Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas decoration with crochet

Christmas decoration with crochet can be very versatile, you can do many things!
Well, as is using patchwork and other crafts. Last Sunday I started making
these crocheted Christmas decorations. I am going to finish on Monday,
but until today I not was able to do the post, you already know that
I had problems with the photos ...
The first Christmas decorations with crochet ...
The second Christmas decorations with crochet ...
The third Christmas decorations with crochet ...
It was the first time I used the "magic circle" at the beginning of the circle,
really liked the result, and will never be any "hole" in the center, you understand?

You can find many sites on You tube which explains very well how to make
a magic circle. I leave links: tutorial magig ring here and here and here...
There are many places to learn crochet online! I am very grateful to all those people
who unselfishly shares his knowledge with the rest of the world ...
together we can do so many beautiful things!

To make these decorative Christmas balls you need this material:
 crochet hook, 3mm or 4mm
 wool needle
 material to fill
 wood little balls to decorate
 You must make two circles and then join, remember that before joining
you should fill the Christmas ball!
And you can put the decorations you want,
I think the wooden balls are very good here, right?

 I have three houses of crochet and three balls of crochet  to decorate
the Christmas tree this year! I wanted to do something with the sewing machine ...
maybe I'll do something ...
 I am infinitely grateful to you, my friends, for your help ...
This week has been tough for me and thanks to you all been easier!
Finally I used the program fotosizer to reduce the size of the pictures,
 I think this has worked. Although I will confess that I spent hours and hours
without sleep trying to solve the problem ...

 I am infinitely grateful to you ... thanks ... thanks ... and every day
I have more visits and followers ... thanks ... thanks ...
make me happy in my world of wool ...
If I have no computer problems will see you soon ...
although this week I have not worked anything crochet ...
I wish him all the best for you and that you enjoy a pleasant weekend!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I need help...

Two days ago I'm very worried because I can not upload more photos on the blog ...
google tells me that I have finished space to upload photos ... a tragedy ...

I try to find a solution on the Internet but I do not know much of computer
and I have missing me between reading paragraphs that I do not understand ...
This has happened to you? You bought more space to upload pictures to blog?
I always upload the photos from my computer and I played it too much space.
You know how this works? I read that using Picassa album can lower the resolution
of your photos so as not to occupy place. But the quality of the pictures is very bad,
they are all blurry! I do not understand anything ...
I need urgent help ... I do not know what I can do ...
I looked on the Internet but can not find any solution ...
you can tell me if you had this problem? how to solve it?
I am very, very sad ... and disappointed ... maybe I've been doing wrong the blog
from the beginning ... I do not know ... What a disaster ... a disaster ...
 that happens to me for wanting to do a blog with no idea of anything ...
Necessito ajuda...
Fa dos dies que estic molt preocupada ja que no puc penjar més fotos al blog.
 google em diu que he esgotat l'espai per penjar fotos... una tragèdia...
Jo he estat buscant solucions per Internet però com no entenc res de programació
 ni informàtica, em perdo llegint...
Us ha passat mai això? Heu comprat més espai a google
per poder penjar fotos al blog?
Jo sempre pujava les fotos directament des del meu ordinador fins al blog
i això ocupa molt espai. Sabeu com funciona? Jo he llegit que
si puges les fotos des d'un àlbum Picassa pots modificar la resolució
de les fotos per tal que no ocupin tant d'espai. Però la qualitat de les fotos és
molt dolenta i totes surten borroses... No entenc res de res...
Necessito ajuda urgent...  no sé què puc fer...
Jo busco per Internet però no trobo una sol·lució...
Em podeu dir si heu tingut el mateix problema?
Estic molt trista i decebuda... potser  he estat fent malament el blog
des del principi... no ho sé... quin desastre.... un desastre...
això em passa per voler fer un blog sense tenir idea de res...

Monday, November 26, 2012

something of the weekend and quiche recipe

Hello, my friends! I can tell you that I think some of you I am a friend ...
I feel that you are my friend and I do not know you! Well, I know you
only by your writings, for your work, for your thoughts ...
I think that people who do some work so beautiful handmade...
sure will are a good person!

Well, this summer I did baby head bands  for my daughter
and her everything that I would put in the head  of my daughter she removes all  ...
well, so much that she pulled her bands, and now they  to be  too great for she.
So I wanted to crochet bands for my head and finally, as always happens to me,
I did not  for me, so I take for me this bands that I have made for my daughter.
She does not like  and  I do not put for she because are too big.

I loooooove this of rose colour... 
Saturday I  went to supermarket with this band and some women looked at me ...
because I do not know if they liked the crochet band or because they thought
I wanted to be a girl ... I know not ... But I like and that is what really counts...

My daughter until today has been very good... But this week
she has started walking and she is increasingly  mischievous... She is so funny...
She does not stop all day, except when she sleeps ... of course!
And all she wants to play and she wants to go for house and all she wants
to climb the stairs. And she wants to go inside the cabinets and she wants
to get into the washer ... In short, she is my beloved baby...
And I love everything she does ... She laughs a lot and greets everyone
on the street, especially dogs and birds ... She loves animals!
I could be  talking hours about my daughter ...
I am a mother, you understand, right...?

His hands do not cease ... I  bought a colors to paint her someday.
But it's more fun take the colors in the box or throwing them on the floor ...
she throw everything on the floor ...
This saturday night I cook fairly, among other things, I made a quiche.
It is the fourth quiche that I do in a couple of months. I had not ever made ​​quiche
and now I am almost one every week! It is of vegetable and cheese. Delicious!
Although from what I've done so far, for me, the best is the cheese quiche! 
- massa brisa
- 200 ml nata líquida
- 2 ous
- 1/2 got de llet
-- Precalentar el forn 180ºC
-- Estirar la massa brisa i posar-la al motlle, punxar amb forquilla per tot arreu
-- En un bol, batre els dos ous i afegir el brik de nata líquida i mig got de llet
-- Tot ben remenat
-- A partir d'ara: ingredients de lliure elecció!
-- Si voleu de formatge: doncs poseu el preparat anterior a dins el bol i sobre la massa i anar posant els formatges que volgueu a trocets. Jo poso edam, mozzarella... els que volgueu! espolvorejar una mica de pebre i orenga i cap al forn!
-- Si voleu de bacon: sofrefir una ceba amb uns tallets de bacon, si voleu també amb xampinyons, i barrejar amb el preparat. Tot sobre la massa brisa i per sobre formatges, els que tingueu per allí a la nevera... Una mica de pebre, una mica d'orenga i cap al forn!
-- Si voleu de ceba: tallar un quilo de ceba a trocets petitets, sofregir fins caramelitzar i barrejar amb el preparat. I cap al forn!
És una recepta fàcil, original, perfecta per sorprendre als comensals i, si vosaltres aneu a casa d'uns amics com a convidats, doncs en podeu portar una  que serà ben rebuda! També és una recepta que serveix per aprofitar restes que ens van quedant per la nevera (jo aquí vaig fer un sofregidet amb uns pebrotets verds i vermells, unes alberginies i una mica de carbassó que rondaven per allí dins la nevera, tot barrejat amb el preparat, buidar sobe la massa, una mica de formatge per sobre i... ja veieu el resultat!)
Cocció: 30-35 minuts, aneu provant com faig jo... hi ha dies que queda millor que altres, què hi farem...!

Yesterday I started to crochet three balls to decorate the Christmas tree.
If I can, tomorrow I teach you!

And you, you have had a good weekend?
Thanks for stopping for a while in my world of wool!

Friday, November 23, 2012

crochet scarf for beginners

Hello! You already have a plan for the weekend?
 I if it's cold this afternoon I finished neck / scarf with crochet  I started
a few days ago ( for remember here )

It's a perfect work for the beginner crochet.
It is very easy  work to start in the world of crochet. I tell you as I have done...

I did 123  chain  and then I have made 120  double crochet, join in a circle.
Then I did 33 rows with  double crochet and diferent colors. And nothing more.
Do not you think is a nice and easy  work?
And you can make as many rows as you want.
I made 34 rows, but if I wish, I can add more rows.

It seems to me a perfect complement to brighten the dark days of winter!
And I have a black coat... will be perfect!

I take this post to thank Cristina of "no paris de cosir", which has already received
the garland exchange we did and she liked it a lot. Thank you, Cristina,
I am waiting on the postman if he will comes and if he give me
the cover for the needles that you have done for me ...
Thank you!
I hope that you have a good weekend!
(For lands of Catalonia Sunday there will be moves ...)
Thanks for your visite in my world of wool!

Note: for a long time I do not I sew... I do not even remember how the needle
goes into sewing machine...  I need more time...  I would like to sew,
crocheting, crafts, I laugh because that I will to do all things
and I can not ... one day will all come!

Monday, November 19, 2012

practices with trapillo

It had been many days that I wanted to buy trapillo and finally, I have trapillo!
The other day, Friday, the postman came to home and I was not ,
I have had to wait until today Monday. I bring all weekend to think trapillo!

When I opened the carton I found eight skeins of trapillo and a needle of 10mm.
In the first moment I thought that maybe the needle was too small and maybe
I should have bought a 15mm needle ...

... but it is an ideal needle for me! And I like, it is a wooden needle...
 I wanted other colors but they did not have in stock ...
But mainly I wanted to do things red for Christmas ...
The trapillo are strips of cotton from debris. They can be purchased
in rolls of 1 kilo approx. or make your own with old shirts that
you no longer use... Well, just wanted to try and manipulate the needle and
I ended up making a small basket. And all this in half an hour or so!

I'll make my first tutorial ... you do watch, be careful ... just in case, eh?
Tutorial ( I hope not mistakes!):
1- chain 6, join the ring
2- 12 double crochet (dc), join the ring
3- 24 double crochet, (two dc in each dc), join the ring
4- 36 double crochet, (two dc, one dc, two dc, one dc...  you understand? repeat until the end), join the ring
5- one chain and 36 points single crochet (sc), no more increases from now.
6- repeat back as many times as you want the fifth round ( the last photo I had up to four rounds of 36 sc )

It was the first time I worked with trapillo and I just loved it.
I worked very quickly! Although I have to do more  force the fingers and arms
and get tired more ... but it's great!

I like the single crochet on the side ...

The base has not been very well ... I just wanted to test the trapillo,
maybe I will undo all this , was just a practice!
I've discovered a new internet shop:
They have trapillo, washi tape, stamps, many things!
And I am very pleased with this purchase. Each skein of trapillo weighs 900 grams,
I love it so great! And it is very easy to handle and weaving.
I love it! I love it!
Get ready ... the trapillo has come to my world of wool, and with intensity!

I encourage you  to work with trapillo, I can assure you that you will love!
Many thanks for visit me on my world of wool, sewing future, of trapillo...

exchange path

Hello, how are you? Have you had a good weekend? I hope so!
You may recall that I have a pending interchange with Cristina?
You may recall that I made a garland for her to make an exchange (here)?
Well ... Cristina, the garland is on the way!
With the discovery of washi tape, which by the way I discovered it thanks to her,
all gifts come with washi tape! Thank you, Cristina, is a pleasure to share
this experience with you!
 And I'm already waiting  my cover to crochet needles, this is what made ​​me
Cristina interchange for the garland. What a thrill so great!
Thank you Cristina!
And if you will see your blog "no paris de cosir" ( not stop sewing )
you will be happy, is a fantastic blog and is full, full of beautiful things!
Note: Actually the hardest task was to wrap the gift with my baby
in my arms all the time! still has not been poorly, right?

Friday, November 16, 2012

the beginning of a crocheted scarf

A few days ago I started this cowl / scarf. I have stopped this job
for my great love for crochet houses and sewing. ..  the color scheme is great...
what do you think? I think that the winter will be finish and I will not I have
any coll / scarf made for me...

I'm working with synthetic wool Stylecraft and needle 3mm.
I love this yarn and I think you also. In his comments praising you always
so cheerful colors of this brand of wool... really I'm very, very happy ...
I wish you a good weekend!
 Thanks for visiting my world of wool!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

scissors and threads

The afternoon  that I went go the store to show me how it worked
 the sewing machine I could not help buy two threads of pink.
I like  much rose colour for my baby... 
And to be a dressmaker great, I need scissors. And I also bought these scissors.
They are useful! They cut very well and have pointy tip, it is perfect!
With these scissors I have cut a piece of an old sheet and I'm
practicing different points... Finally I have been able to upload the thread below!
You can see that I've made a buttonhole a little more decent!
I had to change the bobbin thread as it was over  and all went well:
change the bobbin, threading the needle again ... I enjoy sewing!
Again, I hope you forgive me for this post as simple ... but I'm very excited
and I share with you my early days of couture!  Forgive me  my nonsense...
my world of wool is a little stopped ...
 I'm going to crocheting a while until my precious baby wake up...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

my foray into sewing...

My foray into sewing ... What a disaster!
Now I not know do make to raise the thread below and I have to stop sew ...
Yesterday afternoon I went  hour and a half to learn how the sewing machine.
The eyelets are not very perfect, as you can see ....
What do you think of my first kicks?
 What rage! How do I upload the thread below???
A while ago that I'm trying and I not I do know...

I do not know anything but the little I have made I really enjoy it! 
I love my super sewing machine!it is beautiful! and great!
I like shin screwing and thread the needle, and change all  stitches
and the pedal of sewing machine ... Now I have to do a course in sewing but
that will have to wait a few years until my daughter will go to school ....
I tried to go up again the thread below ... Cristina, you have to remember
how to do it! I hope that someday I will introduce something I've sewn...
And I hope you do not smile much from my foray into sewing...
Forgive me for bothering with this post that is silly ...
but I wanted to publish it and share it with you!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

crochet village

I already have three houses crochet!!
We can already say that we have a village crochet!
My crochet houses are very beautiful for my readers and
 that makes me very, very happy!
 I'd like to ask you, dear readers and followers:
Which of the three houses crochet you prefer?

crochet house one
crochet house one

crochet house two

crochet house three

This crochet house I like much for its simplicity and its colors. I love ... very ...

 I like this crochet house for the white roof and your oval door ...
and the window ... and turquoise facade...

And I  like this crochet house because she is the first crochet house that I have made!
You can see that I would have added a decorative wooden ball, it looks good, right?

All three together ..

So, what is your favorite?

Here's a craft to do for Christmas. I do not know if I will  made more crochet houses
or other figures. But I like these houses ... more than any other decorating!
Well,  from the street "My World of Wool"  I want to welcome
the new followers of the blog.  I'm pleasantly surprised by your reception...
 Thank you... Tank you...Thank you...
my world of wool is extremely happy ... I can only be grateful to you all ...

crochet house three

Crochet house three ... Yes, yes, you read right ...
and I have gone crazy about making houses, behold!
Soon I will have a town full of houses crochet ...

You can see that I used the same system as the crochet house  
and the crochet house two...
And all improvised ... you can check that all the roofs have a bug:
the roof  I have made more long on one side than the other side.
Even my husband says it  always happens the same ...
I have to improve my architecture crochet!


I have to admit that I enjoy like a little girl doing these crafts!
 I think I'm in the village school on Friday afternoon,
the day of make crafts . It was my favorite day!
You do not have to miss the next post, there will be there all village!
Thanks for visiting my world of wool!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

crochet house two

Hello, dear followers!!!
 You have had a good weekend? I hope so!
Well, I liked the idea of the house crochet, much,
and I've already made ​​two more!
Today I am presenting my second  house crochet.
I like even more than the first...

As you already know: crochet hook, needle wool, some wool, fill material,
something to decorate (can be buttons, wooden balls ...)
and lots of imagination ... You are the architects of crochet!

This crochet house is more smaller than the first... 

I took a couple of hours or a little more for a house.
I take when the baby sleeps... And she sleeps two or three hours after eating ...
I would've added a wooden ball decoration, it is very, very beautiful, do not you think?

Until we get to Christmas I have time to make houses crocheted
and other items to decorate the home. What awaits us ... Christmas crochet!
Your comments make grow my world of wool...
Thank you for visiting me!