Friday, November 16, 2012

the beginning of a crocheted scarf

A few days ago I started this cowl / scarf. I have stopped this job
for my great love for crochet houses and sewing. ..  the color scheme is great...
what do you think? I think that the winter will be finish and I will not I have
any coll / scarf made for me...

I'm working with synthetic wool Stylecraft and needle 3mm.
I love this yarn and I think you also. In his comments praising you always
so cheerful colors of this brand of wool... really I'm very, very happy ...
I wish you a good weekend!
 Thanks for visiting my world of wool!



  1. Love the colors and nice close up pics! I have trouble with my pics..

    TracyAnn from and

  2. Ohhh! Pinta molt bé! M'agraden molt els colors. Les teves agulles no paren eh :))? Ben fet!!! Estaré atenta als progressos!
    Bon cap de setmana!!

  3. Quina bona pinta aquesta bufanda Cris!!!!! D'aqui res ja la tindràs acabada, segur!!!! Escolta, aquesta tarda he cosit molt i molt...jeje jejeje! Un super petó!!!

  4. Animo para terminarla, porque está divina!

  5. Cristina, quins punts més ben fets i més iguals !! jo que he començat amb la mitja tinc una feinada pera que em quedin iguals, com costa de que quedi bé !!!
    Aquesta bufanda segur que et quedarà molt bé !!


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