Friday, October 12, 2012

washi tape

Until a few weeks ago I had no idea what was washi tape ...
Thanks to Christina of  "No paris de cosir"
I'm curious to find out...
So I bought whasi tape (here) online. I've always liked things well wrapped gift.
And always when I buy it online and if it is possible, I request that send me as a gift.
You do not know that the illusion gives me  to me!
And look, look ... See what surprise I've done this week ...

There are a delight, right??
I love!!
They have been very kind, I bought six washi tape and I got 7,
this is the gift ... all very personal, right?
As of today, I confess a fan of washi tape!
Thank you Christina for helping me to discover this wonderful thing!
I wish you a good weekend, see you on here,
remember that the Giveaway is in the afternoon!
Many thanks to all of you for sweet comments make me very,
very happy on my world of wool!
Note: I will confess that I have given this afternoon the first use washi tape!!!!!!
I have wrapped gifts and I have a handmade craft
with washi tape, I just have loved it!


  1. Mare meva!! Quants washissss!!!!
    A veure que en fas!
    Una abraçada

    1. Uf, ja els he donat el primer us, Júlia!
      Moltes gràcies per passejar-te per aquí una estoneta, gràcies!

  2. Són molt xulos Cristina !! i quina emoció rebre el paquet oi ? Jo en tinc molt poquets i quan en veig m'agafen ganes de comprar-me'ls tots jejejeje...
    jo també me'n vaig enamorar gràcies a la Cristian del no paris de cosir !! Sort en tenim d'ella que ens posa al dia ; )
    1 petó


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