Friday, August 1, 2014

crochet doily and the winner is ......

I have taken than more two and a half months
for to make this crochet doily.
And today I have a great pleasure to present you
my new crochet doily for the dining table!
So, today a good dose of color to all of you!
Come on!

The time of joining the pieces was long.
This could be done in so many different ways.
And I testing and testing and I do not decide never how to do it ...

And so one day,
after seeing and seeing the crochet willows on table much days,
I thought: Cristina, or you start now or you  will NEVER end!
So I started to unite and ...
well ... here is  this colorful crochet doily!

The look of the dining table has significantly changed!
you see what was until now ...
For many days I do not ironing the white doily
because I knew the future changes ....

See you how looks the doily crochet over the dining table!
The truth... is sooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!
Maybe I should not say this, but I like so much ...
The final measures are 132 x 54 cm. Perfect!

I did several tests for the edging.
I have not followed any tutorial and I make one free edging
for to make one effect similar to crochet willows ...

I also have had a hard deciding which colors to use for the edging.
But finally I decided  for the color you see.
The dining room furniture is colonial and I think
it goes well with wicker chairs. You like it?

I go to the terrace to collect some succulents for the photo shoot.
But I will leave outdoors in summer is  where they are  best!
In winter I sure I choose succulents to decorate!
I looooooove my succulents plants ...

If you want to see the evolution of my crochet doily
click here and here and here

Well ... this is the magic that has the crochet  ...
the happiness for choose colors ...
the happiness when you work ...
the happiness of seeing the final result ...
the happiness of enjoying this moments ...
These little things make me sooooo happy ...!


And now be attentive: 
because we have winner the Giveaway!

and the winner is................


Ei Cristina, per casualitat i a través d'un altre blog, t'he trobat. Fas uns coses precioses, molt netes, alegres, ... m'ha encantat el teu blog i tot el que hi he vist. I també per casualitat he vist lo del sorteig, així que m'hi apunto. T'he agregat al meu blog (que per cert el tinc bastant oblidat) però em serveix per anar visitant els blogs que segueixo i ara ja en tinc un de més.
Una abraçada!!! "

( You can see the Giveaway HERE )

Thank you all for participating!

Congratulations to the winner!

You make me happy with your comments!

Thanks and Happy Crocheting!

bye! bye!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Doily in progres, Giveaway and Greg Laswell - Comes and Goes

This week I have already joined all the crochet willows ...

I now have to do edging around, but how what colors and how?
The creative process can sometimes be difficult ...!
I do not know if it will end with warm colors or cool colors  ...
See if this week I finished this project.
I want to see this joy color on the dining table!

We have much to celebrate! Finally today a Giveaway. 
More than two years of this blog ... thanks for visiting me ...
for the all time you was waiting  me and I was not there ... thanks ... 
by 361 followers of the blog ... thanks ...
by 5274 followers of Pinterest ... thanks ...

Just leave a comment here and an email address
to contact you if you will be the winner.
The draw will be on Friday. You can leave the comments 
up 17.00 hours Friday. The award will  these balls of cotton.
Good luck to everyone!

This summer "does not make a summer"
because in my country the past years would be more than 40 ° C in july ...
and this year it rains, storms, the fresh in the night....
perfect for me! 35 º C is enough, do not you think?
I like to listen to music when it rains ( when it not rains on too!).
I hope you enjoy it as much as me with this beautiful song,
Comes and Goes, of  Greg Laswell 

Well, be attentive Friday night!
I will proclaim  the winner of the Giveaway!! 
Thanks for visiting my world of wool!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

crochet XL bags and Joana Serrat - The Blizzard

Recently I've discovered a new sales company crochet.
It is called  MISS KITS ( here )  and this week
I made crochet XL bags with her t-shirt yarn ...

The t-shirt yarn is lightweight, ideal for making bags.
If you have a friend who likes to crochet this is a good gift idea, right?
You see the original packaging? I love it! We love DIY!

English and Spanish instructions for those who are new
to the world of crochet, with pictures step by step.

Initially this kit was for to make a crochet covers,
for one tablet and one mobile phone ...

And, yes, I made one crocheted cover for the tablet, but ...
I not sewed the wood button
because I had thought about something else ...

Well, I happily undo the crochet cover for tablet and as you can see
I make crochet XL bag and a crochet XL small bag!
You can see what model I had???? Deluxe!!!!
thanks, my friend, for everything, everything, everything ...
I wish you all the happiness in the world!

And I sewed the lining inside the bag, altough I admit
it was a hard work because since a long time I had not sewed ...
For the handles I made ​​a chain stitch crochet and sewn on tape.

Here, finally, I sewed the two little buttons of wood.
Give it a very air funny! You like?
And the lining is a sweet fabric with polka dots.
With a garnet zipper for small bag and a blue zipper for the other.

It will be a gift for my mother.
I wanted these bags ... because I like a lot ...
But ... Carlota says he wants to make a gift to Grandma!
I am left without bags!!!!! hahahaha!

You Know Joana Serrat? The album Dear Great Canyon?
I can not stop listening to this beautiful album ...
I love it ... 100% recommended ... delicious ...

Thank you for being here ... for all your kind comments ...
be attentive this week. Maybe there will be a Giveaway
to my world of wool to give you thanks ...
because all of you give me so much joy everyday ...
thanks ... thanks ... thanks ...
thanks ...

Friday, July 11, 2014

crochet garlands with granny stitch

For a long time I have not done crocheted garlands, right?
Well, for this reason ... double ration for today!
You remember that for Carlota's teacher
I have made one shawl (you can see here ).
Still, I wanted to make a gift for the kindergarten.
And I think the crochet garlands are so nice!
it always make happy and look so sweet in any room...
Look, look! Here they are!

For make these crocheted garlands I worked 
with 4mm crochet hook and yarn DROPS PARIS.
I love this yarn. I loooove it!

Here I've done eight  triangles,
four for each crocheted garland.

An other work that I have finished in waves!
For a garland with white waves and for the other with colored waves.
How do you like to you? how you like more?

 With white waves perhaps look more romantic
and gives it a vintage style. With waves of color look more youthful.
As I did not decide, I made one out of every!

You know who person they like these garlands?
You guessed it .......................?

I've seen that would be perfect for the Carlota's room!
I think I will do others garlands very soon ...

To make the photo shoot I hold them with washi tape.
Carlota loves so much washi tape ... much!

I followed this pattern that I found on Pinterest,
of blog Sônia Maria falando de crochet  ( pattern here )
In this blog you will find many more patterns and tutorials.

I continue with washi tape to wrap gifts ...

I know that the crochet garlands
are already assigned in a place to kindergarten.
The director says that he will hang up the garlands
on the wall where are the photos the class graduation photographs.
What a great privilege!  hahahahaha!
Thank you!

And many thanks to all the teachers
who have accompanied Carlota in the first year.
Carlota has always gone and returned very happy to the kindergarten.
I am very grateful to the whole group of teachers,
educators, and staff working in the kindergarten.
Thanks for helping my daughter to growing,
both intellectual and personal level.
Thank you!

And thank you all for visiting
my world of wool!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

my second crochet shawl

I not did know what I could make for give at first teacher
that has Carlota. But soon I decided to give
one crochet shawl for her. I enjoyed so much make one
crochet shawl for my mother so I decided make other.
Hope you like it!

 Natura Just Cotton DMC  has been chosen again.
It has a touch as soft for now summer ...!
I've used a 3mm crochet hook.
And my personal assistant also helped the photo shoot ...

Combines three colors as you want.
With thick stripes, thin stripes ...

... use the great power of imagination
and create your own crochet shawl!

 The most difficult of the entire process, as always,
is to make me a selfy ...

 I'm realizing that I have finished all crochet shawls,
crochet cowls and other crocheted works with the waves ...

It give a vintage look, do not you think ...?
I have discovered how to make crochet shawls and the truth,
I really like! I think I'll do one for me!

I followed this pattern and once start there are no limits:
I can make as big as I want.

And today I have had great joy to visit the
Again I went selected for link your stuff.
Yeeeeeeeeeees! the willows squares!

Have a nice day and happy crocheting!

Thanks for visiting my world of wool!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

crochet willows for a colorful doily

Well, today I find I want show you the mystery! hahahaha!
You remember what I posted last week?  look here
What project is behind all these willows crochet ...?

Well, look, look! Replacing a doily white on the dining table.
Mystery solved! I am very happy with this project!
I love this crochet doily!

The colors are so beautiful that any combination sure is a great result.
Here I was almost finalizing willow squares,
and I'm studying color combinations.
What work so rewarding!

I need some color in my life!
And this crocheted doily is perfect to rejoice our home.

And Carlota is  immersed in his world of puzzles ...
what great discovery! she always asks me
what letter is  and what is that other.

So I decided to make him this game.
I recycle cardboard boxes milk and we  play to words.
We loooooooove it!

I have finished crochet willow squares, now I need to join.
When I have done I will show you!

Thanks for visiting my world of wool
and thanks for your comments! you make me happy!
See you soon!

Friday, June 27, 2014

crochet willow

Today I show you the thing that I was working
in the latest days and two months ... yes, a lot of crochet!
It is the motif 189,  called willow , of the book
of Jan Eaton "200 labores de ganchillo"

Although I understand better the pattern looking at this diagram here
Much more visual and easy to follow for me,
I'm not used to follow written patterns...

And I needed more yarns in my home ...
You can believe?  hahahahaha!
And I made an order for buy Drops Paris.
I bought ( here ) the service delivery is sooooo fast!
I love it!

And every time is growing the number of willows.
Here still missing some because I have done 24!
For to make this crochet motif
I have worked with 4mm crochet hook.

Must be said I done only the central  part of crochet motif
called willow because for to the outside,
I have preferred to follow the instructions 
of the Annie's Place blog  here

You can imagine in what thing  I'm working?
the next day you will know the true mystery!
Meanwhile, I hope that you are doing much crocheting!

Bye! bye!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

pastís tres xocolates

Coneixeu algú a qui no agradi la xocolata???
A mi m'encanta i, com no podia ser d'una altra manera,
a la Carlota també! Fa tot just un mes vaig decidir fer
aquest pastís de 3 xocolates, el qual ja havia vist moltes vegades
però jo em pensava que era molt difícil de fer.
I, la veritat, és moooolt fàcil! A més a més,
com no és necessari utilitzar el forn i es menja fresquet,
és ideal per ara a l'estiu. Voleu veure el making of???

- un paquet de galetes
- margarina o mantega
- 150 grams de xocolata negra
- 150 grams de xocolata amb llet
- 150 grams de xocolata blanc
- 750 ml de nata líquida ( 250x3)
- 750 ml de llet (250x3)
- 3 sobres de "cuajada royal"
Agafem un bol i desfem la margarina o mantega al microones.
Triturem les galetes i ho barregem tot ben barrejat
fins que quedi una massa homogènia.

Amb aquesta massa cobrirem la base d'un motlle desmuntable
( a casa nostra en tenim un de 26 cm de diàmetre que va perfecte ).

Després el procés d'elaboració és mooooolt fàcil.
Mireu: per cada capa heu de fer el mateix.
Xocolata, 250 de nata, 250 de llet i un sobre de "cuajada royal".
Tot això desfet a foc lent i sense deixar de remenar.
Podeu escollir en quin ordre voleu posar les capes de xocolata.
Nosaltres primer vam fer xocolata amb llet,
després xocolata blanca i després xocolata negra.

Per tal que no es barregin les capes,
deixeu refredar una mica l'anterior.
També, a l'hora d'abocar la xocolata
si utilitzeu una cullera per dispersar, millor.

I si us agraden les anous, doncs és una manera de decorar el pastís.
També hi podeu posar "lacasitos" o alguna altra cosa que se us acudeixi.
Quan estigui fred, poseu-ho al frigorífic i l'endemà ja el podreu desmotllar.
No tingueu pressa i espereu-vos un dia,
perquè si no qualla bé es podria desmuntar tot ...

Bé, la meva ajudant i jo desitgem que us hagi agradat aquesta recepta
i que us animeu a fer-la a casa vostra.

Fins aviat!