Saturday, December 29, 2012

The "Tronc de Nadal" is very clever...

Hello, dear readers and followers! You had a good Christmas? 
They are beautiful days  but the tranquility of days after
the celebrations I value very much ...

Well, the days went by and I did not have enough time to make Christmas gifts
 I wanted to do by hand ... a shame ... next year I will have to start before ...
My daughter deserves all the time and now I was stressed out thinking
that it would not have everything ready for the Night of Kings...
( Nit de Reis, click here to see the tradition)

For this reason, this afternoon I was Christmas shopping...
Look, I wanted  gifts handmade but I do not have time ...
I go a walk with my daughter, play, read stories, go cycling ...
she deserves all my time ... she is everything to me ... 
I do not want to be a mother stressed...
When things can not be, they are not...

Well, on Christmas Day the "TRONC DE NADAL"  crapped sweets,
chocolates and toys for children and something for me ...

The "TRONC DE NADAL" (click HERE to see the tradition) he know
that I have started doing things sewing ... behold he shitless for me
All things for sew a Christmas decorations!
A little bird told me that  do not use  baste thread, that these needles
are very thin and they were great for sewing. Even he has crapped
a sample to show me how I do!
 The "TRONC DE NADAL"  he also crapped a marker to draw patterns, wadding,
threads, fabric Christmas ... ooooh, I'm sooooooooo haaaaaappy...!
And also crapped a new decoration to hang on the Christmas tree!
I will guard the fabrics for next Christmas, I will sure I know a little sewing ...
Thank TRONC! See you next Christmas!
Million thanks for your nice comments, you always make me happy ...
I wish you a haaaaappyyyyyy neeeeew yeaaaaaaar!!!
Note: I want to tell you something that made ​​me smile. I was surprised to see that a roadside local of prostitutes were have all Christmas decorations with a great star on top of the roof . Funny, right? But of course, Christmas is Christmas to everyone! funny, at least!


  1. Quins regalets més macos et va fer el Tió!!! Sí que en sap sí ;)!! Ja tens feina per la decoració de l'any que ve! Tot i que la d'aquest t'ha quedat tan maca!!

  2. Cristina molt bones festes també per tu i feliç any nou!
    M'encanta el que t'ha portat el tio!
    Un petonàs gegant!
    Pd. Doncs si, el Nadal és per tothom qui el vulgui indistintament de les teves arrels, per molt humils que siguin oi?!

  3. Hola Cristina me paso a vistar tu casa virtual y a desearte felices fiestas y un año lleno de salud ,amor y bienestar
    un fuerte abrazo.

  4. Bon any Cristina!!!! M'encanten els regalets del teu Tió!!!! Aquest retolador blau i les agulles planes van tan bé!!!! Un petó molt gran, que tingueu una molt bona entrada d'any! Muaaaa!!!!

  5. I do love your blog. I found out through "Google" you are in Spain? So nice to meet you. Looking forward to reading your blog in 2013.

    Happy New Year!!

  6. OHHHH quin tió més llest que has tingut i quines coses més xules que t'ha "cagat" jejejeje ... Com treballaràs aquest any, la màquina de cosir treurà fum !!! I si,tens raó, és Nadal per a tothom !!!
    1 peto


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