Sunday, December 9, 2012

Carlota's place

With the arrival of cold spend more time at home.
My daughter has fun with everything and if she shares it with me even more.
 I saw that we would spend more time at home, I thought I could make drawings,
which always pleases the kids. And  also the children love very much hooked.
Then both (we will always together everywhere, of course, yes!)
We Went to the stationery store and we bought stickers.
What a good idea! At my daughter loved it and we've done a few drawings.
They are his first creations!
An apple, here we see that he had a little help for the first ...

This should be a banana but you see I do not know a lot of drawing
and resembles an eggplant yellow ...

The sun is very nice...

She was tired and did not paint the triangle ...

"The moon, the plum ..." a typical children song in Catalonia...
I enjoy drawing, though I have drawed all badly as banana / eggplant, a lot badly.
But if it serves to entertain, educate and teach and discover things
for my daughter, then better!
We have bought a folder and are saving all these drawings.
She loves to look at them every day, you see that they are extremely
wrinkled sheets of paper ... oh, she loves to look back and to look at the drawings!
They are beautiful, right...? I love...
The children want and they need attention.
My daughter is happy when I play with she. We make drawings, we make castles,
 we make tickled, always together ...  she walks over ten consecutive steps
and she want to do  I do ... My daughter... I love she... I love she much ...
I wanted to share with you...


  1. Quina artista la Carlota, com la seva mare.......

    Una abraçada!

  2. No sé jo, qui s'ho passa millor amb els dibuixos si la Carlota o la mare de la Carlota jejejeje... ha de ser xulo això d'enganxar gomets !!
    1 petó


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