Monday, November 19, 2012

exchange path

Hello, how are you? Have you had a good weekend? I hope so!
You may recall that I have a pending interchange with Cristina?
You may recall that I made a garland for her to make an exchange (here)?
Well ... Cristina, the garland is on the way!
With the discovery of washi tape, which by the way I discovered it thanks to her,
all gifts come with washi tape! Thank you, Cristina, is a pleasure to share
this experience with you!
 And I'm already waiting  my cover to crochet needles, this is what made ​​me
Cristina interchange for the garland. What a thrill so great!
Thank you Cristina!
And if you will see your blog "no paris de cosir" ( not stop sewing )
you will be happy, is a fantastic blog and is full, full of beautiful things!
Note: Actually the hardest task was to wrap the gift with my baby
in my arms all the time! still has not been poorly, right?


  1. Ja tinc ganes de veure la sorpresa!! jiji. estarà contenta la Cristina. petons

  2. La garlanda és molt bonica però el paquetet que li has fet és una passada de xulo !!! Estàs feta tota una artista del "washi" i el packaging !!
    li encantarà segur !!
    1 petó

  3. Ohhhhhh Cris....QUIN PAQUET!!!!!!! Em poses el llistó molt alt eh!!!!! Ja tinc ganes que arribi....un super petó!!!!


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