Friday, November 9, 2012

crochet house

Make a crochet house ... What idea so pretty!
That's what I thought when I saw  this project   on the blog of  "enganxetada."
Just need a bit of leftover yarn that you have  some other pojecte,
 crochet hook, needle wool (does not appear in the photo!),
something to fill and  all imagination that you have!

As always I not follow the pattern ...
where it was written ten points I have made ​​fifteen ...
larger whole, of course!

I had nothing to fill the crochet house... Well I had an old pillow for home ...
Now I know that I will reuse the pillow for the Christmas decorations!
I would like handmade decorations for the home this Christmas ...
Christmas tree decorations with crochet ...
if I can do it would be really nice!
I have very much enjoyed creating this crochet house!
I am an architect from crochet! The roof has not been good enough...
but I'm proud of my first crochet house!
This is the first time that I have made infill crochet work ...
 this might be my first amigurumi!
For a moment I have taught him to Carlota...  and she wanted to open the door!
If you add a rope, a chain of crochet, tape ... the house can be used
for key chain, christmas decoration, home decoration ...
ooooooh ... I looooove my house of crochet!
Enganxetada, many thanks for sharing!
 If you wish to visit your blog I assure you that you will enjoy a lot with their projects.
Thanks again!
My first house of crochet for my world of wool ...
And you, you're preparing Christmas? What are you creating?
Million thanks for visiting my world of wool,
which already has a house and perhaps a tenant soon!
I wish you a good week end!


  1. Muy buena idea y queda muy bonita....

  2. Dear Cristina, This is a wonderful idea.. Very very well...:))
    I like this project..:))
    All best wishes..:))

  3. M'encanta la teva versió i la idea de penjar-les a l'arbre de nadal! Moltíssimes gràcies per la menció, és un plaer compartir amb gent com tu!!

    1. Gràcies a tu! Gràcies per compartir els teus projectes i les teves idees, que són genials!

  4. Què maca!! Quin ritme portes ;)!!!!
    Una abraçada!

  5. Hola guapa!! pero que monada de casita! me encanta siempre los colores tan vivos y bonitos que utilizas, y me gusta mucho como llavero.
    Besosssss y feliz semana!

  6. Quina monada Cristina i quina gràcia veure a la teva neneta intentant obrir la porta de la caseta !!!
    1 petó


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