Sunday, November 11, 2012

crochet house two

Hello, dear followers!!!
 You have had a good weekend? I hope so!
Well, I liked the idea of the house crochet, much,
and I've already made ​​two more!
Today I am presenting my second  house crochet.
I like even more than the first...

As you already know: crochet hook, needle wool, some wool, fill material,
something to decorate (can be buttons, wooden balls ...)
and lots of imagination ... You are the architects of crochet!

This crochet house is more smaller than the first... 

I took a couple of hours or a little more for a house.
I take when the baby sleeps... And she sleeps two or three hours after eating ...
I would've added a wooden ball decoration, it is very, very beautiful, do not you think?

Until we get to Christmas I have time to make houses crocheted
and other items to decorate the home. What awaits us ... Christmas crochet!
Your comments make grow my world of wool...
Thank you for visiting me!


  1. Quina monada Cristina... No sé com ho faig però és que no hi ha res que no m'agradi! M'ho quedaria tot!!! Petonets!

  2. són molt mones aquestes casetes ... al pas que vas podràs fer un poble sencer !!! són molt i molt boniques.


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