Thursday, June 28, 2012

package of wool

I'm so happy! Yesterday I received the package of wool that I bought at
In total I bought 32 skeins of wool, and with shipping I paid  1,88  € the skein.

I love these colors, I think I made ​​a good selection!
I feel like I already started knitting something!

I will give up because I'm going to knitting, I work a lot this week,
last week I could not knitting and I was saddened for this reason ...

Knitting gives me life!

Knitting is great!

Knitting is a vice!

I wish you all the work they like to you!

Thank you for visiting me in my world of wool!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the best with crochet

Sarah London you know?
I think she is the person doing the best granny squares in the world!
Just need to see your blog  and you can see it.
Really wonderful all she does!

She has written a book. Is published in several languages ​​...
to see when they publish in Catalan or Spanish!

You can see I've added links to purchase books.
I think they are all very interesting, funny and entertaining.

I hope that if you buy one of these books will be useful.
I am convinced that any of these books will make you a good time.
We like to see these beautiful things, I have reason?
Sure is!

Until today I have three but maybe someday I can have more.
I read and learn ... reading books ... following interesting blogs ...
exchanged ideas with you ... I want to learn a lot ... a lot ...

Many thanks for visiting me in my world of wool!

Monday, June 25, 2012

garden in full production

I have the garden in full production!
hydrangeas have bloomed flowers spectacular ...
the flowers are so big that I had to cut one ...

is very nice to see the evolution of a flower ...

succulent plants also evolved favorably ...

the gladiolus grow very quickly ...

I think that the flowers that I planted from seed also give me some beautiful flowers ...

this gave me the mum, I hope they give me some beautiful flowers ...

I did not think begonias not support them so well in the sun,
but they have exceeded my expectations!

while I enjoy the growth and evolution of my little garden,
my little baby is growing well in a great rhythm ...

she is really my reason for living...
she is the most beautiful thing in the world ...
at home, of course!

Many thanks for all your comments!
You make me very happy!

Thanks for visiting me in my world of wool...

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I bought it the day before I get married. it is very resistant.
the flowers fall, but she always returns to sprout.
sometimes a flower... sometimes two flowers...

she always reborn.
always present in her dining room.

a popular saying in Catalan called "una flor no fa estiu"
(a flower does not make a summer)
for me a single flower can be a lifetime...

I dream that one day I will have a garden full of orchids ...

All flowers are beautiful in the world,
but orchids have a special charm ...
do you think?

this summer my world of wool has become a world of flowers...

Friday, June 22, 2012

sales of yarn

Yvestown is for sale!

I bought several skeins of cotton. I am impatiently waiting for the package post!

It was days that I wanted to buy skeins of cotton and the day has finally arrived.
I think I have done very good buy. With shipping the price is less than two euros.
Cheap, do not you think?

I'm very happy! Every day I am more than happy to crochet...
I hope someday I can make beautiful crochet work and share with you my joy!

I have many projects in my mind and I not have much time to crochet ...
but slowly everything will take shape ...
slowly everything will be colored ...
slowly ... slowly ...

You can find sales on the following link


If you visit his blog will like a lot!

Thank you so much my readers!I wish you have a good weekend!

I'm happy in my world of wool!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

vintage tea towels

The "tia Mercè" was very hardworking and made endless with crochet work.
Tea towels, tablecloth, bath towels, rugs, quilts...

She did everything with crochet! And always had the same tension, never point
a more or less tension than another, the perfection!

Today I am pleased to show you
the crochet tea towels by "tia Mercè".

My mother has been keeping all these pieces of crochet. I now have the all in my house.
I keep the inside of a chest of drawers and I watch occasionally...

I enjoy watching these vintge crochet work!
I did not ever used for cooking ... I would be sad if damaged ...

The "tia Mercè" did everything in triplicate, one set for each of the three sisters ...
the mother had annotated so well!

5 dishcloth
4 handles
6 rugs spikes
1 rug round

You liked? one day I will show you the towels and quilt, all beautiful!

Many thanks, Mom, for transmitting me this tradition!

Many thanks, "tia Mercè", for all these artworks!

Thank you all for following me in my world of wool!

Monday, June 18, 2012

vintage crochet rugs

Vintage crochet ... what delight! I keep as a treasure to work my mother gave me many years ...

They all did a lady friend of my mother. This lady always knitting, for your children, for their grandchildren... she needed work to be distracted. With ninety years it still knitting!

These crochet rugs are a delight!

I remember when she came to our house and she called for my mother "Lourdes, purchase yarn that I have done and can not work!" And my mother bought yarn and yarn for this generous grandmother.
She made ​​some beautiful work, I'll show you all.

Wherever you are, "tia Mercè", I'll be forever grateful!

Today is the birthday blog! a month!
Many thanks to all of you to visit me in my world of wool!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

tension with crochet

Tension with crochet ... my problem! I always work with low tension and do not like the outcome. I've found when I made ​​my first crochet circles. I have worked with 4mm needle and the result was this:

After I bought a 3mm needle and have worked with the same wool. The result was this:

Is much better that I work with 3mm needle! I could have discovered before ... From this moment I will work with 3mm needle.

You see the difference?

I present to you: my new friend "Dama"

Never I had not knitting any circle ...

I love the circles! I think I now have many circles!

Thanks to stop for a moment here!