Thursday, November 15, 2012

scissors and threads

The afternoon  that I went go the store to show me how it worked
 the sewing machine I could not help buy two threads of pink.
I like  much rose colour for my baby... 
And to be a dressmaker great, I need scissors. And I also bought these scissors.
They are useful! They cut very well and have pointy tip, it is perfect!
With these scissors I have cut a piece of an old sheet and I'm
practicing different points... Finally I have been able to upload the thread below!
You can see that I've made a buttonhole a little more decent!
I had to change the bobbin thread as it was over  and all went well:
change the bobbin, threading the needle again ... I enjoy sewing!
Again, I hope you forgive me for this post as simple ... but I'm very excited
and I share with you my early days of couture!  Forgive me  my nonsense...
my world of wool is a little stopped ...
 I'm going to crocheting a while until my precious baby wake up...

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  1. Vaja, en aquest post ja es veu que has anat paracticant. Està tot més recte i més polit que en l'anterior. Ja pot fer de modista. Je Je Je.


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