Friday, December 14, 2012

snow flower with crochet for Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration with crochet me fascinating ...
I see so many beautiful things on the Internet that I think I am crazy ... 
 I want to do everything I see on the Internet and I do not have time to do all things ...
When I saw a crocheted snow flowers I immediately decided
to make some for me .... oh, I think that is the sweetest thing
I've ever seen this months!

I want to make lots of colors of snow flowers with crochet!!
And I'm in love with this tool for cutting threads, it work super well!
I am working with cotton and 2.2 mm needle, everything is so neat ...
you see, my things for decorating the Christmas tree are growing...
Is the first time that I make crocheted this ... you like this?
4 dc , and watch the needle goes behind, ss,  chain 3 and 4dc...
Do you understand?

The flowers are always beautiful, does not care whether they are
 natural or crocheted, right?
And one of snow flower ... oh, it's wonderful...
I found these crocheted snow flowers here , on blog The Purl Bee.
Ooohhhh, you know this blog? I think so! How cool is ... great ...?
I would like to visit  the store in NY ... I loooooooooooove ....
Today is a rainy day... the photos lack the light they had in the summer ...
But rainy days are also beautiful! And we like, right?
It is so cute make crochet on winter ...
Thank you for your comments, they make me very happy, very ...
And the blog will soon reach the 100  posts, 100 followers too...
ooooh, I did not expect to get that far!
 Thank you ... thanks ... I am very grateful to you ...
I wish you have a nice weekend!


  1. Cristina, què boniques aquestes flors de neu, les trobo tan simples i taaaan boniques ... he mirat al bloc que indiques i queden xulíssimes penjades a les branquetes aquelles totes blanques.
    Trobo que també fan de Nadal, un altre estil però preciós !!
    1 petó i ànims a per les 100 entrades, jo les penso llegir totes !!

  2. The snowflakes are so cute and pretty. I like them. I may to make the same for my christmas tree.. Thank you for closer pics..:))
    All best wishes...

  3. M'encanta, m'encanta, m'encantaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! A veure quin dia ens ensenyes l'arbre tot guarnit amb totes les coses xulissimes que fas!!!!! Moltíssimes felicitats per totes aquestes entrades...i no paris eh!!!! Un petó moooooolt gran ;)

  4. Se miran tan lindas con los centros de colores. Muy lindas, Cristina.

  5. Carai aquestes snow balls són molt xules!! Estic d'acord amb la Cris, a veure l'arbret, segur que fa molt de goog!
    Un petonet

  6. I love this snow balls!!!

  7. Bellísimo y delicado tu trabajo !
    Cariños ♥


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