Friday, August 31, 2012

head band

Since I brought the baby head bands I have only wanted to do the head bands!
I think what i like the small bags, they are always useful and very good.  
Perfect for a gift to a friend, sure she will be very grateful for a gift so unique,
beautiful and largely handmade for you!

Yesterday I finished the head band I've been doing it for a friend of the family.
You remember the baby head bands did a few days ago? You can see  here
She told me that she preferred it to be all one color and gray.
And I would've done if I worked and gray.

I hope she is happy with the gift. I've been very happy for her.
I thank him for the help she has given me throughout this summer.
While I worked it has taken over my daughter
and my daughter enjoyed it very well with it.
Thank you, Lidia!

I always're very grateful for all these days!
See you soon!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

tossa de mar, part 2

I collect rocks at the seaside and she enjoy playing with them. It is a new texture and new things always surprise. The beach is great fun!

One day at lunch and again at dinner with some friends we stayed in Girona. It is a beautiful city and we love going there. The girl sleeps in the car and I'm sorry to wake her. One day I make to crochet while she slept in the car, in the parking of the hotel ...

I started a head band for a friend of the family who were rained head bands to the girl and she told me that I would make one for her.

Tossa de Mar is a charming corner.
I love the whitewashed stone doors and windows ...

The views from the lighthouse are spectacular ...

Our daughter has discovered the stones and, like all kids, loves!

And we love Tossa!

We were only 4 days and we just washed in the sea, the sun makes us fear for the girl, she is still very small ... But walking through the narrow streets of the village is very nice, enjoy the fishermen's houses, the friendly people, restaurants, shops ... everything is beautiful in Tossa!
Thanks for visiting my world wool this summer!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

tossa de mar, part 1

We were a few days in Tossa de Mar on the Costa Brava in Catalonia.
It was the first time that our daughter was going to see the sea.
She liked the stones rather than the sea ... she prefers the pool!

After two years I returned again to tread the sandy beach ...
 I love walking on the sand beach up beach below. I lie down on the towel,
hearing the sound of the waves, watch the sea ...
I love the sea ...

Tossa beach is coarse sand, stones. My husband likes well, although I prefer fine sand.
Our daughter moment, still unknown. Here she enjoyed playing small stones.
She filled towels sand!

After dining at one of the many restaurants in the village
we got back to the hotel to sleep our baby.
I took the opportunity to crocheting on the terrace of the room.
I'm making another garland. I liked that the garlands!

The hotel had a garden with many flowers and plants. He had a special charm.
It was an oasis in the middle of Tossa. I like seeing how other people
design their gardens and how each flower or plant has its place, even in a corner.
Beautiful ...

For me, seeing the sea is a great joy.
I am very happy to have taught the sea to my beloved daughter ...
I will always remember those days when our beautiful daughter
saw the sea for the first time in Tossa ...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Felicitats Carlota!

On Tuesday we celebrated the birthday of our daughter. We prepare an informal dinner and everyone was very happy. Everything went very well. Shame about the heat ... was suffocating! So there is nothing better than fresh food ...
Russian salad
Serrano ham

bread with tomato, know it?

sushi sandwich bread
The girl amazing when the end of the party my nephews did the balloon exploded. She could not stop smiling, she was very excited with so much noise!
many colors!
 The cake in this house we love chocolate ... was scrumptious! Our daughter was very happy, and she already knows how to do very well, she applauded all the time.
She is so beautiful!
My uncle took a GIANT watermelon with congratulations included!
The day we went to celebrate the birthday a few days at the beach.
I will tell you in the next post. Now I'm very sleepy ...
Today we have reached the beach and I'm tired of making washes ...
I've gone days without connectivity to the Internet.
I'm happy to be together again and I hope that you will be doing well in the summer!
Good night!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

crochet garland and the first birthday

Crochet garland and the first birthday...

Very last minute but I could finish in time the garland crochet
for my beloved daughter. I thought she start knitting a month ago.
A month with the crochet garland.
Almost every day I worked a bit this craft.
I'm very happy with the outcome.

Like everything I've created this year everything is "first",
the garland is my first crochet garland.
I'm happy for this gift handmade.
This gift to celebrate the first year of my beautiful baby ...

I also wanted to knitting his name "Carlota" but
I have not had time to do it. Next year maybe...

The latest photos I've done with the artificial light is midnight ...
I do better when I left in the afternoon, with natural light ...
Forgive me if the quality is not very good but
I was eager to congratulate my daughter,
who was sleeping hours and I'll see you tomorrow morning ...

Today was not possible for reasons of employment calendar
but on Tuesday we celebrate the birthday party for our daughter.
We invite the family and we will do an informal dinner in the garage at home.
I'm thinking what can I do for dinner ... I probably cook a Russian salad,
cold pasta, a few appetizers ... can not miss the snacks for the children of the family!

I hope that at eight o'clock no longer do so hot ... these days is unbearable ...
43 degrees in the shade ... is a strong hot, abrasive ... you can not breathe!
if it is not necessary to leave home until evening ...
we go to the pool at half past seven in the evening, and even then,
the 50 sun protection and a very strong hot ...
In short, I like summer but these are too extreme for anyone!

I am very happy for my daughter ... the first year was very good for her.
She has never been sick. She sleeps very well. She eats a lot.
She is very nice. She behaves very well.
She ... my beautiful... sweet... and beloved daughter...

Feliç aniversari, Carlota!

Happy Birthday, Carlota!

Thank you for everything this year so fantastic that you've given us to us!

Your parents love you very much and wish you the best!

We love you!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

baby head bands

I enjoy reading other blogs and I enjoy seeing 
things so beautiful that people do. I found a blog with some really beautiful work.
This is the blog of Ana

Few days ago she posted a post with a tutorial on how to baby head bands. 
And, as it is a very simple and quick project to do,
I got to head bands. I've done a few ...

The first band that I did I did not take measurements of
the head of the girl and ... it was small!
I had to make a few tweaks and has not been bad.

For me the hardest thing was to make the flowers. I had never done any crochet flower, although I have a fantastic book of crocheted flowers. But as I am novice in this world of crochet to me difficult to interpret the patterns of the books ... 
I watch videos on the Internet (there are many!)
and this is the result.

I have not followed any particular pattern. 
I've been improvising with flowers.
But because I've watched videos online,
I descobet, finally, as a way to make waves!
To make the petals of flowers has made waves!
I found it very easy to make waves!
The next blanket I will make waves in the last lap!
I am so happy to have made this discovery!
Now my mind still imagines more projects ...
There are many things I learn ...

I want to thank Ana for sharing all your work with us.
They are fantastic and your tutorials are very well explained.
  Thanks again, Ana!

I hope you have enjoyed and  that someday you do
crochet head bands. It's easy and fun!

Thank you for following me and for your comments!

My world of wool is open to all of you!