Monday, March 4, 2013

because spring comes

Because spring comes I start to clean up the terrace. 
From early autumn I had not done anything, only enter inside home the plants 
that will not stand the cold of winter. They are all still in the house ...

But I spent Saturday in front of a garden center and I could not avoid getting ... 
and this was my purchase: four flowers that say "marriages" 
(I did not know this name!) for € 1.20. This price is great, right? 
And two narcissus for € 1.60 each one. Unbelievable! 
In our home it is spring!

I love those narcissus! I'm thinking of planting them in a larger pot ... 
The wooden bench is fatal painting ... 
I am also thinking of painting it turquoise or blue this year ...

Well, Saturday I also bought  manure especially for Hortência and on Sunday 
after lunch while my princess slept  I started doing landscaping of spring 
of each year ....

The succulent plants that I left on the terrace  have endured well the cold winter ...
And when Hortência are not well,  how these two, without leaves or flowers 
seem to not will sprout them anymore, right? 
I fail to arrange all plants because  I have to buy more manure... 

 I recognize there is much work to clean up the garden every year but 
I enjoy doing this work!  Although now I can not bear the back pain ... 
As every year!
I have many pots empty and maybe this year I will not put so many plants 
and flowers on the terrace. My daughter will need space to play!

I have a lot of work still to do. I will removed the plants my house but 
I have to wait that a few days because made too cold. 
Today is bad day for gardening ... 

I like it when the last time I sweep the terrace and the ground sprinkled 
with water and everything was neater.. . After working hard for three hours, 
 the terrace has transformed, as every year... one a dead nature ready to sprout .... 
until my princess awoke from sleep and ...  end of work !

I am very happy when arrive the month of March! 
I love March! I always liked the month of March! 
And my husband and I have vacation the next week and we decided ... 
we go to Paris! Yes! Yes! It is my dream to go to Paris! 
In two days we have organized everything: 
Saturday we buy flight and  yesterday we buy hotel. 
We are thus: the travel improvised! I'm very excited ... and today 
I have bought a guide Paris and am looking for interesting things Internet ... 
What a thrill!! 

Thanks for everything, my readers ... 
The blog will soon reach 50,000 visits ... amazing ...
 maybe soon Giveaway .... 



  1. Cristina !!
    que guay això d'anar a París,si no hi has estat mai... t'enamorarà. Quan hi vaig anar, abans de 6 mesos hi havia tornat per segona vegada i espero poder tornar-hi de nou.
    Molt bona feina a la terrassa, ara començarà a venir de gust jardinejar una mica, a mi també em fa falta jejejeje
    1 petó

  2. Happy gardening...I too love in a hot climate...we have loads of sunshine and rain all year through. May all your plants have a speedy and healthy growth...may your hone and garden be filled with an abundance of blooms soon.


  3. A mi també m'agrada de canviar les flors que s'han mort durant l'hivern, i posar-ne de noves!!! Uff, és una feinada i mira que només tinc quatre testos!!!
    Que us vagi molt bé el viatge a Paris, a mi em va encantar! Segurament aquestes vacances d'estiu i tornarem!!

  4. Seguro que esta primavera tu terraza lucirá linda como siempre.


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