Sunday, December 23, 2012

how to make fabric stars for Christmas decoration

I'm missing a lot to learn but if I can I'll go one day  of study and learning sewing,
I think I need much...!
However, another work in this sewing I think I improved a little, just a little ....
Not that I intended to make sewing tutorials, there are people
who know better than I do, of course!
But I'll show you how I've done, I'm excited  to show you my work!

With fabric of prints of Christmas I drew with pencil pattern
(I used the pattern of the star of trapillo that I did a few days ago).
Then I used thread baste and I reviewed what I had done previously.

This sewing machine is about to start another  disaster of sewing...
Sure, I have two hours  meanwhile sleep my baby  and I working quickly, quickly ...
I can not run, no ...

As had happened before I forgot again to put the satin ribbons ... I can not run, no ...
Hey, but I've really improved a bit, right???

The Stuffing a pillow gives much do crafts! After sewing the fabric ,
remember to leave a few inches to fill a stars, turn around the stars.

A star is better than the other, right? But I'm happy with my nonsense,
I like that! I do a bit of sewing or crochet and I'm very happy,
although the results are like these stars, ie not too good ... but I'm so happy ...

This is post number 100 ... ugh, I can not believe that I've got here ...
100 publications is very  ...very...  This has been possible thanks to you all ...
thanks ... thanks ... my world of wool grows thanks to you ...
I stop to publication of the blog for a few days...
I have to make handmade Christmas gifts and I have a lot of work
and I want to enjoy the day in the family, like all of you, of course!

Hugs to you all!
Note: Tomorrow I'll wish you a Merry Christmas and I'll show you the Christmas tree
all decorated with crafts handmade ​​by me with crocheted.
See you tomorrow!


  1. Enhorabona estrenant la màquina!! t'han quedat molt xules!! aprofito per desitjar-te un BON NADAL I FELIÇ 2013

  2. Moltes felicitats per aquestes 100 publicacions!!! Perfects aquestes estrelles de Nadal. Merci pel tuto!
    Petonets i bones festes de nou bonica

  3. Enhorabona pels 100 posts !! això és una passada ... espero que aquest any facis tantes o més entrades perquè són un plaer !!
    1 petó


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