Saturday, June 24, 2017

crochet mandalas, a bag and NEUMAN - Jane

Hello, dear readers! Do you still follow me on the blog?
Lately I do not publish with assiduity,
although I have continued working with the crochet ...

I love to create crocheted mandalas,
it's a crafts that is very nice to do ...

For to make these crochet mandalas
I worked with Drops Paris  and 4mm crochet hook ...

In this crochet mandala I have used only two colors
and I think that is also very beautiful,
what do you think ...?

I love watching these mandalas once they're done!
This color palette is so beautiful ...

I created these mandalas for to apply them on handbags ...

I can say that all the bags that I make last year
they are a great success and everyone who has received them
have liked it a lot, they are a very useful gift!

This week Carlota finished her stage of "Educació Infantil"
and she wanted to give it a gift for the teacher ...

A handbag for transporting school supplies, books, notes ...
an ideal gift for any teacher, do not you think the same?
Carlota's teacher was very happy with this gift! 

On my land this month it was extremely hot,
temperatures around 40ºC ...!!! Still, I was able to finish
the granny blanket that I had yet to finish ...
soon I will show you it here on the blog!

And to edit this post, today I've been listening to Neuman ...
of all his songs, my favorite is Turn it,
which I already shared a day with you.
But all his works are a delight ... the last ones,
Boystar and All That Matters there is still no video ...
so I share this one, I love this song ... enjoy!

Thanks for visiting my world of wool!
I wish you have a good entry in the summer days
and I hope that the heat does not diminish your creativity ...

Enjoy vacation time! with your family ... friends ...
a good book ... nature walks ... to travel ... the sea ...
I wish you can enjoy the summer days
in the way that you prefer and are more happier ...

See you soon!


Friday, May 12, 2017

little crochet bags and Robert Miles - Children [Dream Version]

How're you, dear readers? All of you work with your crafts?
I have not posted anything for nearly two months,
but I have not stopped doing my stuff.
I've made some little crochet bags ...

I did these little crochet bags two months ago
but I have not been sufficiently inspired to sew zippers
until this week ...

They are very useful to carry them to the handbag
and thus maintain a certain order ...

And most important: they are light, do not weigh much
and we can make it with different colors ...

These crochet bags can be used to keep school supplies,
also for crochet tools and sewing tools, for makeup,
also for sunglasses ... they are very versatile!

To make these bags I worked with 3mm crochet hook
and yarn COTTON NATURE 2.5, of Hilaturas L.M brand.
You want to see the tutorial?  santapazienzia (here)

Work in progress of granny stripe blanket ...
if I can make crohet a few days,
I will show it soon here on the blog ...

I have also done some sewing works:
here I've repaired these pants for Carlota.
She said me she wanted two hearts with the thread pink ...

Robert Miles, died this week cancer victim.
Thanks Robert, for create one of the best electronic themes ...
Children, published more than 20 years ago
and feel authentic as the first day ...
this song has accompanied me for more than 20 years
and will continue forever with me ...
thank you for being a part of my soundtrack ...
thanks forever, Robert ... good trip to the stars ...

And thanks to you, dear reader,
thanks for your visit.
I wish you a nice weekend

See you soon ...

Cancer is a blight worldwide.
Many families have suffered 
from the disease or have to live
with it daily. It affects rich, poor, children, people of all ages.
Surely you know of any association,
a hospital or any initiative to help.
Make a small donation for research
can save many lives.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

placemats with t-shirt yarn and Sia - The Greatest

From time to time we all need stop an activity which we enjoy a lot
for to dedicate ourselves to other things we like ...
or just do nothing and breathe ... 

Me, after a break for some weeks
in the world of crochet, I returned to make crochet
with t-shirt yarn ...

I think I've been two years without working with T-shirt yarn ...
Now I will show you these placemats ...

For breakfast time, for tea time
or for to brighten the table at any time,
do not you think so too ...?

You can guess who is the girl that she has seen these placemats
and she has decided that tomorrow morning her breakfast
is served with pink placemats ...?

I also made some baskets. The advantage of working with crochet XL:
with a couple of hours can finished a crochet work ...

Some baskets like these, or some placemats, all hadmade works
are always a good gift ...

I think soon I will make more placemats and more baskets ...

You know what is the advantage of a pause ...?
We always come back with more inspiration
and head full of projects ...

I love each and every video where it appears this dancer ...
Maddie Ziegler, you're a great artist!
And you Sia, too, of course!

Thanks for walking here, in
my world of wool
And you know, if you want to do a lot of things
is a great way to life ...
but too is well to remember that
occasionally we can take a break and breathe ...

Enjoy the spring, my friends ...
and enjoy the simply and good things of life ...
a big hug ...


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

dressing case and DOPE LEMON - Uptown Folks

Hello, my dears! How're you?
your days are creative?
I hope that you're busy doing many things!
I finally I sewed these zippers and the lining
in these dresing case ...

I think that is common in crochet's women ...
we're a little lazy to sewing machine ...
do not you think the same?

To make these dressing case I worked with 3mm crochet hook
and yarn NATURE 2.5 of  Hilaturas LM  brand.

To make these dressing case you can see
the great tutorial of santapazienzia (here)
Gracias, Estefanía!

These dressing case are useful to carry crochet hooks,
school supplies, makeup ... I know that they are having
different uses for their recipients! And it makes me so happy ...

And these days I've started a new granny square blanket.
As always, a pleasure to working this kind of blanket ...

To edit the post today I can not stop listening this beautiful song ...
I'm in love with him and his sister as the band
Angus and Julia Stone ... I'm in love of Julia Stone ...
I'm in love of Angus Stone ...
and I'm in love of her band Dope Lemon ...
I'm in love of songs Marinade, Coyote, Stonecutters ...
and love, love, loooove Uptown Folks ...
enjoy ...

Thanks for your visit, my dear readers ...

I hope that you've many happy days,
full of creativity,
days full of good music,
days full of books that make you think,
days with walks in nature or the city,
meetings with your friends
and all the things that give you happiness.

A big hug and see you soon here, in
my world of wool


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

And the winner is ...

And to celebrate that today is the 
#myworldofwool birthday on Instagram,
HERE are the results of the Giveaway
for win six skeins of wool.
And the winner is .... OFELIA!

Many thanks to all who have participated in the Giveaway
and all those who follow me here, Instagram and Pinterest! 

Thanks and see you soon!

I per celebrar que avui és l' aniversari de
#myworldofwool a Instagram,
AQUÍ teniu el resultat del sorteig
per guanyar les sis madeixes de llana.
I la guanyadora és ... OFELIA!
Moltes felicitats!

Moltes gràcies a totes les persones que heu participat en el sorteig
i a totes aquelles que em segueixen aquí, a Instagram i a Pinterest!

Gràcies i fins aviat!

Y para celebrar que hoy es el cumpleaños de
#myworldofwool en Instagram,
AQUÍ están los resultados del sorteo
para ganar las seis madejas de lana.

Y la ganadora del sorteo es ... ¡OFELIA!
escríbeme a y dame tu datos!

Muchas gracias a todos los que han participado en el  sorteo
y a todos aquellos que me siguen aquí, Instagram y Pinterest!

¡Gracias y nos vemos pronto!


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Giveaway / Sorteig / Sorteo

Today more crochet cowls ...
I enjoy so much doing this craft! Certainly, these cowls
are the success of my world of wool for this winter!

I love these cowls with puff crochet stitch! you like it?
these cowls have been a great success this winter
and I think I will make  more ...

To make this gray cowl I worked with yarn Artic,
of DMC brand, and with two skeins of wool simultaneous way.
And also I used a crochet hook 6mm. It is a very warm cowl,
perfect for cold winter days!

And to make this gold cowl I worked with two skeins of
Stylecraft Special DK and I used a crochet hook 6mm.
Is very sweet and very warm too! 

And today I want to thank all the followers,
those who follow me here on the blog for almost five years,
all new followers on Instagram and all who follow me on Pinterest.
And to celebrate that it's #myworldofwool
first birthday on Instagram 
I will to  make a Giveaway.

To participate is easy! leave me a comment here on the blog!
The winner will receive these six beautiful skeins of wool
with whom I work habitually.
The Giveaway will be on 15 February.

I avui vull donar les gràcies a tots els seguidors del blog,
als que em seguiu aquí des de fa gairebé 5 anys,
i a tots els nous seguidors a Instagram i Pinterest.
I per celebrar que el dia 15 de febrer
és l'aniversari de #myworldofwool
a Instagram avui anuncio un sorteig.
Per participar és molt fàcil!
deixa'm un comentari aquí al blog! explica'm el que tu vulguis!
El guanyador rebrà aquestes sis precioses madeixes de llana
amb les quals jo treballo habitualment.
El sorteig serà el dia 15 de febrer.

Y hoy quiero dar las gracias a todos los seguidores del blog,
a los que me seguís aquí desde hace casi 5 años,
y a todos los nuevos seguidores en Instagram y Pinterest. 
Y para celebrar que el día 15 de febrero
es el cumpleaños de #myworldofwool
en Instagram hoy anuncio un sorteo. 
Para participar es muy fácil!
déjame un comentario aquí en el blog! cuéntame lo que quieras!
El ganador recibirá estas seis preciosas madejas de lana
con las que yo trabajo habitualmente.
El sorteo será el día 15 de febrero.

And to edit this post, today I was listening
my favorite song of David Bowie ... I love so much this song ...
it's impossible not to move the skeleton ...
even though mr Bowie was much more elegant than me!
thanks for this wonderful song, Starman ...

See you soon!


Monday, February 6, 2017

crochet shawl

Finally today I finished this shawl that I started in fall.
It is a gift for my mother, she makes much use of them
because she always have cold ...

Lately I make some crochet shawls for she
and she is proud to explain that her daughter it has given ...

This shawl lacked edging, and finally this afternoon
with wind but very sunny, I put on the bed to make crochet ...

My little one has accompanied me
and she paint a lots of flowers for our home
because soon we want to say welcome to spring ...

 Here I have worked with yarn 
Stylecraft Special DK and 4mm crochet hook.
I really enjoy seeing this work completed.
I love do crochet shawls!

And also I love do these crochet cowls.
Here, finishing one new with this color so beautiful.
And time to choosing a wooden tag ...

And here with a new crochet cowl ...
I can not stop! I love do crochet cowls!

Yes, in our home we always make a lot of works ...
We make a great team, Carlota!

She has painted more thirty flowers to decorate the walls ...
she says that she wants flowers for all home! 

She grows and becomes very large ...
loves to read and spends hours reading stories to the dolls
and doing a lots of things ...

I love to see how she grows
and I enjoy these beautiful moments to its side ...

thanks Carlota ...
it's true that you're my spring ...

t'estima, la mama