Friday, February 1, 2013

crochet handbag

As I said, today I am presenting my second handbag made ​​of crochet. 
It is a cheerful handbag. Stripes are always beautiful, right?

This handbag is a little smaller than the last, not much, but here 
I've done a slimmer handle, in this case is better!

What a contrast so great ... Wool so soft and stone so hard ...

At home my parents have some old clay jars  ... They have fascinated me ... 
I think with the history  they must have behind ... The antiques are beautiful ... 
I like antiques  of farmhouse ...

I like the old woods ...

And this green wood I love ... I had not stopped to observe these wood 
but the other day when I made photos I realized that It was beautiful ...

And here in this handbag crochet I also made ​​a flower ... 
are as much fun to make the crocheted flowers!

Well, here two crocheted handbags made ​​by the two daughters of a colleague ... 
I can only be grateful to him ... thanks ...

Maybe one day I started to make one for me ... I really want  to do one for me...

You liked my crochet handbags? I hope that the girls also like ... 
I've done it with a lot of affection! 

Many thanks for visiting my world of wool! 

Take a break! 
I wish you have a good weekend!


  1. Que si m'agrada??? Són moníssims tots dos!! Quina passada!
    Tens raó, ara toca un per tu eeh
    Un petonet i bon cap de setmana

  2. Esta bolsita también te quedó preciosa. Mira que estás muy creativa. Me encantan las fotos también. Felicitaciones!

  3. Que bonitos son los dos bolsitos Cristina,te felicito te han quedado preciosos!!
    un fuerte abrazo.

  4. Segur que els hi agradaran moltíssim a les destinatàries !!
    Un detall molt bonic per part teva i ara ... ja saps el que et toca, el pròxim per a tu que també te'l mereixes !!
    1 petó i molt bon cap de setmana

  5. Com sempre m'ncanta però sobretot la Floreta. Ai, la trobo una cucada. Un petó guapa.

  6. Maquíssims, Cristina!! Falta el teu ;))!
    Un petó i feliç diumenge!


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