Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a craft easy, useful and cheap!

Last week I went to a clothing store (Sfera, you know?) to buy pants.
My surprise was seeing a display full of scrapbooking material type.
There were stickers, notebooks, erasers, drilling machines, lots of things!
I could not resist to purchase tapes!
They are manufactured in China, not Japan like washi tape,
but I liked so much  the drawings printed!

In each package there were 5 tapes and the price was € 2.5. 
I thought it would a good afternoon fun for work. 
That Is really a tin can of powdered milk of my baby. 
I have many cans milk powder that I saved for made 
a cover of crochet or made a cover with decorative tape!

That was fun finding these tapes in a clothing store!
I was happier for the acquisition of adhesive tapes than for the purchase of two pants,
although a long time since I had bought pants .... !

I love the apple logo with tape. Also the colors. And the houses ... 
well, and the circles with black background ... well, I like all!

I select some tapes to cover the can...

Given that the can has some prints and some tapes are trasparents,
I look for a solution...

In  first I hooked the tapes on a white cardboard...

Remember to take good measures of cardboard with the can,  
you can always cut if exceeds of cardboard , not the reverse ...

Here's a colorful tin. One can of powdered recycled!

A craft  easy, useful and cheap!

Always we need places to saved little things, right?
I have so many cans and glass jars saved waiting their turn to be recycled ...
In short, I have no time...!

I feel happy when I can give a second life useful  things ...

The blog has surpassed 100 followers... 100 followers...
I think that is something really incredible ... incredible...


Thanks for all your comments...
Thanks for  all your visits...



  1. Hola Cristina! quin descobriment! moltes gràcies per compartir-ho amb nosaltres! un petonàs!

  2. What a beautiful idea. I will try to make one to.
    With love from the Netherlands, Tinie

  3. És genial! T'ha quedat super xulo, i aquests washi són super divertits i molt bé de preu!
    Un petonet guapi

  4. Es xulissim!!! son molt divertits aquestes cintes adhesives, però el més curiòs es que les hagis trobat en una botiga de roba. Per cert me he fet seguidora teva, m'han agradat tots els treballts que he vist. Una abraçada

  5. Oooohh que xulo, a mi els washitapes també em tornen boja! T'ha quedat xulíssim. Una abraçada guapa.

  6. wowww te quedò hermoso!! me encanta!

  7. Quina monada de cintes!!!!! No les havia vist mai...genial la idea de reciclar els pots!!! Jo reciclo els de nesquick ;) un petonàs guapa!!!!!

  8. Quines cintes més maques! I el preu també :)... Quin canvi li has donat al pot! Xulíssim!
    Un petó!

  9. ¡Hermosa tu lata reciclada Cristina !
    El cambio con el adorno de las cintas
    quedó maravilloso.Abrazo ♥

  10. Això dels washi-tapes són un vici !! jo en tinc poquets però amb ganes de firar-me de nou. Aquests que has comprat estan molt i molt bé de preu !!!
    1 petó
    Ah ! el pot t'ha quedat genial

  11. Your blog is always so full of colour. A real feast for the eyes. And you are right the tapes are wonderful. Such lovely designs and you have used them so well.

  12. Love the tapes!!! I want some too. All the things you can do with Washi tape. Thanks for visiting Cristina. Happy Thursday!
    My Rose Valley - Scandinavian Homespun


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