Tuesday, December 11, 2012

stars with crochet for Christmas decoration

Stars with crochet for Christmas decoration ... a brilliant idea!

In ten minutes you can made a crochet star, and after an hour,
you have a garland to crochet for Christmas decorations!
 Great ... this is great!

Maybe a garland vertically or horizontally, as you prefer for your
Christmas decorations!

You can made two, three, four, or five stars, all the stars you want!
If you prefer, you can set one by one, individually, to the Christmas tree.
There are so many possibilities ...!
The pattern can be found  on the blog "According to Matt" here,
is a great blog full of beautiful things!

Thank you, Matt, for sharing!
And thanks for all your comments,
thank you for visiting me in my world of wool! 


  1. Uaaaau!!! M'encanten aquestes estrelles!! Quina moonada! i així amb negatiu i positiu, queden genials! nena, xulissimes! Petonets!!!

  2. Lovely! And looking very festive. I may have to make some myself!!!
    Angie x

  3. Hola y gracias por tu comentario. Que estrellas tan bonitas, me guata tu blog y me hago seguidora tuya.

  4. simple, beautiful and festive!!!
    xxx Ale

  5. M'encanta Cris!!! És xulíssim!!!!
    So beautiful! jijijijij!!!
    Una abraçada gegant

  6. A lovely idea, the stars look so pretty and festive!
    Helen x

  7. OOOOHHH Cris!!! quines estrelles tan cuquetones. PER VARIAR M'ENCANTEN!!
    ultimament tinc molta feina i em conecto poc, però quan ho faig no em perdo el teu blog. petons


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