Monday, December 31, 2012

I wish you a Happy New Year!

 Here I show you some broochs I've been doing these days.
I have not worked much, these are days of family and relax!
This brooch crochet is simple, cheerful and fun to fight the fog ...
I hope that next year you will meet your best wishes ...
I want to thank you for the joy and the good times you all have given me this year ...
thanks ...
These brooch I find delicious ... 
it looks like an other the I did a few days ago, was of similar colors...
 I can only thank you ... thanks readers and followers ... thanks ...
you made me grow a passion for things made by hand, the crafts, the crochet,
the sewing ... thanks ... thanks ...
Thanks for teaching me so many things ...
I wish you a Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The "Tronc de Nadal" is very clever...

Hello, dear readers and followers! You had a good Christmas? 
They are beautiful days  but the tranquility of days after
the celebrations I value very much ...

Well, the days went by and I did not have enough time to make Christmas gifts
 I wanted to do by hand ... a shame ... next year I will have to start before ...
My daughter deserves all the time and now I was stressed out thinking
that it would not have everything ready for the Night of Kings...
( Nit de Reis, click here to see the tradition)

For this reason, this afternoon I was Christmas shopping...
Look, I wanted  gifts handmade but I do not have time ...
I go a walk with my daughter, play, read stories, go cycling ...
she deserves all my time ... she is everything to me ... 
I do not want to be a mother stressed...
When things can not be, they are not...

Well, on Christmas Day the "TRONC DE NADAL"  crapped sweets,
chocolates and toys for children and something for me ...

The "TRONC DE NADAL" (click HERE to see the tradition) he know
that I have started doing things sewing ... behold he shitless for me
All things for sew a Christmas decorations!
A little bird told me that  do not use  baste thread, that these needles
are very thin and they were great for sewing. Even he has crapped
a sample to show me how I do!
 The "TRONC DE NADAL"  he also crapped a marker to draw patterns, wadding,
threads, fabric Christmas ... ooooh, I'm sooooooooo haaaaaappy...!
And also crapped a new decoration to hang on the Christmas tree!
I will guard the fabrics for next Christmas, I will sure I know a little sewing ...
Thank TRONC! See you next Christmas!
Million thanks for your nice comments, you always make me happy ...
I wish you a haaaaappyyyyyy neeeeew yeaaaaaaar!!!
Note: I want to tell you something that made ​​me smile. I was surprised to see that a roadside local of prostitutes were have all Christmas decorations with a great star on top of the roof . Funny, right? But of course, Christmas is Christmas to everyone! funny, at least!

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Finally all the work at the appropriate place ...  crafts are all together ...
The candles look great for Christmas, I love to decorate with candles,
but I wanted to make a cover of crochet  for the jars glass ...
I have not had enough time ...

Best wishes to you and your families and friends.
World peace and happiness for all, especially for the children cough of the world!

God Jul Καλά Χριστούγεννα Mừng Giáng Sinh
FELIZ NAVIDAD hyvää joulua
Crăciun fericit JOYEUX NÖEL С Рождеством
क्रिसमस की शुभकामनाएँ
Frohe Weihnachten 聖誕節快樂
Glædelig jul Selamat Hari Natal
 Nollaig Shona
Mutlu Noeller BUON NATALE Häid jõule

Kisses to you all!!

how to make fabric stars for Christmas decoration

I'm missing a lot to learn but if I can I'll go one day  of study and learning sewing,
I think I need much...!
However, another work in this sewing I think I improved a little, just a little ....
Not that I intended to make sewing tutorials, there are people
who know better than I do, of course!
But I'll show you how I've done, I'm excited  to show you my work!

With fabric of prints of Christmas I drew with pencil pattern
(I used the pattern of the star of trapillo that I did a few days ago).
Then I used thread baste and I reviewed what I had done previously.

This sewing machine is about to start another  disaster of sewing...
Sure, I have two hours  meanwhile sleep my baby  and I working quickly, quickly ...
I can not run, no ...

As had happened before I forgot again to put the satin ribbons ... I can not run, no ...
Hey, but I've really improved a bit, right???

The Stuffing a pillow gives much do crafts! After sewing the fabric ,
remember to leave a few inches to fill a stars, turn around the stars.

A star is better than the other, right? But I'm happy with my nonsense,
I like that! I do a bit of sewing or crochet and I'm very happy,
although the results are like these stars, ie not too good ... but I'm so happy ...

This is post number 100 ... ugh, I can not believe that I've got here ...
100 publications is very  ...very...  This has been possible thanks to you all ...
thanks ... thanks ... my world of wool grows thanks to you ...
I stop to publication of the blog for a few days...
I have to make handmade Christmas gifts and I have a lot of work
and I want to enjoy the day in the family, like all of you, of course!

Hugs to you all!
Note: Tomorrow I'll wish you a Merry Christmas and I'll show you the Christmas tree
all decorated with crafts handmade ​​by me with crocheted.
See you tomorrow!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas decorations testing

Anything we can do with crochet also we can do with trapillo.
Here I leave you with another little detail made with ​​trapillo for Christmas decorations.
The green and red make a lot of Christmas, right?

I love Christmas, but this year with the little girl I have not mounted the
Christmas tree ... to see if tonight or tomorrow Saturday I can do it ....

This afternoon I have been doing tests but, like every year, we put
the Christmas tree in the dining room. This year is still plastic.
My husband says that next year we will going at the "Fira de l'avet d'Espinelves"...
I prefer Christmas tree of plastic...
I know that a natural Christmas tree it's most beautiful
 but I get very sad to see how each year the containers filled
with dry trees for the heating, I crying for the trees that lying there ...
 i'm sorry, but I do pity...
Christmas is already near ...
I wish you a nice weekend...
And I want to welcome the new followers of the blog ...
you are welcome!!!!

Today was so great wind on the terrace that  the Christmas decorations
almost goes all flying ... impossible to make good photos... sorry...

Thanks for visiting my world of wool!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

tutorial how to make a star with trapillo

Hello, my dears! Another weekend has passed and Christmas is already here ...
 And me I continue to work at the last minute ...!
With trapillo we also can make Christmas decorations.
And everything that can be small also be done in to big, right?
That's what I thought with the stars crochet.
I made stars with trapillo with crochet XL, oh, yes!

A few days ago I made this star beige with trapillo to practice. 
I followed the same pattern that I follow in this post

I felt so wonderful that today...
I wanted to make a red star with trapillo for Christmas decoration!
But today I have not followed the pattern and...  you see...
I get a star of six  tips ... oh, my head...
I can not go as fast because then I have errors...

 But I wanted to show you how it was a star with trapillo does not care
if it's five or six tips, right? I particularly like more than five tips,
over Christmas. The six tips reminds me of a starfish...

Well, despite not follow the pattern of five tips, you can see how to make a kite.
If you want to be doing it five or six tips, that you prefer more?

The tutorial in English you may find  very, very well explained here

I do the tutorial in Catalan and Spanish, hopefully not being wrong ...

Tutorial: how to make a star with trapillo ( a star with 5 tips)
Tutorial: com fer un estel amb trapillo (estel de 5 puntes)
Tutorial: cómo hacer una estrella con trapillo (estrella de 5 puntas)
1- make a magic ring and five groups of 3dc separated by a chain. join with ss in the end, chain 5
3dc, 1ch, 3dc, 1ch, 3dc, 1ch, 3dc, 1ch, 3dc, 1ch, join ss, ch 5
fer un cercle màgic i cinc grups de 3 punts alts, separats per una cadeneta, al final unir amb un punt ras. fer cinc cadenetes
3 pa, 1 cad, 3 pa, 1 cad, 3 pa, 1 cad, 3 pa, 1 cad, 3 pa, 1 cad,  1 pr, unir. 5 cad
hacer un círculo mágico y cinco grupos de 3 puntos altos, separados por una cadeneta, al final unir con punto raso. hacer cinco cadenetas

2- in this chain we us had made: in the second chain make sc, hdc, dc, tr. join ss in the space of a chain between two groups of 3dc of first round
en aquesta cadeneta que hem realitzat fer:  en la segona cadeneta un punt baix, un mig punt alt, un punt alt, un doble punt alt. unir amb un punt ras en l'espai d'una cadeneta que hi ha entre dos grups de tres punts alts de la primera volta
1pb, 1pma, 1 pa, 1pad, unir pr
en ésta cadeneta que hemos realizado hacer: en la segunda cadeneta un punto bajo, un punto medio alto, un punto alto, un punto alto doble. unir con un punto raso en el espacio de una cadeneta que hay entre dos grupos de tres puntos altos de la primera vuelta

3- chain 5 and repeat again: 1sc, 1hdc, 1dc, 1tr,  join ss in the space of a chain between two groups of 3dc, and so on until the end

tornar a fer cinc cadenets i repetir altre cop: 1pb, 1pma, 1pa, 1pad, unir pr en l'espai d'una cadeneta entre dos grups, i així fins al final

volver a hacer cinco cadenetas y repetir otra vez: 1pb, 1mpa, 1pa, 1pad, unir pr en el espacio de una cadeneta entre dos grupos, y así hasta el final

4- here I show you the photo of the  star of six tips, but the tutorial is the star of 5 tips. it works the same way but the end result depends on how many groups of 3dc you made in the magic ring of initiation. finally join ss, and cut trapillo, fasten off.

aquí jo us mostro la foto de l'estel de sis puntes, però el tutorial és per l'estel de 5 puntes. es treballa de la mateixa manera però el resultat final depèn del nombre de grups de 3 pa que hagueu fet en el cercle màgic d'inici. al final, unir amb punt ras, tallar el trapillo i rematar.

aquí yo os muestro la foto de la estrella de seis puntas, pero el tutorial es para la estrella de 5 puntas. se trabaja de la misma forma pero el resultado final  depende del número de grupos de 3pa que hagais en el círculo mágico de inicio. al final unir con punto raso, cortar trapillo y assegurar.

 This tutorial gives a lot of work to do!
But I am happy to share with you my findings and progress.
The tutorial on how to make a basket trapillo was very successful!!!
I want to thank for having posted my tutorial, thanks again!

A red star on top of the Christmas tree would be great!
And a garland of stars with trapillo also be cool, right?
Come, then, to work!

And thanks to you for visiting me in my world of wool...
 and trapillo!

Friday, December 14, 2012

snow flower with crochet for Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration with crochet me fascinating ...
I see so many beautiful things on the Internet that I think I am crazy ... 
 I want to do everything I see on the Internet and I do not have time to do all things ...
When I saw a crocheted snow flowers I immediately decided
to make some for me .... oh, I think that is the sweetest thing
I've ever seen this months!

I want to make lots of colors of snow flowers with crochet!!
And I'm in love with this tool for cutting threads, it work super well!
I am working with cotton and 2.2 mm needle, everything is so neat ...
you see, my things for decorating the Christmas tree are growing...
Is the first time that I make crocheted this ... you like this?
4 dc , and watch the needle goes behind, ss,  chain 3 and 4dc...
Do you understand?

The flowers are always beautiful, does not care whether they are
 natural or crocheted, right?
And one of snow flower ... oh, it's wonderful...
I found these crocheted snow flowers here , on blog The Purl Bee.
Ooohhhh, you know this blog? I think so! How cool is ... great ...?
I would like to visit  the store in NY ... I loooooooooooove ....
Today is a rainy day... the photos lack the light they had in the summer ...
But rainy days are also beautiful! And we like, right?
It is so cute make crochet on winter ...
Thank you for your comments, they make me very happy, very ...
And the blog will soon reach the 100  posts, 100 followers too...
ooooh, I did not expect to get that far!
 Thank you ... thanks ... I am very grateful to you ...
I wish you have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

stars with crochet for Christmas decoration

Stars with crochet for Christmas decoration ... a brilliant idea!

In ten minutes you can made a crochet star, and after an hour,
you have a garland to crochet for Christmas decorations!
 Great ... this is great!

Maybe a garland vertically or horizontally, as you prefer for your
Christmas decorations!

You can made two, three, four, or five stars, all the stars you want!
If you prefer, you can set one by one, individually, to the Christmas tree.
There are so many possibilities ...!
The pattern can be found  on the blog "According to Matt" here,
is a great blog full of beautiful things!

Thank you, Matt, for sharing!
And thanks for all your comments,
thank you for visiting me in my world of wool! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

A craft and ... "EL TRONC NADAL" is here!

 If you have children you know that they love to play with parents, right? 
with us,  they want to play and be with you. They love you so much!
And if you make a toy will be very happy. First because it is a toy.
And second, because it  have made his father or mother.
These days the mailbox is full of catalogs of toys. They are so useful!
Children love to spend pages! And making the letter to the king!
What days ... There is so much excitement!

But catalogs toys can do many things. I'll teach a craft I made last week.
At my daughter liked it a lot! It take a cereal box and paint it on the inside...
( do not laugh of my drawings...!!! )
Painting a house as I did will give good results to play.
I wanted to make a three-dimensional house. But that has not happened.
My daughter is very small and the house will be broken.
So I did a home all flat. With cardboard inside.
And I pasted pictures of the catalog of toys.

She pulled hard and was taken off the cardboard, I have paste again...

 He liked it a lot! I will do more crafts like this!

And   TRONC DE NADAL  is at home!
He has already eaten a banana, an orange and a pear!
 And we first covered with a blanket because he was cold.
Next to  heating it has recovered nicely!
Catalan traditions are very nice...
I hope you have a nice day!