Friday, November 9, 2012


For reasons beyond me, have suspended the class of sewing machine 
that I had this afternoon ... well, I have to wait other day...

Here I show you some threads that I bought the same day
that I bought a sewing machine.
And apparatus to cut thread, which gave me the girl of shop.
It was a really great!

I've always been fascinated with exhibitors of thread ... this colors  very neat ...
how change shades according of the number of thread ...

I loved as a girl when I have looking at those exhibitors when
I have accompanied my mother to the haberdashery ...
I also like to look behind the counter and see
those endless rows of boxes of buttons, silver, of gold, wood, plastic ...

This haberdashery no longer exists ...
But when I have to go a haberdashery always think in this haberdashery...
I will have she in my mind, and now if it existed,
sure I would be a customer!

I am very grateful to you for your sweet comments!
You make me very, very happy!

Thank you for visiting my world of wool!


  1. Que lastima que suspendieran las clases,el año pasado yo también fui a unas clases pero a al mes tuve que dejarlas porque tenía que mudarme por unos meses a cuidar a mi suegra a otra isla y ahora que he vuelto ya no las dan,me quedó mucha pena ,pues tengo maquina de coser hace años pero no le saco partido ya que solo se hacer costuras rectas y poco mas.
    Ánimo que ya verás que pronto empezarás y aprenderás muchas cosas que luego nos enseñaras en tu blog para ponernos los dientes largos jejejejjeejej.

  2. Ohhhhhh !!! bé, segur que trobareu un altre dia i serà ben aviat. Mentrestant deus anar fent proves oi ? Quin goig que deu fer veure una màquina de cosir i uns quants utensilis nous de trinca ... A veure si ben aviat ens ensenyes coses ...


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