Thursday, January 31, 2013

handbag made ​​with crochet

Hello my dear readers! 
Today I am presenting a handbag that I made ​​with crochet. 
Well, actually I have done two ... 
The pictures I made this afternoon at my parents' house.
They have a garden full of flowers, cacti, vegetables, hens... 
and  them have very little space  but all very well organized!

I always say that in life we must be grateful. 
And I made ​​these two bags with crochet for the daughters 
of a coworker that one day gave me a very good advice. 
I am immensely grateful to him because 
I took the correct decision that I can enjoy many hours of my daughter ...

These handbags I've done with the Stylecraft wool 
and have worked with 3mm needle. 
Today I show you one handbag. Tomorrow if I can 
I will to show you the other handbag...

Here I've made quite a handle thick, I like very much the thick handles ... 
you believe that I've done the handle too thick...???

I like to take photos of old woods ... take pictures of stones ... 
I think this afternoon I had a good photo shoot! 
The light was beautiful ...

And as colophon a detail of flower for compliment the handbag ...

And you, you've never done any crochet handbag? 
I long ago that I want to do one for me. I have many ideas in my head .... 
a bag of granny squares ... a handbag with hexagons ... a striped handbag ... 
a handbag with ... ugh, I have many projects in mind...

Do not miss the next post! 
I will show you the second bag I did! 

See you soon!


Note: u, I now see that I have not taken photos of the back of the handbag...! Well, here's how  it is... is the photo I took the other day and I show in the previous post...


  1. lovely and colourful!!!! I like wide straps on a bag, too!!!
    xxxx Ale

  2. Cristina molt xulo, em sembla que tens moltes ganes que vingui la primavera, oi????
    Una abraçada!


  3. Muy alegres los colores!!!te ha quedado muy lindo.

  4. M'agrada molt sempre els colors molt encertats, i la nansa ampla a mi m'agrada molt, més que prima ;) Està molt bé que siguis agraïda...i segur que si vas decidir passar més temps amb la teva filla va ser una molt bona decisió. Un petonàs guapa!

  5. Hola querida Cristina ! Me gusta mucho tu blog and I like very much this cute handbanh. I really like the colors ... seems to be in summer even if out is winter and grey ! The colors are the right ones for young ladies ! I will follow your blog. Bye Marilena


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