Friday, October 19, 2012

handmade card

I am happy as a little girl when she receive a gift!
For times  I think I have to make cards or something with the name of my blog.
Some people ask me "what is the address of the blog".
 And I have no card or anything else!
Yesterday just after lunch when she was asleep
(as usual when she sleeps  I make "my stuff")
I was surfing the internet. I was looking for a  tampon.

I wanted a full alphabet and a machine for making labels.
I was so excited to see all so beautiful that and  finally,
as always I make, I buy more than I thought in first  moment...
I have bought: two drilling machines (one large, one small), ink and ... 
two alphabets with tampons!! I am very happy with this purchase!

This morning I received the package.
The alphabets are a delight ... Today I used the smallest.

I love wooden things ... the wooden toys are my favorites ...
 my daughter have three toys wooden. One day I will share with you the toys my baby...

Today I've been doing some holes... clouds...
And after lunch when she was asleep, I make ​​my first card, all handmade.
Like a little girl, really... I have enjoyed as a little girl...

I've always said that I would have liked to have a stationery ...
I love books, colored sheets, school supplies, pencils, card stock,
envelopes, cardboard boxes ... I've recently discovered what is the scrapbooking, and...
 I love ... I love ...  I love everything that is related papiers,
colored card stock, cardboard ...

What happiness today!

You can buy many things via the internet. I bought this material here:
 "el bazar de las cosas molonas". I want to buy more tampons
and drilling machines, with shaped like a heart, shaped balloon ...
everything is so cute ... and also have washi tape and many other things ...
Do not miss her blog, everything, everything is great!

I see so many beautiful things by Internet ... Handmade things  ... online stores ...
blogs ... opinions and comments ... photos ...
Thousands of ideas ... truly a fascinating world!

My world of wool takes shape slowly ...


  1. Oh my god! What beautiful photos you have done to our things! Thanks for sharing them and i am so happy about this post :)

  2. Cristina ! quines coses més xules que et compres ... en trauràs molt profit, ja ho veuràs. Jo en volia comprar per fer els paquets dels regals de Nadal però de moment m'he enredat amb una altra cosa i hauré d'esperar més endavant.
    Les targetes t'han quedat molt originals i divertides ... apa a continuar gaudint com una nena petita i ves penjant fotos ; )
    1 petó

  3. Oh wow! Your cards look so cute! I made some cards for my friends before and must say it's also addicted! Your little cards with your blog name on is unique and adorable! What an inspiration! I must check the link out!
    Wishing you a great weekend!
    Best, LS

  4. Quantes cosetes maques!!!!! M'agrada molt com t'han quedat les targetes :). Jo tinc en ment comprar tampons, a veure si aviat!

  5. Ostres què guai! És molt bona idea!
    Jo no se mai com firmar les cosetes que faig... Si amb etiquetes textiles o de scrap...
    Una abraçada

  6. Uau Cristuna,

    No pares !!! t'ha quedat magnífic! ja veuras com faras unes coses xulíssimes, de moment, la teva "imatge corporariva" t'ha quedat genial!

    Què tal la pluja?

    Una abraçada!



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