Sunday, September 16, 2012

Crochet stole.

Crochet stole for my sister.
My sister shared hand-dyed wool by the pupils studying in the same school
as my nephew. It is 100% cotton.
It is a school where children do not use books as they are based with
the Montessori system of education. At the end of the year they celebrate
the festival of school and the students sell products that they have handmade:
soap, handmade dyed wool, etc.. 

My sister asked me what I did something with cotton dyeing. 
At first, I did not know what I could do ... this week the inspiration came to me
and I decided to make this crochet stole.  I enjoyed this work so much!
I love the color!
A bit of wool left over me and I made ​​a little crochet flower...
I told my sister the day she has to model and see how well you have this piece
of clothing once put on the shoulders. I hope my sister is happy with this gift.
I think she would like it very much because she dresses black
but always put add some color...
I did not use any pattern, everything was improvised ... Like you?
I think it's perfect for her! I'll tell you if she likes ... I still have not given!
Thank you for visiting my world of wool!


  1. It looks very pretty - I'm sure your sister will love it. :)


    1. Thank you, Debi! I also hope that you like to my sister!

  2. Seguro que ha tu hermana la va a encantar, te ha quedado muy bonita los colores muy acertados,un abrazo.

    1. Muchas gracias, Maribel! Yo también espero que le guste! Lo va a ver primero por aquí antes que en directo...

  3. El colorido ha quedat molt xulo. Segur que li agrada.

    1. Moltes gràcies, Sole! La meva germana no m'ha dit res, suposo que encara no l'ha vist!

  4. Quina il·lusió... quan vaig veure els colors ja vaig intuir que tu podries fer alguna cosa xula però el resultat supera de llarg les expectatives. I posat queda fantàstic!!Gràcies, gràcies, gràcies!!!

    1. M'alegro que t'hagi agradat! T'he de fer una foto!

  5. I love to see craft ideas from other bloggers, always so inspiring!

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    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, I'm very grateful to see me!

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    1. Thank you!
      And thanks for following me! Welcome to my world of wool!


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