Monday, October 29, 2012

a cover of crochet for a jar glass

I love fall colors ... These are pumpkins from the garden of uncle Toño,
a cousin of my mother. It has many pumpkins in the garden!
With these I love decorate!
A cover of crochet for a jar glass I think that is a great  idea
for home decoration or as a gift.
I  work with cotton "Cotton Annell 8", here colored orange.
These colors of autumn, she has arrived now!

Cotton is very thin but allows some very fine work,
such a brooch (here) the other day. I use needle of 2.2 mm.
But you can make  wool covers and utilize other glass jars.

It was the first time I annotate points while I was doing crochet.
I wanted two glass jars the same size. I've been very good to have it all written down.
I'm planning to do a post with my first tutorial ...

I'm very proud of my progress!
But I'm angry with myself because I have not yet begun
making the final round to circles for crocheted blanket ...
I do things but not longer work with the blanket ... This can not be ...

You can decorate any crochet jar with a cover, a glass jar, a metal can,
a plastic bottle, whatever. And you may use it to store things:
pens, buttons, pins, brushes, jewelry ...
If you want a jar glass closed by buttons or jewelry, 
keep the lid of the jar glass, and ... you have a really nice jeweler,
what do you think?

Just need to make a beautiful crochet flower and attach it to the top, right?
Nice, cheap, original ... can not ask for anything more, right?
Well, yes, you can ask anything more ... Cristina make a tutorial with all this!
I am infinitely grateful to you for stopping by here
for a while and all your comments, thanks ... thanks ...
my world of wool is a world happy !!!


  1. Que idea tan original y me encanta el color naranja calabaza!

  2. Oh your jar cover is so lovely and so neat! Did I tell you orange is my favorite color? :)
    You have a beautiful week!
    Hugs, LS

  3. Lindos! Ya tengo apartados unos vasos para forrarlos.

  4. I love them - they are both very pretty. :)

  5. Que bonitos te han quedado cristina y el naranja es precioso! yo este verano tambien he forrado unos cuantos tarros y casi todos los he regalado, pero ahora sigo con mis mantas que tengo ganas de acabarlas y me relajan mucho más!
    besitos guapa

  6. Te han quedado muy bonitos Cristina, el naranja es ¡¡precioso!!

  7. Woow, what a color explosion! Love it :-))

  8. Però quina monada, PER FAVOR!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Cristina, són moníssims. El color taronja que has triat m'encanta i la idea de folrar els pots és genial. M'ha semblat entendre que potser faràs un tutorial !! jo me'l miro segur jejejej... saps, ahir vaig començar a fer els meus primers punts amb el ganxet però ara mateix ja no me'n recordo de com ho vaig fer... ja tinc ganes de tornar a classe per tornar-m'hi a posar, saps una cosa ? em va agradar molt ... ja t'ho ensenyaré
    1 petó

  10. Hola, Cristina!!
    És fantàstic trobar algú tan creatiu i amb tantes idees. Gràcies per la teva inspiració. Des de Corbera de Llobregat, una abraçada!!!



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