Friday, August 10, 2012

crocheted garland 2

The crocheted garland progresses slowly ...
I do not know how I can complicate life so much!
I chose a yarn too thin and I took in a lot of crochet knitting squares.
Now that I already have all I think as I do the lyrics.
Perhaps with an embroidery?
I do not know ... I will do different tests ...
I think these colors are wonderful!

I love to see the colorful sandwich!

Thank you for visiting me in my world of wool!


  1. Hola soy Maribel¡Muy bonitos y vistosos colores!Escogiste muy bien los colores, tengo ganas de ver la guirnalda no he visto nunca una de ganchillo un fuerte abrazo.

    1. Muchas gracias, Maribel! Pues las guirnaldas de ganchillo son muy bonitas, te recomiendo que busques imágenes por internet y te sorprenderás! Gracias por tu comentario!


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