Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thanks for awards and "What is...? what is...?"

Thanks for  awards ... although I will not public here in my blog ...
 I am very grateful to all those people who think
I deserve an award for blog ... thanks ... thanks ...
Thanks Cristina ... Thanks Nata ... Thanks Lisa ....
Many thanks for thinking about me, I'm very flattered and very, very happy ...
 three awards in a week I think this is too...

And yesterday I started to prepare a surprise ... What is ...? What is ...?
exchange with Cristina of "No paris de cosir"
Here are the first pieces of the crochet garland, you like Cristina?
I want that this to be ready soon because I'm very excited and of course it does,
because you deserve it! Thank you for everything!

Thank you all for your comments ...
I wanted to answer you all before but I do not have enough time to do it
because you make me a lot of comments in lately,
which makes me very happy too ...
I'll be forever grateful for the happiness you give me every day ... thanks ...

My world of wool is happy thanks to all you...



  1. I love it Cristina!!!!!! M'encantaaaaaaaa!!!!! Però no corris tant que jo encara no he començat!! Jajajaja!!! Moltes gràcies bonica, per aquesta entrada...petonets!!!! I fins aviat!!!

  2. Dear. Congratulations!!!!!.



  3. Congrats on your awards Cristina. :)

  4. Pinta molt bé! segur que serà una preciositat :))!
    Estarem atentes al resultat. Fins aviat!

  5. Què xulo! Què teniu entre mans?
    Un petó


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