Thursday, August 9, 2012

going to the pool

As you have seen lately I will not publish anything ...
is time to pass the day with family, go to the pool,
make dinner with friends that they are taking vacation ...
Well, is vacation time even though I already did before I return to work
after maternity leave.
I wanted to take all possible time to be with my baby ...
I love the pool ...

These days my husband is off work for an operation of ligaments and meniscus.
I take it while holding the baby in her arms in the pool (not swimming!)
for I could make some strokes in the water.
When I was alone with the baby in the pool I can not swim,
then I walk gently through the water and play with my princess.
She loves the water!
And I love seeing my daughter happy,
while playing with his father in the water or on the lawn ...
I like her little bikini ...

since she arrived in this world has filled our lives with color ...
for every house there are color and toys ...

when we go to the pool we take some toys although she always prefers to play
with the objects of the mommy!
the mobile phone ... house keys ... sunglasses ...
definitely loves to stir my handbag!

and I leave because I love to see her face full of happiness
to every object that gets removed from inside to outside.
I like the colors of the bag that I bought this summer to go to the pool.
Maybe next year I do a crochet bag!

I have many ideas in mind to knit ...
Time passes very quickly and within ten days our daughter will one years old just ...
I remember last summer when I knitted baby booties while awaiting her birth ...

I move forward with the crocheted garland, slowly ...
I hope to have it done on his birthday!

I wish you who will spend a good summer holiday!

And, as always, million thanks for visiting my world of wool!


  1. Quin necesser més xulo!! molt pràctic per dur les coses!! m'encanta la roba que has triat!!

    1. Gràcies, Anna! Però no l'he fet pas jo, eh? ja el vaig comprar fet. Jo no sé cosir ni tinc màquina, però quan veig les coses tan boniques que fas m'entren ganes de comprar-ne una!
      Moltes gràcies per visitar-me i pel teu comentari!

  2. Di que si,el tiempo que se pasa con los hijos es de una felicidad tremenda se nos pasa muy rapido y cuando nos damos cuenta se hacen mayorcitos, disfruta de tu bebe y que paseis unas buenas vacaciones un fuerte abrazo.

    1. Muchas gracias por todos tus comentarios, Maribel, y por seguirme!

  3. Disfruta MUCHO tus vacaciones, y tu tiempo en familia.
    Y que tu esposo se recupere pronto...pero para mientras, a descansar y disfrutar.
    saludos, ♥ Ana BC

  4. Muchas gracias, Ana! Ya he terminado las baby head bands y pronto las publicaré en un post. Gracias!


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