Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas decoration with fabrics

The Christmas decorations with fabric are very sweets and funny
(especially if you like to laugh about my trees the other day ...).

My fourth day in front of the sewing machine was better ...
Today I present to you my first creation with fabric (the first trees will have  lost ...):
A Christmas tree with fabric. My first piece of sewing!
Saturday I went to buy thread to baste the haberdashery, I had none.
I also bought a meter of red ribbon satin.

I've learned a lot this weekend!

I learned that the tape should be placed between the fabric before sewing ...
Here I solve the problem with a few stitches and buttons ...

I learned that the fabric before sewing  need be ironing...
The fabrics always be wrinkles ironed look better...

I learned that it is better draw the pattern on the fabric rather than a cardboard ...
The fine cardboard be escape everywhere and makes the sewing be bad...

With these trees I took a pencil and I make a drawing in  the fabric.
It was best for to keep the lines while I sewed ...

I acknowledge that the idea of button has not been so bad, right?
I still have a piece of red fabric, for some  other Christmas decorations.
As you see, this time I have made a pattern easier than the first pattern ...
oh, I still rich when I think with the disaster of first day...
And for take my scraps sewing I presented to you my first patchwork:
 another disaster but I think I will hang it on the tree!
 It's like a bizarre figure but with Christmas fabrics and red satin ribbon
can even be funny for the tree!

Saturday was my fourth day of sewing and I have made  the trees with fabric
of reindeer. Sunday was my fifth day of sewing. I have  made the tree with
a red fabric and I have made a patchwork proof. 
I workedhard the weekend, right? So I go to sleep late, lacks hours a day!

You can see that I've improved a bit ...
is difficult to do things when no one teaches you ...
I am adventurous and love doing it alone ... then no matter what happens ...
 but true that you laugh with me, right? Beginnings are always difficult, but
I assure you that for me it is a very fun sewing!
Thank you so much for your sweet comments, you make me so happy!
 See you soon!


  1. as we say in Italy : BRAVA!!!!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  2. Very well done. I love that you just go for it without a pattern or a care in the world about anyone else's opinion. Great work; love the fabric trees with their little buttons--they turned out perfect.

  3. Great work Cristina - they look very cute. :)

  4. Bonitos adornos ,las telas son divinas
    ¡me encantan!
    un fuerte abrazo.

  5. Graziose decorazioni! Ti seguirò con piacere perchè sei simpatica.
    A presto

  6. Uauuuu!!! Aquest molen molt!! Enhorabona!! Ja t'ho vaig dir!! Jejeje!!! Un petonàs


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