Monday, December 10, 2012


Toys and play is critical for children's development.
With 15 months these are some of the games that my daughter likes.
Mount and dismount. Pull the ground and collect (gather, I said ...???).
No matter how they play it, you can be anything, it is important to play.
 All games have blue, red, yellow and green ... The house is full of color
from the arrival of the Carlota... There are is color everywhere,
even many times, under the sofa ... under the bed ...
The kids really like stories. Especially if  the mother or father will read.
We always have a favorite story. Carlota loves stories of animals and
 if they sound even more.  The books with animals on tabs below, this really she loves.
But despite her many toys, what she like best: the washing machine,
the hangers and clothes, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher ... in short, all the mom things .
I must say that she is a crazy week with the washing machine,
all day she wants go to see what the washing machine has washed... all day...
In short, it is important to play with it!
Now buy Christmas gifts and kings, Shop Smart. Educational games... books...
 they are gifts very good and will be useful and beneficial especially for your children.

These days I share with you some of my everyday life.
And the kids are these stars of Christmas!

And do not worry that I'm doing  crochet when the times I can,
and next week I'll show you everything I've done these days ...

I wish you a nice day!


  1. M'encanten les teves entrades Cris, siguin del que siguin!!!! Un petó mooooolt gran!!!!

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Cristina, so nice of you to pop by! You seen to be doing very well on your blog, so you must be learning a lot. You're well on your way to your first 100 followers I see, so congratulations on that.

    S x

  3. Estic d'acord amb el que diu l'altra Cristina, parlis del que parlis, les teves entrades són molt xules !!

  4. She's adorable and that age is the most fun of all-walking and talking and learning every day in leaps we can see from the space even far away. Thank you for sharing. Your photos are very well-designed; I like them. The suit the baby wears is adorable. Little girls in pink !~!


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