Monday, December 31, 2012

I wish you a Happy New Year!

 Here I show you some broochs I've been doing these days.
I have not worked much, these are days of family and relax!
This brooch crochet is simple, cheerful and fun to fight the fog ...
I hope that next year you will meet your best wishes ...
I want to thank you for the joy and the good times you all have given me this year ...
thanks ...
These brooch I find delicious ... 
it looks like an other the I did a few days ago, was of similar colors...
 I can only thank you ... thanks readers and followers ... thanks ...
you made me grow a passion for things made by hand, the crafts, the crochet,
the sewing ... thanks ... thanks ...
Thanks for teaching me so many things ...
I wish you a Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!!


  1. Ciao Cristina ti faccio tanti tantissimi auguri di Buon Anno .
    Le spille sono molto carine complimenti.
    Se ti va passa dal mio blog sei la benvenuta ciao.

  2. Molt bon any Cris!!! M'encanten els fermalls, i les fotos! Molts petons guapa!

  3. Feliç any nou Cristina!!!!!
    Unes fotos molt maques :).

  4. Lindos los broches para celebrar el año nuevo.
    Me alegra haberte "conocido" (virtualmente) este año, y espero seguir viendo tus lindos proyectos el próximo. Te cuento que voy a cambiar la direccion de mi blog (a partir de mañana, pero dejare instrucciones de cómo llegar). Espero verte por allá. Mis mejores deseos para ti en este nuevo año 2013.
    ♥ Ana BC

  5. Bon any Cristina!!! M'encanten aquests fermalls tant colorits i perfectes!!!
    Una abraçada gegant

  6. Happy New Year, Cristina!! May 2013 be so happy and colorful for you as your lovely brooches :-)

  7. Happy New Year to you and your family Cristina. Thank you for visiting my blog throughout the year, and for your very sweet, caring comments. :)

  8. Happy New Year for you tooo!! ✨

  9. I love your crochet brooches....and I think I have some of the metal hooks here in my studio somewhere. Maybe I'll make one for myself and my daughter after I finish knitting scarves for everyone in my family! Thanks for sharing your crafts and inspirations. Looking forward to another great year of blogging.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  10. Muy feliz año nuevo!!un abrazo fuerte para ti y los tuyos desde Canarias.

  11. FELIÇ 2013!! quines medalles més bòniques!! per variar una miqueta, M'ENCANTEN!;)

  12. Bon any, Cristina maca!!!!!! Quins fermalls més bonics!!!!! preciosos nena! Petonets!! :)

  13. Cristina !! Molt bon any, espero que estiguis passant uns dies genials amb la familia i la teva "neneta" ( em fa molta gràcia com ho dius ), segur que us ho haureu passat d'allò més bé fent cagar el tió.
    com sempre, fas coses molt boniquetes i l'arbre de Nadal t'ha quedat moníssim amb totes les cosetes fetes per tu amb ganxet.
    1 petó molt gran !!

  14. Bonne et heureuse année 2013 ! I wish you a happy colorful new year !!
    Nice brooch !


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