Monday, November 19, 2012

practices with trapillo

It had been many days that I wanted to buy trapillo and finally, I have trapillo!
The other day, Friday, the postman came to home and I was not ,
I have had to wait until today Monday. I bring all weekend to think trapillo!

When I opened the carton I found eight skeins of trapillo and a needle of 10mm.
In the first moment I thought that maybe the needle was too small and maybe
I should have bought a 15mm needle ...

... but it is an ideal needle for me! And I like, it is a wooden needle...
 I wanted other colors but they did not have in stock ...
But mainly I wanted to do things red for Christmas ...
The trapillo are strips of cotton from debris. They can be purchased
in rolls of 1 kilo approx. or make your own with old shirts that
you no longer use... Well, just wanted to try and manipulate the needle and
I ended up making a small basket. And all this in half an hour or so!

I'll make my first tutorial ... you do watch, be careful ... just in case, eh?
Tutorial ( I hope not mistakes!):
1- chain 6, join the ring
2- 12 double crochet (dc), join the ring
3- 24 double crochet, (two dc in each dc), join the ring
4- 36 double crochet, (two dc, one dc, two dc, one dc...  you understand? repeat until the end), join the ring
5- one chain and 36 points single crochet (sc), no more increases from now.
6- repeat back as many times as you want the fifth round ( the last photo I had up to four rounds of 36 sc )

It was the first time I worked with trapillo and I just loved it.
I worked very quickly! Although I have to do more  force the fingers and arms
and get tired more ... but it's great!

I like the single crochet on the side ...

The base has not been very well ... I just wanted to test the trapillo,
maybe I will undo all this , was just a practice!
I've discovered a new internet shop:
They have trapillo, washi tape, stamps, many things!
And I am very pleased with this purchase. Each skein of trapillo weighs 900 grams,
I love it so great! And it is very easy to handle and weaving.
I love it! I love it!
Get ready ... the trapillo has come to my world of wool, and with intensity!

I encourage you  to work with trapillo, I can assure you that you will love!
Many thanks for visit me on my world of wool, sewing future, of trapillo...


  1. Que xuluuuuu!!! m'encanta el trapillo! I quants colors!!!! que guai! Encara mai he fet res!!! no pot ser, m'hi he de posar! Gracies pel tuto!!! petonets!!!!

  2. Ostres Cristina ets la monda!!!!! no pares. Màquina de cosir, ganxet, trapillo!!!!.
    Ja veus que he seguit el teu consell, encara no està operatiu com hauràs vist, tins moltes coses per acabar encara i alguns dubtes.....m'agradaria que sortis de cara a principis d'any perque no sé fer res de res de Nadal i així m'ho estalvio.....tinc molt poques coses fetes.
    (Què volies dir amb lo d'activar els followers???).

    No saps el "subidón" que he tingut al veure't com a membre!!!!

    Uauuuu només per això crec que valdrà la pena. Tot i que no seré ni la meitat d'activa que tu. Repeteixo No pares!!!! ets una passada!.


  3. M'encanta el trapillo!!!!!! Dissabte vaig a fer un Tió a Nido de abeja, a Bcn!!! Estic com una nena amb sabates noves, jeje! Catxis!!! Ja veig que tens un ganxet que et volia fer una sorpresa... Petonets guapa!!!

  4. Debe quedar muy buena una alfombra de trapillo para un living!
    preciosos los colores.

  5. Caram quin paquet més ple que vas rebre jejejeje... i què treballadora que ets, no pares !!! M'agrada molt el color beig de la panera que has fet, trobo que et queda molt polit.
    1 petó

  6. Que bé!! El drapet m'encanta també!
    Quants colors noia!! Ja tinc ganes de veure que més en fas!
    Un petonet

  7. Hola cristina! que chula la cesta y en media hora??? madre mia...voy a mirar el enlance que has compartido, seguro que caigo en la tentación de comprarme algunas madejas porque ya llevo tiempo rondando en hacer estas cestitas!
    muchos besos guapi

  8. hola guapa! tengo una duda xk me hago un poco de lio: son 12 puntos y luego cadeneta? xk claro... cuando dejo de dar vuelta me quda como torcido, no sé si me explico :S


    1. Hola, Sandra!
      Gracias por visitar mi mundo de lana!
      Si quieres el tuto mejor explicado visita mi otro post "cómo hacer cesto trapillo", allí quizás lo entiendas mejor puesto que éste fué mi primer cesto... cuando trabajas con punto bajo tienes que hacer una cadeneta al principio de cada vuelta.... no sé si me explico... tu haces los 12 puntos, unes con un punto raso, haz una cadeneta y luego 24 puntos bajos, unes con un punto raso, haz una cadeneta y luego 36 pb... mejor así?
      Espero que te sirva...
      De nuevo, gracias por pasearte lor aquí!
      Me alegro de saludarte!

  9. Hi there! I wanted to stop by and thank you for your amazing DIY basket tutorial. Hope you don't mind but I had to feature you in my collection of DIY Baskets Blog Post. Thanks for sharing your inspiring creativity with us! Hope you have an inspiring day! Thanks! Lil Miss Katie's =)


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