Friday, April 29, 2016

a doily, the garden, and first school camp

Lately I have not done much crocheting,
I've got some projects in hands but for now I can not finish ...
The creative intensity has diminished
but I've something for to do from time to time ...

And I received my share of exchange organized
by Alícia (here) (#canvidemans)  Comes from Mallorca!!!
Many thanks Susanna!!! I love this beautiful bag!

And now it's time to enjoy the terrace and I have also done
some landscaping work. Surprisingly this year the calla lily
( Zantedeschia ) has many flowers ...

I can spent hours on the terrace watching every little miracle ...
Nature never ceases to amaze me ...

As always my little one daughter want to help me ...

she is so happy when plays with water!

 This is the first night that has left home to go to school camps ...
two days and one night without contact with family ...
how spent the night ??? she not want to take bunny Lulo ...
she left him in the car convinced saying
"I do not want, mama! I'm a big girl!"

My little girl is ever-growing and it is hard, very hard,
but I must learn to let go to fly ... this afternoon when we meet again
I know that I will embrace it more strong than ever ....

My little one ... love you so much ...

Saturday, April 9, 2016

crochet shawl and Anni B Sweet - Chasing Illusions

Spring is here and with this lovely sun
I stop to make blankets and crocheted hats.
So today I show you my first spring work ...

This is a crochet shawl made with Natura Just Cotton of DMC
This yarn brand is ideal for creating garments for summer.
It's so sweet and soft! Here I have worked with 6mm crochet hook
and I'm working with two skeins simultaneously ...

For my birthday a friend give me this beautiful bag for crocheting.
And it is very useful for this project! I think that this spring
and summer I will work a lot with this bag ... I love it sooooo!

As you can see the shades are soft inside this crochet shawl.
It is for this that to give a bit of light of this crocheted project
I decided to do the edging with bright colors ...

And for the edging as always my favourite waves!
I made it with 4mm crochet hook and I worked
with two diferents skeins, purple and pink ...

This crochet shawl is very easy to make
and I made others than you can see in my blog.
If you want you can see my others shawls
the first here , the second here and third here

And some days ago I have made some gardening works.
And one more time I have seen that my little succulents
are very strong because they survive another winter ...

This crochet shawl is ideal for walking in the summers nights.
Made with 100% cotton yarn and made with lots of love
for to give a friend who lives a bit far ...

My friend can worn the crochet shawl as she want.
And you, how you prefer dress the shawls?

The maniqui who has participated in this photo shot
is a gift who made me one of my true life friends.
Truth, is so beautiful!

Chilhood friends, school friends, university friends,
work friends, bloger friends ... I have so many true friends.
I am very lucky ... all are part of my life,
and I'm so happy for to make gifts for they ...

And I think time ago I've also put something of 
Anni B Sweet Well, today more ... Enjoy!
I'm in love of  the beginning of this song ...
beautiful song ...

Have a nice day my lovelies!
Thanks for coming here,
thanks for your visit and all your sweet comments.
you make me always happy here in
my world of wool


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

granny stripe blanket and crochet hats

Today has rained a bit and freshened the atmosphere
and I think it is better to show you my new granny stripe blanket
on a rainy day than on a sunny day, right? Come on!

 This granny stripe blanket is for to welcome
a beautiful baby who was born recently.

One more time a blanket with the granny stitch.
I love this easy pattern!

Here I've worked with 4mm crochet hook
and with four colours of Stylecraft Special DK.

 This granny stripe blanket has a set of two crochet hats,
one for this lovely baby and one for his big brother.
The crochet hats are made with 6mm crochet hook and
I've worked with two skeins of yarn.

I wanted one blanket colorful funny for children. You like it?

And I think my new wooden tags looks very well in all of my works ...

I dont know because I had not done  before these beautiful wooden tags.
But it is this ... go progress and improve every day ...

 The colored stripes are more big than the others blankets
that I've made before. Here I've done six lines with each color ...

I wish that these brothers will love these hats and this crochet blanket.

Hope you have a nice day and happy crocheting!
Many thanks for all your lovely comments in my last post ...

See you soon here, in
my world of wool

Thursday, March 31, 2016

crocheted legwarmers for #canvidemans

Some time ago Alícia from blog enganxetada ( here )
she has proposed an interchange open to all those
wishing to participate ( #canvidemans )

And I want participate in this #canvidemans.
After knowing the person I will make the exchange,
I decided to make a pair of crochet legwarmers for she ...

But then of do the legwarmers for #canvidemans,
I did some more. It's a easy and useful crochet work
and perfect for give your friends, children, family ...

To do those crochet legwarmers I have worked with 6mm crochet hook
and with two skeins simultaneously of yarn Stylecraft Special DK.

Although the day that I do the photo shoot came the sun
and was a beautiful day and exceeded 25ºC
Spring is here! These crochet legwarmers will be
for the next winter sure! hahahahaha!

And now this gift is in the post office!
Very soon will arrive in home of some sweet girl ...

I hope that this girl love these crochet legwarmers.
Thanks Alícia for propose this #canvidemans

During Easter holidays Carlota enjoyed painting.
She loves to paint and draw and sometimes
I have to say "enough you can not paint more"...

But she wants to be a big girl and says "Mama! I can not stop
paint because I have to do school works as the big girls!!!"
This is my love, my little Carlota ...

And she looooves Easter eggs !
Carlota hopes that someday she will see
purple and pink bunnies ...

The school has started again and has come spring ...
I have a wool blanket to show but it's hard to see
crochet blankets in spring, right ...?

Sometimes I think that there is no longer anyone here
and everyone is on Instagram ...
It's for this that I value more that you come to visit me
and you leaves me comments here in
my world of wool ...
Many thanks my dear readers and followers ...
Thanks for your kind comments ...
you make always so happy ...

Have a nice day!

see you soon!

Friday, March 25, 2016

crochet hats and the winner is...............

Although spring has arrived the mornings are still very cool.
For this I'm not tired to make crochet hats ...

All three hats already carry these beautiful wooden tags
that I bought days ago here.  I love them!
To make these crochet hats I have inspired me
with these crochet hats that I've seen on Pinterest here and here

 These Easter holidays we go some days on the beach
to look for treasures ... When Carlota prepared the suitcase for the trip
she thought of taking a little bag to save all our treasures ... 
And we found some! I love walk in the sand with my little one ...

Carlota thinks she can stop the waves throwing wooden sticks at sea ...
I love their innocence on the same day that a new barbarism
shake up the world ... sad for all this ... 

I celebrate my birthday outside our home.
But Carlota is expecting a cake! of course!
Any day we can make a cake and put 40 candles
and she will help me to blow ... 

And I do not forget me !!!!! 
The winner of this crochet hat is ............
 Many congratulations!
You can contact me via email and leave your data.

Many thanks to all who have participated!
You can see the Giveaway here

Good Easter

Peace in the World ...

See you soon ...

Friday, March 18, 2016

wooden tags for my crochet hats, Giveaway and Love of Lesbian - Alli donde soliamos gritar

Today is the beginning of the school holidays
and on monday we will enjoy a few days on the sea ...
We do not will swim in the sea but perhaps we can walk
along the sand and look for many treasures ...
But now also is a great day! finally I have my new tags!
look how nice looks in my new crocheted hats!

With Instagram,
I discovered a place where to buy these beautiful wooden tags.
These so pretty tags are made in  All This Wood ( here )

I'm in love of my new wooden tags!
With these wooden tags I add the perfect touch
to my crochet works, right?

Now are days of rain and cold and I've entered a wild desire
to make crocheted hats and to add these wooden tags so pretty ...

In the next week will be my birthday, 40 years old ...
And for this reason and for soon will be spring
I will celebrate a Giveaway ....

I will give the black hat,
I think is an appropriate color for everyone, right?
At least for me ! I love it! To participate is easy,
just leave a comment here in this post.
You have until next Friday.
Good luck to all!

To edit this post I have been listening to Love of Lesbian
How much I like this band! I have already published
once song Club de fans de John Boy ( here ).
In two songs we can see the same young couple ...
I love them ... the videos and the songs!
hope you enjoy ...

Thanks for taking some of your time to walk through in
my world of wool

Thank you very much!!!!
see you soon !!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

granny's stripe blanket and Supersubmarina - Cancion De Guerra

What joy today! I can finally present my new
granny's stripe blanket!
Again I have enjoy this granny stitch,
 for many days I can not stop to make stripes .......
this is a work easy and very pretty ........

This blanket is ideal for the sofa, 80 cm x 100 cm.
It is made with 14 different colours of  Stylecraft Special DK 
and I worked with 4mm crochet hook.
100 lines, 50 stripes ... each two with same colour ....
the edging with waves, as you know I love waves for the edging!

The making of blankets crochet requires a long time,
but once the work is finished ... this is a great reward!
the crocheted blankets are sooooo beautiful !!!!
in every home there should be a handmade blanket woven! 

The doudou is a gift from a friend that did for Carlota.
My friend is a great dressmaker, this doudou is perfect!
like all works that she sews! Thanks my dear friend!

You can see that rabbit-owl ( says Carlota!)
is very happy and very warm in our home!

This blanket is inspired with blanket  Attic24 ( here )
 Here you can see my first granny stripe blanket,
along with another blanket I did ...

If you want to see the posts of these blankets

I enjoy so much with making blankets ...
and now I have another blanket close to completion!
This blanket that I show you today is a gift to one of my best friends.
She fell in love with my first stripe blanket
and I want give him one for her ......

The granny stripe blankets are very nice,
but I'm also in love with my blanket of circles!
And you,  how you prefer?

To edit this post I listen for many hours Supersubmarina.
They have such incredible songs ...  En mis venas,
Arena y salViento de cara, Canción de guerra ...
I hope you enjoy with this .....

Many thanks for your sweet comments ......
I know that time is a very valuable today ......
And really I want to thanks that someone taking a few moments
to leave comments here on the blog .......

always read all your comments ...