Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas crochet cards and Dorian - La Tormenta de arena

In recent days I have been busy working
in the field of architecture and construction of houses ...
crocheted houses, of course! you already know
that sometimes here I have created small crochet houses.

I love this small crafts ...

sweet crochet ... sweet home ...

and some fall colors ...

Some small crochet houses to wish
a Merry Christmas ...

For to make these small crochet houses I worked
with 4mm crochet hook and yarn DROPS PARIS.
And I filled it with a synthetic cushion filler.

Soon some Christmas cards will reach their destination ...

I am happy to see the final result ...
And you, you're busy with Christmas decorations?

And now we already have the home decorated
with the Christmas Tree and Nativity Scene
Carlota is very happy and me too ...
I love sharing these moments with she ...

And to edit this post I was listening to the beautiful songs
of this great band, Dorian 
They never expire, they fresh as the first day ...
Thanks Marc, Belly and all members of the band ...
never stop creating a such beautiful songs like these!
A qualquier otra parte, Más problemas,
Al final de la escapadaCorta el aire, La playa bajo el asfalto,
VelerosArrecifeLa tormenta de arena  ...

And thanks all for follow me here in
my world of wool

I'm always infinitely grateful for your visit, your comments
and for everything that you give me is this small world ...
Thaaaanks ...

see you soon!


Thursday, December 1, 2016

before Christmas arrival ... and The Cure - Just Like Heaven

Today, after several days of sick bronchitis,
I can say that I feel a little better ...
And I am happy of being able to show you some crochet works ...
we approach Christmas and will have prepare some gifts ...

I wanted to do some work with black and gray colors.
I feel better with darker colors and I needed
some gifts with these two colors ...

I've done two black hats, two black cowls and a gray cowl.
These hats are made with a different pattern, and
I improvise reminding some hats that I had done previously.

 And the crochet cowls are made with a stitch
with which I already worked last winter ...

These wooden labels are irressitibles, right?
Here I am working simultaneously with two skeins of wool
Stylecraft Special DK and 6mm crochet hook.

I still have many things to do before arrival Christmas!
I will gradually showing you here on the blog ... 

A week ago The Cure acted in Barcelona ...
people say that the concert lasted three hours ...
people say it was brutal ...
people says that Robert give her heart and soul in the concert ...
the lucky ones who were in this concert  say all this ...
and I, all week listening to hymns in my home ...
Lullaby, Close to me, Trust, Why can't I Be You? , Lovesong ...
but in short ... in all the years of my youth and all the days of my life,
my favorite will always be Just Like Heaven ...
a thousand times it resonating in my home these days ...
thanks for being part of my world ...
to infinity, thanks for all these beautiful songs ...

And thanks all for following me here, for your sweet comments,
thanks to the great reception that you gives me
this year in Instagram ... I can only be grateful to all of you ...

I wish you a good December ...
Thanks again for to forgive my mistakes
with the English language ... as you know,
I'm self-taught and I learn slowly ...

see you soon ...


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

little crochet bags and Love of Lesbian - Cuando no me ves

Make little crochet bags is also an activity that I really like.
And now, that we are approaching Christmas time,
we can think with some small gifts, right?

To make these bags I used 3mm crochet hook and yarn Anell Cotton8
Wool that I bought a few years back and that I still have some skeins.
The tutorial for to make some bags like these you can be found at (here)
Gradually I was practicing the theme of zippers,
I think I have learned a little bit ...

And gradually increasing the collection of hats from
my world of wool ...

I really like how looks these wooden tags in my crochet works ...
These hats are all new ...

And here I show you our collection of some hats,
scarfs and mittens that Carlota and I have used last winter.
And now, for Carlota I have new models
that I will show you very soon ...

One more time I share with you my love for this great band,
Love of Lesbian , this beautiful song is from his new album.
Hope you enjoy!

Today is a rainy day, a day of authentic autumn!

I hope you enjoy your day doing something you like:
crochet, read a good book, listen to good music,
have a coffee with a friend, enjoy the game with your children,
cooking, make a cake ... any activity that you like very much
is beautiful for to practice, right?

A big hug, my friends!

and millions of thanks for your visit!

see you soon!


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

tutorial crochet hat and Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker

I love creating crochet hats.
They are perfect as a complement for days of cold
and a gift that everyone likes, right?

This is a hat for a baby from 1 year to 2 years old.
To make this hat I've worked with 5mm crochet hook
and WOOLLY5 of DMC .
This wool is soft and sweet, perfect for making hats for kids!
With a skein can make this hat. Are you ready?

Here is the pattern:

  • tutorial how to make a crochet hat
1 skein of yarn WOOLLY5 of DMC brand
working with a 5mm crochet hook

0 - make a magic ring
1- 12 double crochet ( dc ) 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1....., join with slip stitch ( ss )
2- 24 dc 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2...., join with ss
3- 36 dc 1-2-1-2-1-2-1..... join with ss
4- 48 dc 1-2-1-1-2-1-1-2-... join with ss
5- 60 dc 1-2-1-1-1-2-1-1-1-2..... join with ss 
( no more increase from now)
6- 60 dc join with ss
7-13 make 60 dc, join with ss
14- make 60 single crochet stitch, join with ss and fasten off

  • tutorial com fer un gorro de ganxet
1 troca de llana WOOLLY5 de la marca DMC
treballar amb agulla de ganxet de 5mm

0- fer un cercle màgic
1- 12 punts alts ( pa ) 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1....., uneix amb punt ras ( pr )
2- 24 pa 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2.... uneix amb pr
3- 36 pa 1-2-1-2-1-2-1.....  uneix amb pr
4- 48 pa 1-2-1-1-2-1-1-2-... uneix amb pr
5- 60 pa 1-2-1-1-1-2-1-1-1-2.....  uneix amb pr
( no augmentar més punts a partir d'ara )
6- 60 pa, uneix amb pr
7-13 60 pa, uneix amb pr
14- 60 punts baix, unir amb pr i rematar

  • tutorial como hacer un gorro de ganchillo
1 madeja de lana WOOLLY5 de la marca DMC
trabajar con aguja de ganchillo de 5mm

0- hacer un anillo mágico
1- 12 puntos altos ( pa ) 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1....., une con punto corredizo ( pc )
2- 24 pa 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2.... une con pc
3- 36 pa 1-2-1-2-1-2-1.....  une con pc
4- 48 pa 1-2-1-1-2-1-1-2-... une con pc
5- 60 pa 1-2-1-1-1-2-1-1-1-2.....  une con pc
no aumentar más puntos a partir de ahora)
6- 60 pa, une con pc
7-13 60 pa, une con pc
14- 60 puntos bajos, unir con pc y rematar

The fact of not see the sky when there is fog makes a wonderful day
when we see that the sun shines in the blue sky ...
and now, we have some sunny days in the land of fog!
I love looking at the sky and clouds ...

And occasionally at home come pretty things like these ...
Moltes gràcies, Laia! We liked a lot!

No words ... his voice ... his personality ...
thanks  Leonard ...

Thank you for reading me, for your visit, for your comments ...
many thanks for devote some of your time to my world of wool ...
many thanks to crafter community all the world,
many thanks for so many good times ...

I wish you have a great day full of beautiful things ...
See you soon ...


Sunday, November 6, 2016

handbags and Neil Halstead - Hey Daydreamer

Hi, my dears! Now I still show you these handbags
that I've been doing lately. Although I'm not known for sewing theme
I think that these bags looks very well. What do you think?

You remember that to do the  handbag
I followed the video tutorial of Chita Lou
and to do the vanity case I followed
the tutorial of santapazienzia

To do these other two small bags I have not followed any tutorial,
I made a pattern free from my world of wool. As you can see,
I like to combine these handbags with another crochet bag ...

The handbags are always useful, right?
and it is always a gift that everyone loves much.
These bags may will be more well for spring and summer,
but I not finalized until a few days ago ...

I'm currently working with other crochet projects
that I'll show you soon here in
my world of wool

To edit the post today I have been hearing wonderful voice
of this great artist, Neil Halstead
He has a beautiful songs like Tied to You, Digging Shelters,
Full Moon Rising ... hope you enjoy ...

In this land of the Mist is a joy enjoy sunny day like today!

Thanks a lot for your visit
and for your great emails and comments.
It is always nice to read everything you tell me.
If you have any questions or  any doubt please contact me
by means of email or a message here below.

From my world of wool
I wish you have a great day full of crochet, music,
books, good company and everything you like most ...

See you soon my friends!


Saturday, October 29, 2016

more crochet mandalas and Joana Serrat - Cloudy Heart feat. Neil Halstead

Make mandalas is a creative craft and relaxing,
but it is the same feel in all crochet works, right?
choose colors, choosing the mandala shape we want ...
although I'm very a monotonous in this sense
and always I use the same pattern ...

 And I am happy to see that a succulent plant of my garden
which was about to die, it survived and I have made the spread and
also go very well. Now I have new small jewels to care ...

To make these mandalas I worked with 4mm crochet hook
and wool DROPS PARIS. I started with a magical ring,
after I made 12 dc, 24 dc, 36 dc ... Increasing 12dc
in every round, here I completed eight colorful rounds.
Finally, I finish with waves ( US crochet terms )

You see! Two new mandalas to brighten a new home.
And a simple detail. I like wrapping gifts.
But with very simple way ...

I like simple things ...

The little things in life are the best. Enjoys every moment
and the people who loves you ... every day some people die near us,
many of them cancer victims.
Surely you have near you some association
dedicated to helping other people.
Solidarity is easy and expense very little.
Here you have a link if you want to consult.


And she is a natural and sweet singer that has me in love
with their beautiful songs ... Joana Serrat
always is a delight listen this great woman ...
If I liked the album Dear Great Canyon, the latter
Cross the Verge is a delight from the first to the last song ...
Saskatoon, Lonely heart Reverb, Desert Valley ...

Many thanks for being here in
my world of wool

I still have many things to share with you.
Very soon  here in the blog more sewing and crocheting works

Thank you for your sweet comments,
you make me always happy


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

handbags and León Benavente - La Ribera

Well, finally today I can show two handbags
that I've made with some mandalas.
A handbag with some autumn shades
and other with some Mediterran shades ...

 I do not know sewing a lot and I was very worried
because these two handbags are gifts for two girls
who they sew very well ... 

These hanbags have arrived at their destination
and my friends say that they liked so much
these gifts! I'm very, very happy!

To make these handbags I followed Sylvia's tutorial,
you can see her blog Chita Lou (here)
A great blog to learn to sew!
Muchas gracias, Sylvia!

The vanity cases that I showed in the previous post,
are made with a tutorial of (here)
Muchas gracias, Estefanía!

I make a lot of sewing mistakes.
I learn with practicing.
I look video tutorials. Do not be afraid
of making mistakes ...

The most important thing is to lose their fear
of the sewing machine and practice.
Practice a lot of hours ...

And today I share with you a different band and surprising
León Benavente  I discover two years ago with the songs
Ánimo valiente, Estado provisionalSer brigada ...
From the new album, I like many songs but in especially
La Rivera, song that I can not stop listening ...
looove it! hope you enjoy!

Many thanks for being here in
my world of wool

Thanks for give me a little your time ...
Love all your comments, thanks ...

Hope you've a lovely, lovely day!

kisses to you all!


Friday, October 21, 2016

vanity cases and Neuman - Turn it

Hello my friends! how're you?
I've been a month without posting anything here on the blog ...
the truth, I've worked a lot and I have many crafts to show you.
Today I will share here my last vanity cases.
To make these vanity cases I have followed the tutorial of (here)  Gracias Estefanía!

For a long time that I not sewed zippers  and I know
they could be better made ... I have to practice sewing more days!
Here I've worked with DROPS PARIS and 4mm crochet hook.

This month I have sewed few hand bags that I will show you
very soon here on the blog. After days without sewing,
is for this that I've a lot of reasons to clean my tools
and my sewing corner. I like to have things tidy.
You want to see where I keep my spools of thread ...? 
In this box of tea bags! for me it is perfect!

And in the last spring I bought this cupboard
and has been very useful for my wool, I kept in boxes before ...

Now I see the inspiration every time I step in front ...

I like to crochet everywhere but photo shoots, editing posts for the blog
and put my ideas in order,  almost happens up here ...

This is my heaven. Here I have the morning light, too the afternoon light,
a beautiful natural light and a beautiful sun every month of the year ...

Behind these curtains, my garden/terrace that you can see here many times,
full of trees and plants, with my read bench, my bench of crochet,
my bench for contemplating the sky, clouds movement,
my bench for to see how grow my plants ...
definitely, is my reflection bench!

And with my inspiration always a soundtrack ...
I never get tired of listening to this beautiful song
and this sensational band, Neuman ...
they created a lot of great songs for this world:
If, Jane, My dad, Tell You ... hope you enjoy!

Thousands of thanks for who read me here yet!

You know too we can follow me on Pinterest and Instagram

See you soon, dear readers and followers

I wish you days full of crafts and creativity!

bye! bye!


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

crochet works and Love of Lesbian - El poeta Halley (Lyric Video)

This week the autumn arrives
and every day is more pleasant to practice crochet.
I love month March because it means the arrival of spring
and it's a beautiful month ... But too I love September ...
Some days ago I made this mandala of sea color, sky colour,
perhaps like a some clouds color ...
some Mediterranean essence in these last summer days ...

Blogs are increasingly abandoned in favor of Instagram ...
Sometimes I think that maybe leave the blog
and I continue only with Instagram ...
but here I learn a bit of english ... and It served me
as note of crochet works I do ... I doubt ...

I discover so beautiful things Instagram! there I found @mitxoko,
which was doing a dressing case with a pattern
I started doing a dressing case and for now I have made a few ...

Here I worked with yarn Drops Paris and 4mm crochet hook.
I'm now in the process of sewing: zippers and interior fabric.
I thought It will be combine very well with the handbags
that I would sew in the next days ...

And as always, when I make mandalas I have a thought for Marinke ...
If you do not know the story of this girl can know more about she
here: Marinke

And I have made these hats, with wool Stylecraft DK,
 and I have worked with 6mm crochet hook and
with two skeins of wool simultaneously.
And I show you another lovely succulent of my garden ...

Love of Lesbian
Her latest album is a delight ... I love all songs ...
Bajo el Volcan, Cuando no me ves, Planeador ...
but this song is a work of art ...
The poem that reads the great Joan Manuel Serrat
in the end of the song  is of a indescribable beauty ...
listen to the end ... This song talks about the inspiration,
because sometimes fails ... but here has emerged art ...
each verse is a poem ... hope you enjoy ...
amazing ... stunning ... magic ...

without words ...

nothing to say ...

good night ...