Saturday, October 27, 2012

awards and destination

All awards have reached your destination!
I making happy to three readers and followers...
That makes me excited!
I'm haaaaaaappyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!
 I was worried that things were not going well ...
I was afraid that the awards will have lost along the way ...
but everything went well and the winners have been very happy with the prizes.
If you want to see, you can visit the blog of  Isa "colores y ganchos"

photo by Isa
photo by María
Anna has no blog but has been very kind to me and sent me a picture...
photo by Anna
Thanks to you three, Isa... Maria... and Anna...
You make me happy with your visits and your comments...
Thank you, everyone....
I hope you have a good weekend!



  1. Ohhhhhhhh Cristina, que ben preparat tot!!!! Aquest coll em té el cor robat ;) Saps que per culpa teva he comprat aquests tampons de lletres minis??? Jejejejeje! Un petonàs guapa!

  2. Que bònic tot!! feia dies que no em conectava i he repassat tot el que m'he perdut!! i com sempre m'encanta tot el que fas. I aquests tampons i tot el que t'has comprat per fer aquests regalets tan macos!! FELICITATS GUAPA!

  3. Oh so beautiful goodies to beautiful friends! Surely they loved it as much as you enjoyed making and gifting it to them! x
    Best wishes, LS

  4. Cristina gracias a ti guapa, ya ves que todas estamos super felices! todo lo has preparado muy bien, no podia fallar nada.


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