Monday, June 18, 2012

vintage crochet rugs

Vintage crochet ... what delight! I keep as a treasure to work my mother gave me many years ...

They all did a lady friend of my mother. This lady always knitting, for your children, for their grandchildren... she needed work to be distracted. With ninety years it still knitting!

These crochet rugs are a delight!

I remember when she came to our house and she called for my mother "Lourdes, purchase yarn that I have done and can not work!" And my mother bought yarn and yarn for this generous grandmother.
She made ​​some beautiful work, I'll show you all.

Wherever you are, "tia Mercè", I'll be forever grateful!

Today is the birthday blog! a month!
Many thanks to all of you to visit me in my world of wool!


  1. Muy bonitos Cristina, una auténtica joya...
    Y lo de la tensión de los círculos""" Nos pasa a todas, a mi particularmente la colcha de granny que estoy haciendo me trae de cabeza...

    1. Muchas gracias, Manoli! Y no te preocupes, tu colcha va a quedar muy bonita, a ver cuándo nos la enseñas! Gracias por tu comentario!

  2. they are really beautiful, I love them! I have quite a few myself, from my grandmother! :)

  3. thanks, Erika, for your comment!


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