Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a garland of vintage crochet

After working hard the last two days, I finally finished the garland of Rosa! 
With Rosa I have done an exchange: for her I do  a garland with crochet 
and she ... a surprise to me!

I do not know if you trouble you so many pictures that I have done ... 
I discovered the world of photo collage for blog! 
The truth is that I really like the end result...

Rosa, also I hope that you enjoy first seen here!  
It is for you, Rosa! 

Start the  photo session!

Again I work with Stylecraft yarn and crochet hook 3mm. 
For the first time I managed to made from a circle and go to a squared. 
And here I have used wool with a range of earth tones. You like ?

 Rosa has a blog and she loves the French language. 
The truth, the French always it sounds good! 
Well, too she uses the Instagram program for the photos of blog 
and all  inspired me to make this crocheted garland. 
You will guess  what I wrote on the garland??

 You have not guessed? 
Those who know the blog of Rosa perhaps you guessed it ...

Well, really! The blog of Rosa isoh la la! ma vie en rose ", 
and this is precisely that I wrote for your garland, Rosa!

Have arisen  eleven crochet squares for the garland and I thought 
that if join all was formed a garland very long, perhaps too long ....

Do not you think that this looks a vintage crochet garland?
I thought that someday I will make a blanket with letters or a cushion ... 
I liked this color scheme...

And my daughter Carlota enjoys tapping everything ... 
She loves to undo the skeins of wool ... 
she wants to do everything that makes her mother, really!

So the crochet garland not be very long I made the crocheted garland 
​with two parts. Thus the Rosa can hang one next to the other 
or one above the other, it all depends where you want hang  it!

That garland of crochet is different  of the garland  that I made to Cristina 
for the exchange (you can see here), 
or the garland that  I made for the Giveaway of 10.000 visits 
and  the winner was Maria (you can see here), 
and too not resemble the birthday garland that I made for 
my daughter Carlota (you can see here). 

They are all different! 
And while this is not so colorful, I'm very happy with the work.

Rosa, I hope you liked and hopefully very soon I can it send you!

And I want to welcome the new followers! 
You make me  happy and I thank you for your visit and your comments!

Thanks for visiting my world of wool!


  1. ¡Qué linda idea! Yo pensé que iba a ser una manta...pero los cuadritos colgantes quedaron preciosos

  2. Espectaculaaar!! M'ha encantat cristina!!
    Quina passada! La Rosa fluparà no!? Jejejej
    I tu!? I el teu exchange?? Ja ens l'ensenyaràs guapi
    Un petonet

  3. Oooooohhhh! És preciosa! A la Rosa li encantarà!!
    La combinació de colors, perfecte! És tan dolça!
    T'animes a fer un Tutorial de la banderola? M'ha encantat!!

  4. Preciosa combinación de colores,me gusta mucho esa guirnalda.

  5. T'ha quedat preciosa, jo també he fet coses amb aquesta llana i te un tacte molt suau, res a veure amb altres acrilics. A veure si em torno a posar amb el ganchet que ja toca.


  6. Crissssss!!!! ESPECTACULARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! Estic amb la boca oberta i sense paraules...Per cert, et dec una resposta...sorry, vaig de cul...muaks!!!

  7. T'ha quedat molt xula. M'agrada molt aquesta combinació de colors.
    Una abraçada.

  8. Cristina !!!!
    estic sense paraules !! com diu la Júlia, he flipat. No saps com m'ha agradat, és tan, però tan bonicaaaaaaaaa !!
    M'has deixat el llistó moooolt alt, jo crec que massa alt !! Ai quins nervis... A l'Enredo li ha encantat també !!
    1 tonelada de petons
    ara t'envio un mail !!

  9. Quina xulada, es preciosa , super original, m'ha agradat moltíssim . Felicitats, una abraçada


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