Friday, January 11, 2013

wooden toys

I always thought that wooden toys are better ... I love them!
have something special that attracts me.
And I'm happy because my baby the Kings have given a wooden toy.
Previously she already have wooden toys.
Today I will show  you wooden toys for my daughter...
Thanks Magi ... thanks "Padrineta" ...
thanks aunts ... thanks "tata Roser"!
This wooden train is a piece of engineering!
when dragging the rope, animals circling about themselves ...
oh, it's beautiful!

This Lovers love to dance! This is a box of music!
if you give cord prince and princess spin and spin and they do not stop dancing!
My daughter whenever she sees this toy makes me give her rope, let's dance too!

And the bell has long been one of the favorite toys of Carlota.
 It has a beautiful sound!
She shakes her little arms vigorously ringing the bell ...
she loves the bell ...

I looooooooove the wooden house!
Although the letters and numbers must be passed through the holes,
she still do not know do, of course!
And she walking up and down with the house by home.
 And she brings out the wood pieces. And she put the wood pieces now again.
And the same again! She is very hardworking ...

This wood game of construction  I love also because the pieces also make sounds,
has many possibilities!

And a gift of kings I have always thought that I would have liked:
a wooden horse! Yes, I already know this is a reindeer!
But for my daughter  this is a horse. I not pretend that she will know the difference
between a reindeer and a horse with 16 months old ...
true it this is a beautiful reindeer...

I carry several days without crocheting ... I've taken a few days off ..
Well, for a personal and family circumstances that I do not want  be explain ...
I do not feel like crocheting ... I've been very tired ...
My daughter has been sick a few days too... well, for several reasons
I stopped do crocheting ... I promise to recover from my stage down ...
I will return ... you awaits me?

As I write these words I keep listening to music ...
 I bring many days listening to music at night, very late, when everybody is sleeping ...
with a walkman in one ear to the other does not, if the baby wakes ...
 Music makes everything easier ... or not ...?

 Thanks ... and sorry for not post for a few days ...


  1. can pass them on down to your other children and maybe even their children!!

    Happy weekend!!!

  2. Molt maques les joquines, i espero que aquest problema que comentes es solucioni.


  3. Aquestes joguines són tant i tant boniques. Jo quan era petita en tenia d'aquestes, m'encantava jugar amb elles.
    Són super dolces i simpàtiques!
    Un petonet guapi i bon cap de setmana
    El dia que baixis a Barna ja aniràs al Nido i t'enamoraràs de la tenda...jijijijijij

  4. Hola Cris!!! A mi també m'encanten les joguines de fusta...els meus fills en tenien moltes, llàstima que a mida que es fan grans prefereixen altres coses...però les he passat totes i en perfecte estat! Ja tinc ganes de veure cosetes teves! Espero que estigueu bé...un petonet guapa!!

  5. Amiga, estaba pensando en ti hace unos días, pues no había oído nada de ti. Hasta pensé que estabas de vacaciones. Lamento que estés pasando por un momento difícil, pero confío en que todo pasará...Toma el tiempo que necesites, porque aquí estaremos nosotros esperándote. Mientras tanto, te llevaré en mis oraciones. Aunque de lejos, estamos contigo...
    ♥ Ana BC

  6. Cristina,
    les joguines de fusta són una meravella de boniques i genials per als nens.
    Sobre el que dius d'escoltar música, a mi també em passa, de vegades escoltar música t'evadeix dels maldecaps o preocupacions i voles una estona. Saps que em va molt bé quan no vull pensar ? llegir !!
    1 petó i mil "abraçadotes" x tu
    Ah ! i agafa't els dies que vulguis, jo t'estaré esperant !!

  7. Oooh les joguines de fusta, em tornen boja les nenes en tenien moltes encara queden alguna cosa. Petó guapa espero que estiguis bé.

  8. A lovely bright post today! I loved seeing these gorgeous colourful toys...painted wooden toys always look so cheerful, no wonder children love them.
    wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Helen x

  9. By mistake I had deleted this message:

    Montse has left a new comment on your post "I wish you a Happy New Year!":

    Hola guapa! Molt bon any!!! feia molts dies que no passejava pel teu blog! I'm sorry! Vaig molt de bòlit! Avui he recordat la meravella de cosetes que fas a ganxet, a casa la Cris! quina guirnalda més preciosa! ets una ARTISTA amb majúscules! Un petó gran gran

  10. By mistake I had deleted this message:

    sajuki has left a new comment on your post "wooden toys":

    great ;)
    Greetings from Poland :D


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