Tuesday, February 5, 2013

two crocheted projects

I currently have two projects, one from before winter ...
A current project: a work of interchange with Rosa of 
"oh la la ma vie en rose"  (visit this blog ... is wonderful!)
Rosa, I will show the beginning of your garland ... 
me know if you like these colors ... 
are not as colorful as the garlands that I've done so far ... 
but I've inspired with the photos on your blog.
You told me that you have worked with Instagram .... 
I wanted to give the garland a vintage air as  the yours photos ... Like?

The other project to crochet is the famous blanket circles ... 
I finally started the round white! However, they are actually two turns of white. 
I had to undo and diverse times until I finally got  a square in a circle ...

I took many days to start the round white but now I'm having so much fun 
with these crochet squares ... I think that they are very beautiful ...

And, well, in addition to crochet some time I also spend all day behind my daughter 
up and down all day and picking up things she throws on the ground ... 
is his favorite game ... throw everything in the ground ... patience, right? 
And needles hang clothes also she looooooves ... 
are so colorful and make so noise as they fall to the ground ...!

Thanks for visiting my world of wool! 

I hope that soon I can show you this works completed, 
although the blanket take me a while longer ... 

I hope you have a nice day!


  1. Que lindos proyectos estás haciendo, Cristina!!! Muero de ganas de ver como se verán los círculos con el fondo blanco... Y los floreados están divinos!!! qué lindos colores.

  2. love your projects!!!! hope to see them completed soon!!!
    xxxx Ale

  3. Cristina,que bonitos troyectos!!,el primer cuadro de la guirlalda me encanta
    un fuerte abrazo.

  4. Uau Cristina quins colors que poses sempre! tant macos, animats...són una passada!
    Tu segueix que jo et segueixo.
    Una forta abraçada!!!!

  5. Sencillamente precioso... Besos!!!

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!! M'encanten els colors vius...però la gamma de torrats em té el cor robat...ja tinc ganes de veure què serà!!! Un petó molt gran!!!

  7. Cristina !!!!!!
    quina emoció veure una "miqueta" de la "garlanda", m'encanta, m'encanta i m'encanta d'on has tret la inspiració, ets GENIAL!! Aix quines ganes de veure-la acabada... jo t'haig de dir que vaig amb retràs però ja tinc clar què serà i la roba ja la tinc jejejeje ... però tardaré una mica eh ? agafa-t'ho amb calma que si no no tindré temps jo !!!
    1 petonàs enorme


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