Friday, September 28, 2012

last days of summer

I love these last days of summer ...
( I already know that we are in the autumn but the photos are a few weeks ...)
hours before sunset are amazing to enjoy the park with our daughter ...
them is always beautiful in all the pictures!
I've always liked taking photos in the evening ...

 As I said in a comment that has been posted here,
I'm too lazy to make a last lap colorful crochet circles ...
but I already know: I've put serious work on it.
Meanwhile, I was doing other things ...
I started a circle is growing every day and I still do not know what will finally ...
What could I do?
a handbag?
blanket round?
a pillow?
a mandala?
a cover for a stool?
... something to decorate the small round table in the kitchen?

I see so many beautiful things on the Internet I do not know where to start ...
I say to myself, you do not look Cristina most blogs and you do more work (crochet)!
but I can not resist myself and every day if I can, for a while I browse the internet ...
with your permission, dear blogger!
Million thanks for the inspiration you give them to me every day, thanks!
And thank you and welcome to the new followers of the blog,
make me very, very happy!
Welcome to my world of wool!

Friday, September 21, 2012

before making blanket crochet circles

Crochet circles .... 71 beautiful and colorful crochet circles ...
maybe I'll do another, but first I want to start when I put them together and decide
what they are few better in the latest color combinations to join.
None of the same! All are different combinations!
And I still could make thousands of combinations with 17 different colors ... is great!

I will confess that I am now too lazy to start joining them ...
I probably put me when I pass very well but now I think:
I still have much work to do!
I love photographing my creations, so step by step I find very creative.
What do you think of my crochet skyscrapers?
 this is my favorite skyline!

I'm very proud of my progress but still have much to learn.
I love to walk through other blogs, I love ... but my head is boiling!
few ideas! few projects! I want to do so many things ...!
I would now circles handbags ... pillows ... skirts ... clothes for my little girl ...
I want to do small projects because I want to see the results soon!
But at first I said I would do a crochet blanket and ...
I will make a crochet blanket!
Cristina, cut hours reading blogs to dedicate yourself exclusively
to join crocheted circlesCome to work!
What you have beautiful blogs, bloggers! you have me very entertained!
I like to keep things very neat ...
In my world of wool I wish you have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

the wool

Finally came the wool I bought on the Internet!
I wanted to buy white wool for the final lap of the circles,
which become a blanket ... but ... I bought wool white and other colors,
I myself I could not resist!
I've bought here again.
I've completed the circle and start with the white, I'm impacinet to see the final result!
I wish you have a nice day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the last flowers

I wonder of nature ... you remember the Hailstorm suffered my little garden?
I planted seeds to grow flowers in two pots. The storm pulverised it all ...
I left aside those pots until next summer and I do not think anything ...

So how nature is so wise and so alive, she alone has caused this:
some seeds survive with little water that fell over when I watered other plants.

It is a wonder, right?
Soon will come the cold ...
I want you to photograph the last flowers decorate
my little garden this summer ...

Thanks to all of you my little garden has traveled all over the world ...
Thanks for visiting my world of wool!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Crochet stole.

Crochet stole for my sister.
My sister shared hand-dyed wool by the pupils studying in the same school
as my nephew. It is 100% cotton.
It is a school where children do not use books as they are based with
the Montessori system of education. At the end of the year they celebrate
the festival of school and the students sell products that they have handmade:
soap, handmade dyed wool, etc.. 

My sister asked me what I did something with cotton dyeing. 
At first, I did not know what I could do ... this week the inspiration came to me
and I decided to make this crochet stole.  I enjoyed this work so much!
I love the color!
A bit of wool left over me and I made ​​a little crochet flower...
I told my sister the day she has to model and see how well you have this piece
of clothing once put on the shoulders. I hope my sister is happy with this gift.
I think she would like it very much because she dresses black
but always put add some color...
I did not use any pattern, everything was improvised ... Like you?
I think it's perfect for her! I'll tell you if she likes ... I still have not given!
Thank you for visiting my world of wool!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

National Day of Catalonia

I wish to pass great National Day of Catalonia and everyone can go to
the Barcelona manifestation, thank you.
Those we can not go we give our full support.

In my world of wool a handshake and congratulations to
all the Catalans around the world. 

Us desitjo que passeu molt bona Diada Nacional de Catalunya i a tots aquells
que pugueu anar a la manifestació de Barcelona, gràcies.
Els que no hi podem anar us donem tot el nostre suport.

Des del meu món de llana una encaixada i felicitats a
tots els Catalans d'arreu del món.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

addicted on crochet...

Crochet circles I started making them in early summer, I think, or late spring ...
You remember when I talked about the tension with crochet ?
The large crochet circles were used to make crochet flower garland and
with smaller circles I want to make a blanket that I fell in love for some time.

I have a problem: I still have to buy the white wool to the last lap and ...
 I do not quite understand how to do it!
I'm in love with this festival of colors!
I've surprised when I opened the box and found many crochet circles.
I did not think there were many!
 For good photos this morning I came to walk the girl
and I bought a new cardboard for my home photography studio.
 I do not get tired of watching again and again circles... group them...
put them in a sandwich as I like to observe them... combine colors... I love it!
I see of internet hundreds works with many, many colors.
I'm inspired by all these colors and so many lovely blogs as read.
I have many projects in mind that I think my head will explode someday!
When you see a project you love, and you think "I also want to do?"
I am completely addicted on crochet ...
Thanks for stopping for a while in my world of wool!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

crochet flower garland

The crocheted garland that I am presenting today is my second crochet garland.
It is a cheerful garland of flowers.
Now that the flowers are starting to disappear from my garden,
I filled the home with flowers.

You remember that when I was on vacation I worked a bit with the garland?
Here at home I finished the job.
I enjoyed myself very well with this work, is a fun and easy craft.
I love these colors and I'm thinking about where the crocheted garland
look better in the coming winter ...
I like this time when it begins to cool ... take the jacket for the first time after
months ... I do not like heat, cold ... not like it either.
Now this time is perfect, neither cold nor hot!
Thanks for visiting my world of wool!