Monday, December 3, 2012

my first work of sewing... a disaster!

Hi, artists of crafts! You have had a good weekend?
I think that some of you have enjoyed the exhibition "Barcelona Creativa", right?
I could not go there but I would have liked it, sure ...
Anyway, Friday afternoon, I entered into a fabric store and made
 my first purchase of fabrics ... I was so excited ...!
Here you can see my first purchases of cloth, what do you think? you do like?

This stamped clothes with buttons I like much, althought I just wanted to buy
fabric for Christmas decoration ...

Well, I was excited to work with the sewing machine, my third day
at the sewing machine ... oh, a disaster! But I laughed so hard and so much that even
my stomach was hurting from laughing!
I made a pattern of a Christmas tree ... but I had no thread to baste no idea
of anything ... but I, stubborn, sew! Oh, what a laugh!
What a  laugh when I saw the results! The second tree I did not finished  do ...

I think they are the worst to be sewn decorative trees ever!
I'll show them to you, give you a great laugh! Truth is to laugh ... I cry of laughter!
But clearly, it was my third day at the sewing machine and I could not expect
anything else ... but I had a great time. The only thing I did not want to spoil 
so pretty this fabric ... I remained for two trees that I will show you another day.
I tell you, my fourth day at the machine gave better results ...
See you soon!
And you see my world of wool has a visit:
the world has known the fabrics and sewing!
Thanks for visiting me!
 And if you're a new fans do not be afraid to see such disasters ...
I promise to improve!


  1. Cristina!!! Has escollit unes teles precioses! Tot és paciencia i fer-ho i desfer-ho fins que et surt!
    No et rallis! Ningú neix après. Jo tinc un calaix on guardo un parell de coses horribles que vaig fer fa un any quan vaig començar. No les vull tirar pq els hi he agafat carinyu encara que no m'agraden i em recorden que sóc novata i tinc molt per aprendre!!
    Un petonet

  2. Quina roba més guapa!!! et dic el mateix que la Júlia paciència, que com deia el meu avi: Paciència que és la reina de la ciència. Les errades que he fet i que encara faré. UN PETÓ GUAPA I ANIMS

  3. So funny Cristina!!! But I'm happy that you shown us your crafty disasters!!! A good lesson for every crafter!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  4. Cris!!!! Et felicito per haver començat a cosir, ja veuràs que mica en mica s'omple la pica!!!! De fet ja he vist que els segons arbres estan molt bé!!! I les robetes són una cucada...i ja sabem totes que dels errors se n'aprèn, i molt!!! Més que si t'ho diu algú altre;) molts ànims guapa!!!! Un super petó!!!!


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