Tuesday, November 13, 2012

crochet house three

Crochet house three ... Yes, yes, you read right ...
and I have gone crazy about making houses, behold!
Soon I will have a town full of houses crochet ...

You can see that I used the same system as the crochet house  
and the crochet house two...
And all improvised ... you can check that all the roofs have a bug:
the roof  I have made more long on one side than the other side.
Even my husband says it  always happens the same ...
I have to improve my architecture crochet!


I have to admit that I enjoy like a little girl doing these crafts!
 I think I'm in the village school on Friday afternoon,
the day of make crafts . It was my favorite day!
You do not have to miss the next post, there will be there all village!
Thanks for visiting my world of wool!

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  1. Después de ver todas tus maravillosas casitas, me han entrado ganas de tejer una para guarda las llaves y así encontrarlas en el fondo del bolso, que algunas veces es casi imposible; gracias por compartir aquello que haces, feliz martes, un abrazo!!!


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