Friday, October 21, 2016

vanity cases and Neuman - Turn it

Hello my friends! how're you?
I've been a month without posting anything here on the blog ...
the truth, I've worked a lot and I have many crafts to show you.
Today I will share here my last vanity cases.
To make these vanity cases I have followed the tutorial of (here)  Gracias Estefanía!

For a long time that I not sewed zippers  and I know
they could be better made ... I have to practice sewing more days!
Here I've worked with DROPS PARIS and 4mm crochet hook.

This month I have sewed few hand bags that I will show you
very soon here on the blog. After days without sewing,
is for this that I've a lot of reasons to clean my tools
and my sewing corner. I like to have things tidy.
You want to see where I keep my spools of thread ...? 
In this box of tea bags! for me it is perfect!

And in the last spring I bought this cupboard
and has been very useful for my wool, I kept in boxes before ...

Now I see the inspiration every time I step in front ...

I like to crochet everywhere but photo shoots, editing posts for the blog
and put my ideas in order,  almost happens up here ...

This is my heaven. Here I have the morning light, too the afternoon light,
a beautiful natural light and a beautiful sun every month of the year ...

Behind these curtains, my garden/terrace that you can see here many times,
full of trees and plants, with my read bench, my bench of crochet,
my bench for contemplating the sky, clouds movement,
my bench for to see how grow my plants ...
definitely, is my reflection bench!

And with my inspiration always a soundtrack ...
I never get tired of listening to this beautiful song
and this sensational band, Neuman ...
they created a lot of great songs for this world:
If, Jane, My dad, Tell You ... hope you enjoy!

Thousands of thanks for who read me here yet!

You know too we can follow me on Pinterest and Instagram

See you soon, dear readers and followers

I wish you days full of crafts and creativity!

bye! bye!


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

crochet works and Love of Lesbian - El poeta Halley (Lyric Video)

This week the autumn arrives
and every day is more pleasant to practice crochet.
I love month March because it means the arrival of spring
and it's a beautiful month ... But too I love September ...
Some days ago I made this mandala of sea color, sky colour,
perhaps like a some clouds color ...
some Mediterranean essence in these last summer days ...

Blogs are increasingly abandoned in favor of Instagram ...
Sometimes I think that maybe leave the blog
and I continue only with Instagram ...
but here I learn a bit of english ... and It served me
as note of crochet works I do ... I doubt ...

I discover so beautiful things Instagram! there I found @mitxoko,
which was doing a dressing case with a pattern
I started doing a dressing case and for now I have made a few ...

Here I worked with yarn Drops Paris and 4mm crochet hook.
I'm now in the process of sewing: zippers and interior fabric.
I thought It will be combine very well with the handbags
that I would sew in the next days ...

And as always, when I make mandalas I have a thought for Marinke ...
If you do not know the story of this girl can know more about she
here: Marinke

And I have made these hats, with wool Stylecraft DK,
 and I have worked with 6mm crochet hook and
with two skeins of wool simultaneously.
And I show you another lovely succulent of my garden ...

Love of Lesbian
Her latest album is a delight ... I love all songs ...
Bajo el Volcan, Cuando no me ves, Planeador ...
but this song is a work of art ...
The poem that reads the great Joan Manuel Serrat
in the end of the song  is of a indescribable beauty ...
listen to the end ... This song talks about the inspiration,
because sometimes fails ... but here has emerged art ...
each verse is a poem ... hope you enjoy ...
amazing ... stunning ... magic ...

without words ...

nothing to say ...

good night ...


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Ready for Independence!

 Today in my country celebrates the National Day:
La Diada Nacional de Catalunya. 
Thousands of people have taken to the streets peacefully
to demand Catalonia Independence.
This year's motto was this:

In different cities of the country have been pacific manifestations,
open to anyone who wanted to participate ...

 We hope that once again the world has got to know the Catalan people,
peaceful, with enthusiasm, with ideals, with a new future ...

Thanks to all those who are interested in our history and our demands ...

A big hug to everyone! but today in especially,
all Catalans living outside Catalonia ...

Ready for Independence!

In recent days I have not published but I've been working a lot
and I have many things to show.

Today I show these crochet hats,
both are red but made differently ...

And a small sample of my succulents.
As you know, I adore this type of plants ...

Tomorrow is beginning the school year in Catalonia.
It is time to put labels with the name ....

And customize the dressing gown ...

Carlota likes it a lot! she is full of happiness when she saw
what I had sewn for her! And that makes me a happy mom!

My daughter asked me if all the world's children go to school.
I have had to tell the truth, all the world's children can not go to school.
She wants to be a teacher, also an astronaut, journalist,
medical and many other things. She says that when she will be teacher
she will be the teacher of all children who have no school.

A big hug for everyone, today in especially for all the victims,
survivors, family and residents in New York ... 
we never forget ...


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

little crochet bags and Supersubmarina - Viento de Cara

Is last day of August and we had some rain days 
that it seems that the summer ends soon ...
But for now, we are in summer and today I show you
these little bags that I did a few months ago
but I had not had a minute to sew the fabric cover ...

For to make these little crochet bags
I worked with 4mm crochet hook and DROPS PARIS yarn.
And as you can see, this is a beautiful plant
of my  succulents collection. They all are beautiful
and it is difficult to choose a protagonist for a photoshot ...

I think that the coming months will be very creatives
because I'm really looking forward to make crochet without stopping ...
The summer has me slowed and I'm quiet in this sense,
with making small projects, but I think that my soul
and my body already need crochet without stop ...

Finally, some days, we were able do some beach getaway ...

As always, Carlota enjoys and be very happy
with precious treasures that were hidden in the sand ...

Later in our home she classifie by color, shape, and  she explain
our day at the beach. We had a good time playing with treasures ...

And all these days thinking about  Supersubmarina ...
This band suffered a traffic accident on August 14
when they returned to their home after acting at a festival ...
The lead singer and guitar Jose Chino and drums Junaca
yet are in intensive cares in hospital.
We are many people who hope they recover soon
and can return in concerts and festivals and play songs
so lovely like this ... We want to see you soon on a stage!

I listen to these days many songs of this band.
A big hug for her friends and family and too
for  the other party involved in the accident.

And for you, my friends,
I wish you have a good September start,
full of creativity and beautiful things.

See you soon my dears here, in
my world of wool

Thanks ...


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Happy Birthday, Little Mermaid!

Last week was the birthday of my little one ...
Wow ... many things happen us during these five years ...
but the most important is that she has grown so much
that it looks more like a little woman than a girl ...
she is very talkative and intelligent,
she is very stubborn and obstinate but always she is very loving ...
she wants do more and even more  always ...

  She likes singing, dancing, look Paw Patrol and Pepa Pig on TV,
reading, writing, playing with the sand, jumping waves in the sea,
go to the pool, watering plants, making cakes, she loves making necklaces
and she always invites friends who she loves to come our house
and loves to give things ... she must always be busy doing something!

Carlota was very happy with her birthday party
and now she ask me impatiently ...
"Mama, how many days lacks for six birthday party?"
Sure, she will asked me for a year these words ...

This year she did not want us to do chocolate cake ...
this year wants this cake!

And among the many things she wanted for her birthday
she want a magic wand ...  Her friends give this one
and she talking a lots of magic words all day
until it will operate, she says ... love this innocence!

And these days is impossible to do my crochet works,
only I made this small crochet house and some crochet hats
that I will show you very soon.

And the summary our summer would be these photos,
afternoons at the pool with my Little Mermaid ...

She spends hours jumping into the water and after watching
Synchronized Swimming Olympic Games ...

she wants to be like Gemma Mengual and Ona Carbonell!

With only five years she does incredible things in and out of the water!

Happy Birthday, Little Mermaid!
Mum loves you to infinity!

And a Good Fairy also knew that Carlota wanted a wand ...
a million thanks Good Fairy! Carlota is practicing all day
with their wands! surely soon will be to operate! 

And for you, my dear readers and followers,
I wish you the best in the world.
And if you have a magic wand at home
you know you have to practice a lot.
Sometimes best wishes comes true!

Thank you for visiting my world of wool!
with my Little Mermaid
we wish you a happy summer!


Saturday, August 13, 2016

crochet mandalas

I do not never tire of making crochet mandalas!
Today I show you these that I have made these summer days ...

In summer I like to do small works that require few hours of time ...
in fall or winter I'm sure I will make some crocheted blankets!

To make these mandalas I use yarn DROPS PARIS
and I have worked with 4mm crochet hook.
With these crochet mandalas I think I will make more handbags ...

These mandalas have eight rounds and then,
on the last round, I made crochet waves, but as you know,
you can make with size that you prefer.
You remember what I did time ago, which is more great?
I look  it and every day I like more and more!

And these summer days enjoying my little. Trying to explain
that the world is very large and there are many things to discover
and many places for to travel in one future day,
trying to explain that you can not travel to the planets
with an aerostatic balloon ...
And she is dreaming when she be a astronaut
and we will go to lunch at the moon ...
I love you above and planets infinity, Carlota!

Enjoy this summer time, my friends.
Many thanks for your kind comments,
makes me always very happy with your visit!

I hope you have a nice day full of creativity
and beautiful crafts and lovely things!



Friday, August 5, 2016

ribbed crochet hat and Angus & Julia Stone - Heart Beats Slow

I would never thought that I would crochet hats in summer ...
But, when I'm in Instagram, I see that crocheted hats
are made throughout the year in any country.
So today I show you my new crochet hats.

Here I've worked with 6mm crochet hook,
with two skeins of  Stylecraft Special DK.
The wooden tags of  All This Wood  looks so beautiful! 
I love how looks in hats ...

The creative process, although there may seem small here,
also exist while we make a hat. We must choose wool, color,
shape, type of tag, thread for to sew the tag ...
but I enjoy this so much ... I enjoy with these little things ...

And you, how you prefer crocheted hats?
with pom pom ...? or it is better without pom pom ...?
maybe this week I will do more hats like these ...

 These hats with ribbed shape, I think they are perfect ...
A friend told me some time ago that he wanted a blue hat
and now I given him for his birthday, although now is the summer ...
but she already has his hat to the next winter!

Angus and Julia Stone have so many songs that are perfect ...
any day I share more ... I fall in love of these two australian brothers
the first time that I listen Just a Boy ... Love all these songs... 
Heartbreak, All This Love, Big Jet Plane ...
to edit this post, as you know ... a thousand times ...
Heart Beats Slow ...

I hope you're enjoying the summer,
hope you're happy swimming in the pool or sea,
hope you're happy with your summer traveling,
I hope you can catch up with true friends ...
the summer is to make things that we like, right? 
as you can see, I make crocheted hats !!!

Thanks for being here, to continue visiting the blog,
thanks for write a message here below ... 
thanks for taking some of your time to
my world of wool

Enjoy the summer time, my friends!
See you soon!