Monday, December 10, 2012

A craft and ... "EL TRONC NADAL" is here!

 If you have children you know that they love to play with parents, right? 
with us,  they want to play and be with you. They love you so much!
And if you make a toy will be very happy. First because it is a toy.
And second, because it  have made his father or mother.
These days the mailbox is full of catalogs of toys. They are so useful!
Children love to spend pages! And making the letter to the king!
What days ... There is so much excitement!

But catalogs toys can do many things. I'll teach a craft I made last week.
At my daughter liked it a lot! It take a cereal box and paint it on the inside...
( do not laugh of my drawings...!!! )
Painting a house as I did will give good results to play.
I wanted to make a three-dimensional house. But that has not happened.
My daughter is very small and the house will be broken.
So I did a home all flat. With cardboard inside.
And I pasted pictures of the catalog of toys.

She pulled hard and was taken off the cardboard, I have paste again...

 He liked it a lot! I will do more crafts like this!

And   TRONC DE NADAL  is at home!
He has already eaten a banana, an orange and a pear!
 And we first covered with a blanket because he was cold.
Next to  heating it has recovered nicely!
Catalan traditions are very nice...
I hope you have a nice day!

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