Friday, February 15, 2013

my second day of sewing class

Hello, dear readers and followers! 
This morning I have returned two hours in my class of sewing. 
I enjoy very much ...! I've been practicing all the things 
that my teacher Mrs. Paquita had taught me. 

Even today I made this little cushion to put the needles! 

I've been practicing the theme of edges, I still sewing a bit crooked ... 
Today I learn too how to make invisible seams. 
Every day I learn new things!

Here you see my practice! The fabric is a little wrinkled but I say to you 
in class Mrs Paquita is very important sew and ironing. 
For sewing  good is better ironing the fabrics!

The edges... the seams... I looooooooove sewing...

 I just loooooved made the seam invisible! 
And I also made overcasting...

And I practiced a bit like how to sewing a bias tape. 
Also I looooooooove sewing bias tape ...!

I wish you a good weekend! 
Maybe I'll be a few days without writing any post 
because I wanted to advance my blanket of circles ...  
the winter will finish and I will I have not made ​​any blanket ...

Hugs and kisses to all of you! 
Enjoy with your creations! Take any time to create beautiful things! 
There are so many things to do ...! 

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Very nice pincushion Cristina - you're doing well with your sewing. :)

  2. Todo lleva su tiempo, no pierdas el ánimo y disfruta mucho...

  3. You are a good learner!!! nice pincushion!!!
    happy weekend, xxxx Ale

  4. Cosiendo y descosiendo la iña va aprendiendo! Muy buen comienzo! A disfrutar!

  5. Ooohhhh! Si ja et vaig dir que et faries una artistassa. Aprenent aprenent cada cop a més. Una abraçada.

  6. Ostres Cristina!!! Ja fas progresos, eh! perfecte. En pocs temsp ja estaras fent coses en serio!!!

  7. Genial Cris!!!! M'encanten tots aquests progressos que fas!!! I quin coixinet tan mono...Estic pensant...quina gràcia oi? Tu t'estàs enganxant a la costura i jo al ganxet, jajajajaj!!! El món dels crafts és una autèntica bogeria...un petó guapa!!!

  8. Nena, perfecte aquests avenços que fas!!! ja veuras que se n'apren molt rapid de cosir! anims pq vas molt bé!!
    El coixinet, perfecte!!!!
    Petons guapa!


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