Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the best with crochet

Sarah London you know?
I think she is the person doing the best granny squares in the world!
Just need to see your blog http://sarahlondon.wordpress.com/  and you can see it.
Really wonderful all she does!

She has written a book. Is published in several languages ​​...
to see when they publish in Catalan or Spanish!

You can see I've added links to purchase books.
I think they are all very interesting, funny and entertaining.

I hope that if you buy one of these books will be useful.
I am convinced that any of these books will make you a good time.
We like to see these beautiful things, I have reason?
Sure is!

Until today I have three but maybe someday I can have more.
I read and learn ... reading books ... following interesting blogs ...
exchanged ideas with you ... I want to learn a lot ... a lot ...

Many thanks for visiting me in my world of wool!

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