Wednesday, November 14, 2012

my foray into sewing...

My foray into sewing ... What a disaster!
Now I not know do make to raise the thread below and I have to stop sew ...
Yesterday afternoon I went  hour and a half to learn how the sewing machine.
The eyelets are not very perfect, as you can see ....
What do you think of my first kicks?
 What rage! How do I upload the thread below???
A while ago that I'm trying and I not I do know...

I do not know anything but the little I have made I really enjoy it! 
I love my super sewing machine!it is beautiful! and great!
I like shin screwing and thread the needle, and change all  stitches
and the pedal of sewing machine ... Now I have to do a course in sewing but
that will have to wait a few years until my daughter will go to school ....
I tried to go up again the thread below ... Cristina, you have to remember
how to do it! I hope that someday I will introduce something I've sewn...
And I hope you do not smile much from my foray into sewing...
Forgive me for bothering with this post that is silly ...
but I wanted to publish it and share it with you!

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  1. No et sàpiga greu ensenyar els teus progressos amb la màquina de cosir, la veritat és que quan una cosa et fa molta il.lusió fa gràcia compartir-ho i estigui bé o malament és bonic veure la il.lusió de qui ho fa... jo trobo que cosir a màquina és una feinada aprendre'n ( jo fa poc que cuso )i quan et sembla que ja vas una mica recta, llavors vols fer cosir coses que tenen tombs i tornes a fer-ho fatal però amb ganes vas aprenent !!
    Jo tinc taaaantes ganes de comprar-me'n una que em fa molta gràcia veure els teus avenços amb la teva nova màquina !!
    1 petonàs


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