Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas decoration with crochet

Christmas decoration with crochet can be very versatile, you can do many things!
Well, as is using patchwork and other crafts. Last Sunday I started making
these crocheted Christmas decorations. I am going to finish on Monday,
but until today I not was able to do the post, you already know that
I had problems with the photos ...
The first Christmas decorations with crochet ...
The second Christmas decorations with crochet ...
The third Christmas decorations with crochet ...
It was the first time I used the "magic circle" at the beginning of the circle,
really liked the result, and will never be any "hole" in the center, you understand?

You can find many sites on You tube which explains very well how to make
a magic circle. I leave links: tutorial magig ring here and here and here...
There are many places to learn crochet online! I am very grateful to all those people
who unselfishly shares his knowledge with the rest of the world ...
together we can do so many beautiful things!

To make these decorative Christmas balls you need this material:
 crochet hook, 3mm or 4mm
 wool needle
 material to fill
 wood little balls to decorate
 You must make two circles and then join, remember that before joining
you should fill the Christmas ball!
And you can put the decorations you want,
I think the wooden balls are very good here, right?

 I have three houses of crochet and three balls of crochet  to decorate
the Christmas tree this year! I wanted to do something with the sewing machine ...
maybe I'll do something ...
 I am infinitely grateful to you, my friends, for your help ...
This week has been tough for me and thanks to you all been easier!
Finally I used the program fotosizer to reduce the size of the pictures,
 I think this has worked. Although I will confess that I spent hours and hours
without sleep trying to solve the problem ...

 I am infinitely grateful to you ... thanks ... thanks ... and every day
I have more visits and followers ... thanks ... thanks ...
make me happy in my world of wool ...
If I have no computer problems will see you soon ...
although this week I have not worked anything crochet ...
I wish him all the best for you and that you enjoy a pleasant weekend!


  1. Preciosos y originales para decorar la casa en estas fechas....
    Besitos y buen finde.

  2. Cris! M'alegro que hagis sol.luciont el problema ;) tindràs un arbre xulissim...m'encantaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Un super petó !

  3. Precioses aquestes boletes. Aquest nadal et quedarà una casa preciosa!! sempre que veig les teves creacions de ganxet fas venir ganes de posar-se a fer ganxet! jejeje. Bueno guapa fins a la pròxima!!!

  4. ¡Que bonitos adornos!va a lucir ¡preciosa! tu casa esta navidad.
    Me alegro tanto que hayas solucionado el problema de las fotos, muchas gracias por tu ayuda cielo
    un fuerte abrazo.

  5. This is a very clever idea.. Yes.. I may make these crochet balls for my christmas tree.. But It may be hard to find this kind of buttons here..:))
    All best wishes..

  6. Qué bueno que estás de regreso!!! ¿Qué hiciste para arreglar el problema? Me gusta mucho tu nueva portada. Lindos colores.

  7. Hola Cristina,

    Quines guirnaldes tant xules? et quedarà un arbre genial! Ja sé que les has fet per dir-me "veus que es poden fer cosetes petitones en una tarda...i de nadal!". Mil gràcies per aquest guinyo! Mil gràcies ets un sol.
    I a més a més estic súper contenta d'intuir que has solventat el problema.
    Com ho has fet al final???

    Anna MP

    1. Hola, Anna! Ja t'ho vaig dir a la resposta del post "I need help", et vaig dir que si podia sol·lucionar el problema de les fotos publicaria unes boles de Nadal per tu, doncs aquí les tens, ja veus que són fàcils! Ah, a veure quan publiques que encara no he vist res, eh? I dius que saps brodar i fer punt decreu??? Ets una artista, segur! No siguis vergonyosa i comparteix les teves creacions!
      El problema, tal i com explico més amunt, l'he sol·lucionat amb el programa fotosizer que m va dir la Cristina de "No paris de cosir", reduir fotos.
      Gràcies per tot!

  8. Muy gracioso! Lo bueno es que lo tomaste con humor, y si lloraste fue de la risa ;-) Uno aprende de los errores, y eso es lo bueno! ¡Cuántas veces no me ha pasado a mí...y seguro a todas! Adelante, pues tú puedes hacerlo...

    1. Supongo que te refieres al post del error, MI GRAN ERROR, en costura, ja! ja! ja! sí, sí, lloré de tanta risa!
      Gracias por tu cmentario, Ana!

  9. It's a good idea ! I love the mix between colors and pearls !


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