Sunday, August 12, 2012

baby head bands

I enjoy reading other blogs and I enjoy seeing 
things so beautiful that people do. I found a blog with some really beautiful work.
This is the blog of Ana

Few days ago she posted a post with a tutorial on how to baby head bands. 
And, as it is a very simple and quick project to do,
I got to head bands. I've done a few ...

The first band that I did I did not take measurements of
the head of the girl and ... it was small!
I had to make a few tweaks and has not been bad.

For me the hardest thing was to make the flowers. I had never done any crochet flower, although I have a fantastic book of crocheted flowers. But as I am novice in this world of crochet to me difficult to interpret the patterns of the books ... 
I watch videos on the Internet (there are many!)
and this is the result.

I have not followed any particular pattern. 
I've been improvising with flowers.
But because I've watched videos online,
I descobet, finally, as a way to make waves!
To make the petals of flowers has made waves!
I found it very easy to make waves!
The next blanket I will make waves in the last lap!
I am so happy to have made this discovery!
Now my mind still imagines more projects ...
There are many things I learn ...

I want to thank Ana for sharing all your work with us.
They are fantastic and your tutorials are very well explained.
  Thanks again, Ana!

I hope you have enjoyed and  that someday you do
crochet head bands. It's easy and fun!

Thank you for following me and for your comments!

My world of wool is open to all of you!


  1. Hola soy Maribel,me ha gustado mucho tus bandas para bebe de ganchillo son realmente preciosas un fuerte abrazo.

  2. Muchas gracias,Maribel! Y en la cabezita de mi princesa quedan tadavía más preciosas!

  3. Cristina:
    te quedaron lindas las cintas. Me encanta ver que hayas experimentado con varias flores y colores. Eso es lo emocionante del crochet.
    Y gracias por los comentarios de mi blog. ;-)
    Saludos y cariño ♥ Ana BC

  4. Muchas gracias, Ana! Yo creo que voy a hacer unas cuants más! Gracias por todo!


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