Thursday, June 14, 2012

crochet circles

Crochet circles... these are the first that I made ​​and I like very much!
I'm in love with this blanket that I discovered a long time ...

I have started a new project, but it's very hot and I did not knitting much.
I made small circles crochet and I've opened my mind to creativity ...

For a moment I thought I was a dressmaker!

If they are not synthetic and wool cotton would be perfect for tuning the dress ... Many possibilities ... many designs ... color very ... I will buy cotton yarn and I will do something!
I feel happy when I learn new things ...
Thank you for encouraging me to continue with the blog!
Many thanks for visiting my world of wool!


  1. Your shirt looks very pretty with the circles on it. :)

  2. I hope I can do nice things and show you them! Many thanks for your comment, Debi!


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