Wednesday, August 29, 2012

tossa de mar, part 2

I collect rocks at the seaside and she enjoy playing with them. It is a new texture and new things always surprise. The beach is great fun!

One day at lunch and again at dinner with some friends we stayed in Girona. It is a beautiful city and we love going there. The girl sleeps in the car and I'm sorry to wake her. One day I make to crochet while she slept in the car, in the parking of the hotel ...

I started a head band for a friend of the family who were rained head bands to the girl and she told me that I would make one for her.

Tossa de Mar is a charming corner.
I love the whitewashed stone doors and windows ...

The views from the lighthouse are spectacular ...

Our daughter has discovered the stones and, like all kids, loves!

And we love Tossa!

We were only 4 days and we just washed in the sea, the sun makes us fear for the girl, she is still very small ... But walking through the narrow streets of the village is very nice, enjoy the fishermen's houses, the friendly people, restaurants, shops ... everything is beautiful in Tossa!
Thanks for visiting my world wool this summer!


  1. Lindas fotos de tus vacaciones!!! Es un lugar espectacular.
    Y veo que te tienen ocupada con las cintas. Qué bueno, porque son proyectos rápidos y útiles.
    Ana BC

    1. Muchas gracias, Ana!
      La verdad es que Tossa es muy bonito y un lugar ideal para pasar unos días en familia.
      La cinta ya está terminada, a ver si hoy puedo publicar un post y enseño como ha quedado.
      Muchas gracias por tu comentario!


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