Friday, November 23, 2012

crochet scarf for beginners

Hello! You already have a plan for the weekend?
 I if it's cold this afternoon I finished neck / scarf with crochet  I started
a few days ago ( for remember here )

It's a perfect work for the beginner crochet.
It is very easy  work to start in the world of crochet. I tell you as I have done...

I did 123  chain  and then I have made 120  double crochet, join in a circle.
Then I did 33 rows with  double crochet and diferent colors. And nothing more.
Do not you think is a nice and easy  work?
And you can make as many rows as you want.
I made 34 rows, but if I wish, I can add more rows.

It seems to me a perfect complement to brighten the dark days of winter!
And I have a black coat... will be perfect!

I take this post to thank Cristina of "no paris de cosir", which has already received
the garland exchange we did and she liked it a lot. Thank you, Cristina,
I am waiting on the postman if he will comes and if he give me
the cover for the needles that you have done for me ...
Thank you!
I hope that you have a good weekend!
(For lands of Catalonia Sunday there will be moves ...)
Thanks for your visite in my world of wool!

Note: for a long time I do not I sew... I do not even remember how the needle
goes into sewing machine...  I need more time...  I would like to sew,
crocheting, crafts, I laugh because that I will to do all things
and I can not ... one day will all come!


  1. me encanta el cuello. Felicitaciones!

  2. Tan simple, pero tan hermoso! Es muy bueno ♥

  3. Tenho muita vontade de fazer um desses pra mim, quem sabe um dia.
    Amei as cores. Abraço

  4. Preciosooo!! me encantan los colores!
    Felicitaciones :)))

  5. It IS simple, but so lovely as well. Thank you for sharing ths:)i

  6. Molt maco Cristina!!! Quins colors més alegres!
    I que maca la banderola que li has fet a la Cristina! Les dues sou unes artistes!
    Si passes pel meu blog veuràs que tens un detallet ;).
    Petonets i bon diumenge!

  7. Hola, em dic Núria i també m'agrada molt fer ganxet. T'he conegut a través de No paris de cosir, i m'ha agradat molt tot el que fas, amb tans colorins i tan ben combinats. M'he apuntat de seguidora. Et convido a passar pel meu blog:

  8. Crec que m'animaré Cris, ho pintes tan fàcil!!! XULISSIM el coll amb aquests colors...i aquestes ratlles...ohhhhhh...ah! I m'encanta la foto on et tapes la cara, jejejeje!!! Molt bona!!! Un petó, cada dia em miro i remiro la meva garlanda...és TAN XULA!!!!!! Un petonet!!!

  9. So lovely cowl, Cristina! I love the pastel colors! Is this Stylecraft Special DK yarn?
    Olga Xx

    1. Yes... yes... I just read... It's Stylecraft.

  10. Your neck scarf is beautiful..I love the colors! I've been thinking of making one for my daughter .. now I will!

    From TracyAnn of and

  11. M'encanta, provaré de fer-lo, molt bon gust!!!


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