Tuesday, October 30, 2012

sewing machine

This week I had vacation.
 But with the cold and the girl is tiny, we are here for home. ..
Also, everything seems expensive ...
And  we think nothing are better than  at home!

This days we  ride on the bycicle (we have bought a chair for our daughter,
she behind and is more than happy!),  we are going to supermarket,
we  relax into our home... we make things normals!

Since a we have not even spent money on hotel and restaurants ...
 I will give me a gift to me! Well, it's something for the whole family
that will use it for my husband, our daughter and of course for me!
I've bought...  a sewing machine!!!!!!
 Long time what I wanted, and finally I could not resist!
I do not know  how she works!
The girl in the shop told me to will give me a couple of hours
 of classes to see how it works. We have to agree with the day....
I'm so excited ...! My husband believes that I not will performance
 (he knows I do not know the slightest sewing ...), but I think so.
 My mother will give me a few classes ...  I have to wait until the next day
when I see my mom! Well, Thursday is "Tots Sants Day" and the anniversary
of my husband and we make a meal at home.
After lunch my mom will take some work with me ...
I have not do foto but I have bought three sons. And the girl in the shop gave me
a very useful device for to cut . And I'm happy as a little girl!!!!
How much emotion in so little time!!!! I can no do purchases for a few days ...
 But this of crochet, sewing and blog ... all  will very expensive for me!

A question for those of you who know sewing:
What do you think of this model? It's a good brand? It's a good sewing machine?
I have dream of fabrics good and clothes for my beloved daughter...

My world of wool will becomes a world of sewing? I doubt it!

Many thanks for your words in my others posts!


  1. Congratulations on your purchase!! Berninna is a very good brand :)

  2. Felicitats Cristina, això és una super màquina!!! ara veurem les supers labors que faràs amb ella!!! jajaja FELICITATS!!!

  3. I love to sew but dont know much, like you. Its a very good machine. I wanted one but my Janome is as good as a new one. Good luck with your sewing lessons.
    :) Shikha

  4. Estic super contenta per tu!!! Si senyor!!!!! de tant en tant ens mereixem uns regalets com aquest... Encara vols el teu estoig per les agulles de ganxet? Jijijijijijij!!!! Un petonàs guapa!!!

  5. Cristina !! que se m'havia passat aquest post de la màquina de cosir .... nenaaaaa què bé !!!! Ja m'explicaràs com va l'experiència, jo també me'n vull comprar una i a veure si la setmana vinent puc començar a mirar una mica, en tinc moltes ganes. Com que no hi entenc, de moment et puc dir que és molt xula de forma i color la teva màquina jejeje... tu ja te n'encarregaràs d'explicar-me si va bé.
    1 petó molt gran !


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