Tuesday, October 9, 2012

my second crochet hat

Today I can change my words: I present you my second crochet hat:
You already know of my improvisations ...
Well, I wanted to make a crochet hat identical to what I had done
the previous day (you can see here)....
I wanted the same pattern but different color.
And I'm making my second crochet hat...
Surprise to me since the first laps I realized that things were not going too well ...
This hat I was knitting was very pointed about the crochet hat that
I had made the day before (that was round!).
You understand?
So as I worked with lilac colour and the crochet hat was very, very pointed,
I thought that if I have I added ears  might seem an elf hat...
But I added two stripes of purple colour and then I had to change my idea of elf hat...
Now I think it looks more like a typical hat Bolivia and other peoples of the Andes:
the chullu (wool hat tip finish, handmade, covering the ears) .

What you think?
I am extremely happy to knit for my daughter...
  I can tell you now that handmade with love!
Handmade with love! Handmade with looooooove!
 I loooooooooove that phrase!!!!
Maybe I could knit him a scarf ...
Ay, ay, ay ... already approaching the cold!
(although where I live these days are exceeding 30 degrees ..)

Thank you for your comments, very soon Giveaway
to celebrate 10,000 visits on my world of wool!


  1. I Love both of your little hats for your daughter!
    I only found your Blog today, but I will keep on looking!
    Thanks for showing, Bye Melli

  2. Te han quedado muy bonitos los dos,el segundo ¡¡es precioso!!y los colores ¡¡me encanta!! los tonos rosas me gustan mucho, mis felicitaciones por tu trabajo
    un fuerte abrazo.

    1. Muchas gracias, Maribel!
      Tu mantita a zig-zag me ha encantado y, tus boinas, también son preciosas!
      Gracias por pasearte por aquí tan amenudo!

  3. Tan bonic com el primer...petonets!!!

    1. Moltes gràcies, Cristina!
      Aquesta setmana faré un sorteig, t'ho dic per si vols participar! Ara mateix acabo de penjar el post!

  4. Quines monades per la teva nena!! Són maquíssims!!

    1. Moltes gràcies, Marta! Hauries de veure com li queden...! Molta sort al sorteig!

  5. Hi Cristina,

    Thank you for sharing your crochet hat project. They are lovely and the colors are beautiful. Could you share the pattern for the purple hat ?

    Best wishes,
    Jasmine --- jascanusa@yahoo.com

  6. Hi, Jasmine! I am very grateful to you for your visit and for your comment. I just want to say that I work without a any pattern, freely, everything I have do with improvisation. I have made crochet and I have improvise ... I can only say that I work very easily with two basic points: the high point and the low point, as I call them. I think the English translation are double crochet and single crochet. You understand? Maybe I'll have to consider making tutorials because you are not the first person who asks me how to make a piece to crochet.
    Excuse me, sorry ... really ... maybe when I do in other hat I note the points ... I tell you on the post: everything, absolutely everything is improvised.
    Thank you so much for stopping by here for a while, thanks. You come back and other day, if I have will made some pattern of crochet... maybe!


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