple and fun. And the stripes are always nice, right?

Colors: 01, 27, 38, 55 DROPS PARIS.
A perfect colour palette!

Tutorial how to make a crochet blanket for baby:
1- make 123 chains 
2- make 120 dc
3- total: 50 stripes with the colors as you like.
4- when you have completed the 50 stripes, make a round with sc (in the corners make sc  two chains and sc).
5- finally, in the end round, I made waves, that I love it. But you can choose another way to finish the project. Imagination to power!
Note: This blanket measures 92x72 inches, weighs approximately 600 grams and I've used a dozen skeins of wool DROPS PARIS. I have worked with 4mm crochet hook.

Tutorial com fer una manta de ganxet per nadó:
1-  fer 123 cadenetes
2-  fer 120 punts alts.
3- total: 50 ratlles, combina els colors com més t'agradi.
4- quan hagueu finalitzat les 50 ratlles, fer una volta amb punt baix ( a les cantonades fer un pb dos cadenetes i un pb).
5- jo, per finalitzar, a tot el voltant, he fet onades, que m'encanten. Però vosaltres podeu escollir una altra manera d'acabar el projecte. Imaginació al poder!
Nota: Aquesta manta mesura 92x72 centímetres, pesa 600 grams aproximadament i he utilitzat unes dotze troques de llana DROPS PARIS. He treballat amb una agulla de ganxet de 4mm.

Tutorial como hacer una manta de ganchillo para bebé: 
1-hacer 123 cadenetas 
2- hacer 120 puntos altos. 
3- total: 50 rayas, combina los colores como te guste. 
4-cuando haya finalizado las 50 líneas, dar una vuelta con punto bajo (en las esquinas hacer un pb dos cadenetas y un pb). 
5- yo, para finalizar, a todo el alrededor, he hecho olas, que me encantan. Pero vosotros podeis elegir otra manera de terminar el proyecto. Imaginación al poder!
Nota: Esta manta mide 92x72 centímetros, pesa 600 gramos aproximadamente y he utilizado unas doce madejas de lana DROPS PARIS. He trabajado con un ganchillo de 4mm.

Here's the crochet blanket!
You do not really think that it's a good blanket of autumn?
With these measures is also perfect to have it on the couch
and cover their legs. With100% cotton yarn 
is very comfortable to hold.

This is a crochet blanket for a baby gift.
You will keep my secret?

And thank you for your kind comments ...
Carlota going already a school. A school with a great team of teachers,
young, eager to do things. A new school with all the facilities,
few students per classroom ... well ... I think my daughter
will have a very good stage and will learn a lot!
and that makes me veeeeeeeeeeery happy!

Have a nice day and a great week!
and good entrance of autumn!
Now is crochet time!
Already have a project in his hands?
Happy Crocheting!

And thanks for visit me in
my world of wool!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

a new crochet project and reflections of a mother

Sometimes when I'm tidying up my stuff,
wool yarn and things like this,  inadvertently grouping colors
and then I realize that combine wonderfully.
And this is a new idea that came into my head
and I started a new crocheted project ...

Many days ago that I'm working with this project,
but for now I still I can not reveal what it is ....

I start with a chain, then I make stripes and stripes ...
and then I can not stop!

I hope that soon I can show you!

Those who confuse the message of Christ are the persons that help the Church to lose more followers every day. It must not be forgotten that some of the greatest personalities that have existed in this world are those who have the more simple thoughts but in the end the most importants. Too bad that sometimes these thoughts are forgotten .... 

These days I've discovered that it's never too late to change things and I do not hesitate a second on invest time in the education of your children. The most important thing in education is to teach children values​​. Without fears. With joy and with love, lots of love. 

These videos help me to remember  what are my values and what values ​​I want that my daughter to be educated. I was wrong in choosing the school. On Monday begins the new school year and I'll not take my daughter to school I had initially chosen. If we can get a place in another school she will go to school on another day the next week, not on Monday. Otherwise, I will enjoy with she every day and try it, as I have done so far, play with her, read stories, draw tractors, chickens and eggs, teach him to explore the world and respect the people and nature. Sing and dance a lot, very much with her because that is something that she loves ...

Aquells qui confonen el missatge de Crist fan que l'esglèsia perdi cada dia més adeptes. Es necessari no oblidar que algunes de les personalitats més grans que han existit en aquest món  són aquelles que tenen els pensaments més senzills però a la vegada més importants. Llàstima que de vegades també són els pensaments més oblidats....

Aquests dies he descobert que mai és tard per canviar les coses i que  no dubtis ni un sol segon en invertir temps per millorar l'educació dels teus fills. El més important en educació és educar els nens amb valors. Sense pors. Amb alegria i amb amor, molt d'amor.

Aquests videos m'ajuden a no oblidar quins són els meus valors i amb quins valors vull que sigui educada la meva filla. M'he equivocat en l'elecció de l'escola. El proper dilluns comença el nou curs escolar i no duré a la meva filla a l'escola que en un principi havia escollit. Si pot obtenir plaça en un altre centre la meva filla anirà a l'escola. Si no, gaudiré d'ella cada dia i intentaré, com he fet fins ara, jugar amb ella, llegir contes, dibuixar tractors, gallines i ous, ensenyar-li a descobrir el món i a respectar les persones i la natura. Cantar i ballar molt, molt, molt amb ella que és una cosa que li encanta ...

Aquellos que confunden el mensaje de Cristo hacen que la iglesia pierda cada día más adeptos. Es necesario no olvidar que algunas de las personalidades más grandes que han existido en este mundo son aquellas que tienen los pensamientos más sencillos pero a la vez más importantes. Lástima que a veces también son los pensamientos más olvidados .... 

Estos días he descubierto que nunca es tarde para cambiar las cosas y que no dudes ni un solo segundo en invertir tiempo para mejor la educación de tus hijos. Lo más importante en educación es educar a los niños con valores. Sin miedos. Con alegría y con amor, mucho amor. 

Estos videos me ayudan a no olvidar cuáles son mis valores y con qué valores quiero que sea educada mi hija. Me he equivocado en la elección de la escuela. El próximo lunes comienza el nuevo curso escolar y no llevaré a mi hija a la escuela que en un principio había escogido. Si puede obtener plaza en otro centro mi hija irá a la escuela. Si no, disfrutaré de ella cada día y voy a intentar, como he hecho hasta ahora, jugar con ella, leer cuentos, dibujar tractores, gallinas y huevos, enseñarle a descubrir el mundo y a respetar las personas y la naturaleza. Cantar y bailar muy, muy , mucho con ella que es algo que le encanta ...

I hope you a have a good week end
and many thanks for stopping here in
my world of wool!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

National Day of Catalonia

Catalonia is a country that asks the world to listen to his people.
Denying the right to vote is NOT democracy. 

Katalonien ist ein Land, das die Welt fragt, um sein Volk zu hören.
Leugnen, das Recht zu wählen ist keine Demokratie.

Catalogna è un paese che chiede al mondo di ascoltare il suo popolo.
Negare il diritto di voto non è democrazia.

La Catalogne est un pays qui demande le monde d'écouter son peuple.
Nier le droit de vote n'est pas la démocratie.

Catalunya és un país que demana al món que escolti al seu poble.
Negar el dret al vot NO és democràcia.

National Day of Catalonia. 
September 11, 1714 - September 11, 2014
Now is the time. 

Have a happy National Day of Catalonia! 

Freedom for Catalonia!
Liberté pour la Catalogne!
Libertà per la Catalogna!
Kataluniako askatu!
Vrijheid voor Catalonië!
Freiheit für Katalonien!
Libertad para Cataluña!
Frihet för Katalonien!
Tự do cho Catalonia!
Frelsi til Katalóníu!
Sloboda za Katalonija!
חופש לקטלוניה!
Svoboda pro Katalánsko!
Frihed for Catalonien!
Frihet for Catalonia!
Свободу Каталонії!
الحرية لكاتالونيا!
Каталоны хувьд эрх чөлөө!

A citizen can only be a free in country free

Thanks to everyone for listening! 

Que tingueu molt bona
Diada Nacional de Catalunya!



Video added on September 13, 2014
That's what happened.
1,800,000 people demonstrate peacefully in the Barcelona city.

Monday, September 8, 2014

pa de pessic de xocolata

Estic d'allò més feliç perquè, per fi, he trobat una nova recepta
d'aquelles que dius: caram! avui he triomfat!

No és cap altra cosa que un pa de pessic tradicional
però quan afegim cacau amb pols es transforma
en aquest bescuit de xocolata. 
Voleu conèixer la recepta?

pa de pessic de xocolata 

( ingredients per 20 racions )

- 500 grams de farina
- 500 grams de sucre
- 500 grams de mantega
- 10 ous
- 2 sobres de llevadura marca Royal
- 160 grams de cacau amb pols marca VALOR

1- Preescalfem el forn a 180ºC

2- Posem la mantega en un bol gran i fonem al microones, ho guardem per després.

3- Batem els ous i afegim el sucre, tot ben integrat

4- Barregem la farina, el cacau amb pols i els dos sobres de llevadura.

5- Quan estigui ben barrejat agafem un colador fi i tamisem dins del bol dels ous i el sucre, sense deixar de remenar i fins que quedi tot ben integrat.

6- Finalment afegim la mantega ( jo vaig utilitzar margarina ARTUA ) i remenem ben remenat.

7- Untem amb mantega una safata  GRAN per al forn ( la de casa nostra mesura 24 x 35 cm ). Si la safata no es prou gran correm el perill que un cop dins del forn el bescuit sobresurti pels laterals... Les mesures que jo us he donat són perfectes per una safata d'aquesta mida.

8- Aboquem el bol a la safata i ho introduim al forn. Jo ho vaig deixar 47 minuts. Després vaig apagar el forn i 8 minuts més, és a dir: aproximadament 50 minuts.

Jo us asseguro que amb un got de llet per esmorzar o per berenar 
i un trocet d'aquest pa de pessic gaudireu d'un gran moment.

I per tal que no s'assequi el podeu tallar a trocets
i guardar dins d'un recipient hermètic.

I si el voleu decorar podeu fer una plantilla amb una cartolina
i tot posant sucre per sobre us podria quedar una cosa així:

Bé, desitjo que us hagi agradat aquesta recepta
i que us animeu a fer-la a casa.
Jo l'he trobat aquí però he doblat la quantitat d'ingredients
i diria que, amb el cacau amb pols, potser triplicat....

Gràcies un cop més per passejar-te per aquí!
Que tinguis un dolç i feliç dia!


Abans de publicar ....  ja he fet un altre pa de pessic!!!

Aquest cop amb la meitat d'ingredients:

pa de pessic de xocolata

( ingredients per 10 racions )

- 5 ous
- 250 grams de sucre
- 250 grams de farina
- 250 grams de mantega
- 1 sobre de llevadura ROYAL
- 80 grams de cacau amb pols VALOR

El forn també preescalfat a 180ºC abans de posar la safata ( aquest cop la safata del forn te unes mides de 26,5 x 17,5 cm ). Jo li he tingut 35 minuts, després he apagat el forn i cinc minuts més. Es a dir: aproximadament  uns 40 minuts. I he fet una decoració diferent. Mireu, mireu!

Aquest cop vaig utilitzar ColaCao i,
com en l'anterior, un dibuix en una cartolina, retallar,
posar la cartolina a sobre del pastís i decorar
amb sucre, ColaCao... com més us agradi!

Ara sí, abans que en torni a fer un altre,
publico la recepta i, com ja us havia dit:
que tingueu una dolça setmana!

Gràcies per visitar
my world of wool!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

two bags made with t-shirt yarn and Lykke Li - I Never Learn

Days ago I made these bags,
but them has not yet come to their recipients ...
but I can not wait to post! hahaha!
Today I will show you two bags made ​​from t-shirt yarn.

A red hand bag (size 25 x 25 centimeters)
and a pink hand bag (20 x 30 centimeters)

I bought two rolls of t-shirt yarn, were not very big,
and I work with 9mm crochet hook.

 How the handbag that I made for my mom (you can see it here )
I also wanted to decorate these bags with wooden buttons.
They give a special charm, right?

Both bags have a lined inside and zipper.
The colors are very summery .... I hope to give these bags
before the beginning of winter ............!!!!

Again I repeat: I have more difficulty sew the lining and zippers
than for to make two bags. Sewing is today a hard work for me ...
But I'm happy for my progresses ...
it's not so bad for a sewing  beginner!


This week I discovered this singer. And I really like!
I am happy to discover new things every day ...
Enjoy Lykke Li , this is his latest album ...

And today too a tribute ...
If you read this poem
will know where to travel these words ...

O Captain my Captain! our fearful trip is done,
The ship has weathered every rack, the prize we sought is won
,The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring;
But O heart! heart! heart!
O the bleeding drops of red,
Where on the deck my Captain lies,
Fallen cold and dead.
O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
Rise up--for you the flag is flung for you the bugle trills,
For you bouquets and ribboned wreaths for you the shores a-crowding,
For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;
Here Captain! dear father!
This arm beneath your head!
It is some dream that on the deck,
You've fallen cold and dead.
My Captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still;
My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse nor will;
The ship is anchored safe and sound, its voyage closed and done;
From fearful trip the victor ship comes in with object won;
Exult O shores, and ring O bells!
But I, with mournful tread,
Walk the deck my Captain lies,
Fallen cold and dead.

Walt Whitman, O Captain! My Captain! 

Robin Williams, In Memoriam


Monday, September 1, 2014

tutorial how to make a felted crown and Happy Birthday, Carlota!

Hello again, dear readers!
August is finish and it is the beginning of a new year ...
always, every year, for me September is the beginning ...
I guess many of you also think the same.
Have you had a good summer?
I wish yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss! 

I have not been on holiday but August have been dedicated
to my daughter and a few days also preparing his birthday party.
Today I show you some things I've done during the month of August.

I start doing the t-shirt on night before the party. 
( yeeeeeeeees... as always in the last moment... )
So the day of the birthday party t-shirt applique
was not sewn, just stuck! hahahahahahha!
At night, after the birthday party, when the t-shirt
was all dirty of chocolate I sewed applique before
to put the t-shirt in the washing machine ....

For my daughter's birthday I also wanted to make a birthday crown.
I did not know how I could do it, I had not ever done any other...
But I make one birthday crown a very simple and easy
and now I tell you how I did it.

tutorial how to make a felted crown
1- I used a template of crown that last year made ​​Montse ( here )
and I drawed two templates ( I used pink  and intense pink )

2- I cut the two templates and I prepare a fabric with the number 3
for to use as applique in the crown 

3- I pasted the applique in a felted and sewed around

4- superimpose the two templates,  fasten with pins,
and sewed with sewing machine all around.
Also I sew a Velcro band on the back.

And for decorate if you want some decorative ribbon, buttons, etc.
I put a crochet star of Christmas, too! 

With the remains of felt I make crowns
for children who are going to the birthday party.
Very simple and easy, too!

To make these small birthday crowns with elastic tape:
cut  48-50 cm of elastic tape (for children aged 3-6 years)
and as you can see in the photo, sew felted
and one pretty ribbon in this elastic tape.
Finally, sew on the back with sewing machine
 for finalize to the crown. Easy, right?

This year I make a lot of things: he birthday crowns,
the t-shirt of 3  years, some garlands ...
A lot of work but work done with love is a great pleasure!

My personal assistant also wanted to participate
in decorating their birthday party.
She really enjoyed helping mom!

Really, It was a lovely party and the kids enjoyed a lot.
But it's TRUE: a child is more happy with a cardboard box
than with other toy... a cardboard box is sooooo much fun!

Oh, finally, the cake! Also I did!

The three chocolate cake, really delicious!
Was a great success! You have the recipe here

Moltíssimes Felicitats,

My sweet princess grows so quickly ...
 in a days she start at school ...
a big change in his life that I want it to be satisfying
like last year she enjoyed in the kindergarten ...
Thank for making me so happy, Carlota ...
You're my sweet  peanut!

And thank you all for your kind comments here,
 in my world of wool
You make me very happy with your visit,
your comments and emails!